Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

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Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

Are you ready to make a change in your living room? Or give it a little extra “oomph”. Hang a poster. Although wallpaper may seem like an intimidating wall covering, it adds a lot of personality and style. Plus, with all the models available, there’s bound to be one that fits your space perfectly. Keep reading to see 23 bedroom wallpaper ideas.

Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room

Get ready to make your living room the center of your home with red wallpaper. The bright red patterns on the wallpaper above the Dazey Den living room make the room charming and exciting, and the red color of the furniture and decor doesn’t hurt either.

Textured wallpaper, which is sometimes made from linen or silk, is a great choice for an area where you want visual interest without feeling too overwhelming, such as a living room. Above, the thick texture of the muted green wallpaper makes the living room lush and relaxing.

There are countless wallpaper designs out there, and looking through them can be quite a daunting task. But one type of pattern that is always a winner in living rooms is a pattern filled with plants. These patterns add whimsy and help you feel outside.

For living room walls that look like a museum of modern art, look for wallpaper with abstract patterns. We love Catherine Carter Design’s patterns on top because they add excitement to a neutral color and give it a unique twist.

Huia & Chrysanthemum Wallpaper • Paisley Design • Milton & King

Green is the perfect color for your living room. It is earthy, welcoming and rich at the same time. And it’s also a great wallpaper color choice, as the upstairs living room showcases it perfectly.

If you want the color of your wallpaper to stand out, choose a pattern that has some small details in a different color. They contrast the base color and help make it shine.

Wallpaper can be an easy way to bring a lot of color into your home. But it can also be used to create colorless (or colored, depending on how you look at it) classics like black and white. Black and white wallpaper is a great choice for a fun or optical illusion inspired pattern and is definitely very timeless.

Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

If you put a pattern or theme on your wallpaper and want to make sure it stands out, look for repeat wallpapers that have a different pattern or design. This ensures that what you see is what you see, and that the complexity of the design is not lost in the repetitive chaos.

Brown Tropical Leaves Living Room Wallpaper Natural Warm

A beautiful and mature look of wallpaper for the bedroom can always be found in gray. (Instead of thinking of it as a boring color choice, think of it as reliable.) It’s a great choice for more formal seating, like a living room or library.

Want to add wallpaper to your room in a more budget-friendly way? Wallpaper for your fireplace. Note that this may not be the best choice for fireplaces that get hot (ie wood burning fireplaces). However, it is still a great way to display electric, gas or passive fireplaces.

Vintage-inspired wallpaper patterns can add character and history to a bedroom, so adding them to your home is easy. But there are many vintage posters out there and choosing them can be a challenge. But one of the vintage-inspired patterns that stands out is wallpaper with bird motifs, like this one by Cathy Leclerc.

Why add just one color when you can fill your room? That’s what happened in the upstairs living room, and the house is better for it. Lush brown wallpaper makes the room unique and bright.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas We’re Currently Coveting

Just as wallpapers come in lots of crazy colors, they also come in lots of neutral colors. Neutral wallpaper can be a great choice for living rooms where there is already a lot going on and you want to avoid the wallpaper becoming the focal point of the room.

Finishing is key to taking your living room wallpaper to the next level, so don’t forget about it. For a historic look, use wallpaper and thick trim around the door. For a luxurious look, use decorative, detailed finishes. For a minimalist look, go with simple, unadorned finishes.

For a truly unique living room wallpaper, use one of your favorite pieces of art on the wall. Although this option can be a little expensive, it is not. Plus, what better way to display the art you love?

Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

Bold and bright shapes can be just as common in the living room as anywhere else in the house. And one way to bring them in is with posters. Colorful geometric wallpaper is a great choice to add a fun vibe to a living room wall and is a simple palette to style the rest of the room.

Wallpaper Ideas To Inspire Your Next Home Project!

If you look long enough, the classic polka dot pattern can be found almost anywhere, so it’s no surprise that it also appears in living room wallpaper. Choose this model for a fun and classic look.

Wallpaper often has a reputation for looking old fashioned. But for some people, that’s a good thing. Vintage wallpaper can add character and style to your home and is a great wall covering choice if your home is already historic.

Maximalists, this is for you. Wallpaper patterns can be busy and bright, but that doesn’t mean they can be the only pattern in a room. Instead, add some more pattern to your space for a fun and cohesive look.

As wallpapers make a comeback, some trends come back with them. One of our favorite trends is botanical prints. They give a subtle and slightly whimsical look and can also give your living room a vintage look.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper Ideas

Textured wallpapers add a luxurious look to any living room wall. Thicker than regular paper or peel-off wallpaper, fabric wallpaper can elevate once-ordinary walls and make them feel worthy of a five-star hotel.

Love the look of living room wallpaper without the commitment or expense? Try a half-wall installation like the one Royal Rollett did in the living room above. Use the top half of the wall for wallpaper and cover the bottom half of the wall with accent, paneling or bedding.

Of course, wallpaper patterns don’t have to be huge or big, they can be cute and small. Small patterns are a fun addition to small living rooms or walls, and it’s a great optical illusion that looks almost solid even from a distance.

Unique Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Wall

If you want to create a patterned wall without the hassle of wallpapering, go for it. With a brush, paint and a tutorial or two, you can paint a pattern on your wall. One of the easiest ways to transform your living room is with wallpaper, whether you want a cozy feel with soft neutrals or a real hit of color and pattern, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room, Home Décor India, 3d Wallpaper

When it comes to living room wallpaper, murals are very popular now and really express your personality. You can even create your own design. Wallpaper can also be used to highlight a specific architectural feature, such as a chimney or alcove, and think of the fifth wall, called the ceiling, to really make an impact.

“When choosing wallpaper, consider the size of the room. Small-scale patterns work well in larger rooms but can be overpowering in smaller spaces,” says David Harris, design director at Andrew Martin. Large-scale patterns work well, but think about lighting. because it can affect the appearance of the wallpaper and make the color lighter or darker.

Choose darker, more dramatic hues like purple or navy to make large living rooms feel more intimate, or for compact retreats, lighter hues like gray will create the illusion of space.

Importantly, consider the style of your home as well, as this will affect the design of your living room wallpaper. “Traditional patterns are often better for homes, while kitsch patterns can create a sense of fun,” explains David Harris. “Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns. Mix classic designs like stripes or florals with exotic styles like aquas and shells. Avoid making the room look too busy by choosing patterns in complementary colors.

Modern 3d Wallpaper Wall Art Wall Paper Wall Mural Living Room

So get inspired for the main room of your home with these living room wallpaper ideas.

There is nothing more wonderful than expressing the beauty of spring and summer through wallpaper. Whether you opt for a climbing rose print, greenery (such as from John Lewis) or a beautiful display of flowers, they’re perfect to take with you.

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