Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living – When your head feels like it’s pounding and you can’t breathe, there’s nothing better than using a nasal spray and rinsing to get the gun out. This method of treatment is great if you want to avoid medication, which can make the condition worse.

I use a combination of store bought prepackaged salt shakers and essential oils to make the flavor easier. Although it may take some getting used to, you will soon be enjoying easier breathing after a rather unpleasant sinus and runny nose!

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

Before you try your first nasal irrigation, there are a few important things you need to know about the process. It is important to use the right tools and ingredients. These things may vary depending on how experienced you are.

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All water is NOT created equal. Straight from the tap, life-giving water can be full of things that may not harm you through regular consumption. However, if a rogue microbe makes its way through the nose into the brain, it can be a spiritual passage.

When choosing water to create your nasal spray, it is best to use distilled water. The distillation process ensures that your water is sterile and free of chemicals such as chlorine.

If you still want to stick to regular tap or bottled water, just know that you run the risk of not knowing what you’re taking. For safety reasons, it is better to boil the water to sterilize it. Allow to cool before use. This can be easily done in the microwave or on the stove.

Two popular methods of nasal irrigation use either a neti pot or a nasal irrigation bottle. In both cases, choose what you are comfortable with, as the two methods are completely different.

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In the case of a neti pot, this product uses the flow of water in and out of the nostrils. Many doctors say this is the preferred method as there is less risk of accidental damage with increased water pressure.

Flushing with a Neti pot takes practice and patience. There is skill required to coordinate head pressure to facilitate flow from the pot, into the nostrils, and back to the opposite nostril.

Find the NeilMed Porcelain Neti Pot Here! It is safe to use with essential oils! As an Amazon Partner, I earn on qualifying purchases.

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

With the nasal irrigation bottle, the ease of use is very easy for beginners. Its design draws water from the bottom of the bottle by pressure applied to the body of the bottle or by a battery-operated pump. Water is not allowed to flow by gravity, which if your nose is a big deal, will get you nowhere.

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For many, this is the preferred option due to its easy-to-use function. I personally enjoy the ability to adjust the pressure to help remove thick clots. Using hand pressure, I can adjust the water flow to what I want or need.

**Note** By keeping the saline in the sinuses it can help to dissolve the thick stomach. Let the salt flow into your nose, cover your nose with your hand, and stand still. Keep for 30 minutes before continuing to rinse.

For anyone who wants worry-free salt solutions, disposable, pre-measured and pre-mixed packets are the way to go. There are a number of generators and again the choice is entirely up to you. Click HERE for great deals on NeilMed packages!

When deciding which product to use, always consider the volume of the final solution. Some brands produce different sizes for the compact, depending on the total size of the irrigation bottle or neti pot they are selling. Too much water and not enough salt can be a nose-burning experience you won’t soon forget!

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Another option I’m not a fan of is making your own salt shaker. A quick Google search for recipes will reveal ingredients ranging from baking soda to Himalayan pink salt and more. I’m not saying this is a terrible idea, but if you don’t know your source, it’s hard to guarantee the safety of your final product.

I have heard many sellers touting fake Himalayan salt lamps as natural products. Who would want to buy the same granular ‘Pink Himalayan Salt’ to wash salt, paint and God knows what else off their head?! No thank you.

After reading my rants about Himalayan pink salt, you’d think I’d be one of those who made it through the book. For the most part, I am. However, when it comes to the tooth decaying threat of an impending sinus infection, I do things a little differently.

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

Essential oils are a great way to introduce healing ingredients without having to resort to drugs. I try to avoid using antibiotics whenever possible. For the past few years, I have been fighting colds and sinus infections using nasal rinses. Taking out the trash is just the first step. Repairing and preventing further infections is the key to feeling better.

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When choosing an Essential Oil, it is very important to use quality oils. You don’t want perfumed oils that are often people’s perfumes that are not essential oils. When I do my rinsing routines I use Youth essential oils. They can be expensive, but I know the oils are tested and clean.

Essential oil recipes are best used with clear porcelain, ceramic or glass pots. Essential oils can reduce plasticity over time. Since the oils I use are orange based, a NeilMed nasal irrigation bottle can be used without contamination. Be sure to mix the rinse, use it immediately, and wash the bottle thoroughly afterwards. Replacing the watering bottle is recommended every year. The following instructions are for an 8 oz.

**Note** Start with a clean and sanitized bottle or neti pot. This can be done by washing thoroughly and cleaning in boiling water.

Now that you have my first two tips on guilty pleasure, you can find more on your own. Again, Google is a great resource, but don’t let them fool you. Here are some oils I used in the nasal rinse and some… also. Let’s say from experience, the best oils do NOT try in the internal fluid – they are great to support the tail in the distributor.

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* DISCLAIMER – I am not a doctor and my recipes are not doctor approved. I personally use the techniques and methods of nasal irrigation. Any treatment, guidance or use of the content of this information is at your own risk. Discover the best essential oils for congestion, the best essential oils for post-nasal drip, and the best essential oils for sinus infections and drainage!

If you suffer from annoying sinuses, sinus infection, stuffy nose and/or postnasal drip and are tired of waiting for it to go away on its own, you’re in luck! Having a runny nose is not fun and you may be looking for a runny nose repair. Are essential oils good for sinus and post nasal drip? Can you use essential oils for nasal congestion and if so, which essential oil is good for congestion? Are there essential oils you can use for guilt relief? Indeed, these health and wellness boosters work for improvement from head to toe! How to get rid of post nasal drip naturally with essential oils? Which essential oils are good for nasal congestion? Read on to learn how to get rid of post nasal drip with natural health boosters – 100% pure essential oils WOW!

Postnasal drip is a medical term for excessive muscle production. It is usually not very visible and often occurs in the nose, stomach, throat, intestines and respiratory system.

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

Mucus plays an important role in your immune system because it stops bacteria and viruses before they can properly enter your body. Instead, the bacteria are dissolved in the acid with the stomach.

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion

Admittedly, the symptoms can often become annoying. Symptoms of sore throat, runny nose, postnasal drip and natural cough can ruin your day.

Go the natural route with home remedies using anti-inflammatory essential oils for post nasal drip. Get relief from constipation with amazing health and wellness benefits! Read on to discover the best essential oils for nasal congestion!

The only thing about essential oils is that different ones can help post nasal drip in different ways.

Antibacterial essential oils fight against bacteria in the nose. Others can relax the muscles in the chest or neck, reduce inflammation, etc.

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The key is to understand HOW to use these natural remedies properly. For example, can I put essential oils in my nose?

To be on the safe side, treat something like post-nasal drip by inhaling essential oils so they can pass through the nose, throat and chest without causing local irritation. This can be done with an essential oil purifier.

Be careful not to use them in high concentrations, because they are less effective. For aromatherapy, you will

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion Young Living

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