Tinted Moisturizer That Changes To Skin Tone

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Tinted Moisturizer That Changes To Skin Tone

Tinted Moisturizer That Changes To Skin Tone

Kyle Karchert: Wait, it’s happening! It happens it does it. It looks orange. This seems to be going in a bad direction.

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Nico Reyes: Today we’re testing Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing BB Gel. Now, it’s a BB gel that looks like a solid gray to skin tone, which looks like some kind of black magic to me. To see if this color changing BB gel is really worth buying, I’m going to have my two friends Kyle (light skin) and Marissa (dark skin) try it on me to see if it works for our skin. Skin tones vary greatly. Of course, I’ll give the product the eight-hour test to see if the oil-free formula actually lasts on my oily skin. I really hope it will really cover my dark circles, pigmentation, acne etc. It’s nice to have something. I just don’t understand how, why and how. [laughs]

Well I don’t see anything happening. Do my hands look better and longer? So, let’s start with the actual facial application. I will do half of my face first to see if I see a difference before doing the rest. Whoah! It’s gray! And that’s a lot! I wear it a lot! It also says it’s a moisturizer, not a foundation, so I don’t use any tools or anything. I’ll just use my hands. I can see the difference in my appearance. I could clearly see that this side of my face didn’t look like the other. What? It’s probably the tiniest amount on earth you can get, but it’s enough for me that it makes me look a little more… a little better. [laughs]

Well, I have a clear makeup remover here, and I’m just going to wipe off all the BB gel on my hands, but then you see, what’s happening now, like there’s a pigment. This thing has color. I don’t understand what is happening, but it is happening. I thought it was just a color and they advertised that it would suit many skin tones. I don’t think it’s true. But is it bad that I like it? I like. I feel it is good. Who knows what I’ll be thinking eight hours from now, so I’ll see you at check-in.

Kyle: I don’t struggle with hyperpigmentation or discoloration in that sense; However, I have very sensitive skin and I have eczema, so if this can reduce redness and even this area, that would be a big plus for me. What? Wait, it’s too oily. And, wait, it happens! It’s happening! It does something! It looks orange. This seems to be going in a bad direction. My whole face is like that. So I apologize in advance.

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[sighs] Oh no. I don’t know if things are clear. [Laughs] I think, what they’re getting from here is that it’s such a pure formula that it clears and you’re like, “Oh, it changes color.” Unfortunately, I can see this happening. Oh no. The more I repeat, the more I sound like Donald Trump. I think it goes without saying, just, you know, based on the whole situation, but if you have fair skin, I think you want to avoid this product. I suspect this is a color changing product that will suit different skin tones. I feel like it turns out to be a medium color in the bottle, like a very medium orange that tries to camouflage it against your skin tone. I think we all go back to the same orange.

Marisa Palmer: So, if this skin tone is supposed to match my skin tone, it’s the same as any other black woman’s skin tone, and I think they’re throwing it in there because it’s an essential nuance. I mean, I already know. very orange This will not work. I am a dark and beautiful girl. This is not my shadow. Ah ha. [desperate music] Come on! Like… [Laughs] Let me try this on my face and see if it actually works or works, because I’m so confused right now. i am confused

Color changes, but whose color? I do not! When I look at the monitor, it feels like I put white lotion on my face and then didn’t let it rub off. Like, I really see gray. I look gray.

Tinted Moisturizer That Changes To Skin Tone

Nico: It’s officially eight hours and I feel like I can’t see anything on my skin at this point. The shade is almost completely washed out, at least I think so. I’m sure there will be some residue when I remove it with a makeup wipe, but it really looks like my skin. It’s not funny because it’s already a very divisive product, and now it’s like, why wear it? Because my skin seems to have nothing, what is it? I can only wear moisturizer.

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After eight hours of chatting with Kyle and Marissa and using the Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating BB Gel, I feel like I can finally say that I don’t value these things. Out of the three of us, it really only worked on me, so I don’t think it works for different skin tones or claims to blend better. There are no minor integrations with this product. At the end of the day, the color was barely there and all my acne scars and redness were fully visible, so I doubt it lasted more than a few hours on me. Maybe eight hours just speaks to the moisturizing factor, and if so, I honestly don’t think it does a good job in that regard. I think if you have a fair skin tone and want something that is almost non-existent, you might really like it, but for me, I’d say it’s not worth it.

Marissa: Well, how does it look on my phone? [Laughs] Producer: Oh my god! Marisa: Oh my god!

Correction: An earlier version of this article referred to the product as foundation. Clinique says a BB product is a gel, not a foundation.

A chevron indicates an expanded section or menu, or sometimes a previous/next navigation option. Video sound video has been added and improved! This 6-in-1 Hydrating Tinted Skin Care Blend with Mineral SPF is an award-winning formula that hydrates, protects and perfects skin in one step. 9 blended light shades to suit every skin tone. Formulated with mineral sunscreen, vitamin C and blue light protection. Suitable for all skin types.

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Tinted Moisturizer That Changes To Skin Tone

Now available in a wide range of 9 shades that will complement any skin tone in our expanded shade range. 4 of our existing colors have been renamed to match this extension:

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