Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom – The idea of ​​adding wall art to your interior is undoubtedly a personal choice. Some like to go with an understated look, while others like to combine a wide range of beautiful pieces to create a stunning gallery wall. Then there are those who don’t consider using wall art as decorative pieces, wallpaper, or just family photos. But for art lovers and collectors, every blank wall is a canvas to display their taste and valuable collection. But why not decorate the bathroom wall with artwork?

A lovely use of framed botanicals next to a freestanding tub in a remodeled master bathroom [: call: Amy Storm & Company]

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

Bathroom wall art ideas also depend a lot on the style of the room. But most artwork can be used in a variety of styles, and sometimes colors and placement are more important than style. Similar to interior design, wall art trends change over time. We go over the best ideas for bathroom wall art today – from beautiful botanicals that were trendy a few years ago to creative ideas that wander from the everyday. Check out 15 amazing bathroom wall art ideas –

Please Seat Yourself Metal Wall Art Bathroom Wall Decor

Botanical prints have been a trendy addition to homes for some time now and will continue to do so in 2020. Vague, coastal, country, rustic and tropical bathrooms look better with the addition of these prints. They are very easy to find, and there are many different things to shop for, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Even if you’re not into the “art world,” you can’t go wrong with these nature-focused accessories. I even have some clever DIY ideas to help you create your own botanical prints.

A few framed botanical prints add color to a modern, neutral bathroom [: credit: Tracy Lynn Studio]

A green and white bathroom with black and white tiles and framed botanical prints on the wall [Credit: Kevin Spearman Design Group]

Like big ears, large pieces of wall art have become popular in homes over the past few seasons. Extended wall art is a somewhat subjective topic, and while some may find it too big for the room, others may feel it looks good. Large wall art in the bathroom is an instant eye-catcher, especially when placed in modern spaces with minimal other colors and patterns. There are two decorating methods you can use here – either you can use wall art as an accent piece that brings new colors to the bathroom, or one that just highlights the existing shades.

Affordable Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas For Modern Lifestyles

Large wall art and limestone add an Old English touch to this Miami bathroom [Credit: Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design]

A large piece of freestanding side wall art is a trend you should embrace this season [:zaan: Janet Brooks Design]

Audrey Hepburn Wall Art Creates A Glamorous Effect In A Contemporary Bathroom [: call: Griffin Enright Architects]

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

White and white wall art blends into the color scheme of this monochromatic bathroom [Credit: Olah Design Group]

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Framed prints, photos, and pictures aren’t the only options when looking for bathroom wall art. Out of the box ideas like this amazing natural yellow onyx shower surround are as good or better than any other wall art you can find. You can also use custom stained glass products to add color and pattern to your bathroom and define its style. DIY artwork, fun collections, and more can be a form of bathroom “wall art”.

A distressed decorative plate wall becomes the focal point of a contemporary bathroom [: credit: Kati Curtis Design]

Soft colored glass wood adds a striking accent to a contemporary Asian style bathroom [: call: Signature Design and Cabinetry]

A beautiful onyx backsplash in the shower area replaces traditional wall art in this bathroom [:call:186 Lighting Design Group]

Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas That Make A Statement

Sherry is a blogger who loves life to the fullest. She enjoys all things design, decoration and modern trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up in an outdoor and wild environment that defined her design taste and developed her interest in exploring how structures and homes connect to beauty […] Decorating a bathroom can be difficult! Get inspired by the 20+ bathroom decoration ideas! From floating shelves to gallery walls and storage ideas, there’s a bathroom decorating solution above for everyone!

There are a few places in your home that are difficult to decorate, no matter what your home is like. It seems that most people see the special arrangement above the bed, the arrangement around the TV, and the decoration above the toilet. Even if you’re not completely lost when it comes to decorating – these sticky situations can be difficult for anyone!

I hope to give you some useful inspiration today with 20+ bathroom decorating ideas! From floating shelves to gallery walls and storage ideas, there’s a bathroom decorating solution above for everyone!

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

Floating shelves and baskets are great options for bathroom decor, and you’ll see them a few times in this review. Greenery adds color to this neutral farmhouse design with these drying towels and modern boho wall hangings.

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Toilet paper is conveniently placed over the toilet tank in a wire basket, perfect for two extra rolls.

Wooden floating shelves with black iron brackets above the toilet are perfect for a modern bathroom. Nearby are faux greenery wall art, towels, and bath amenities placed in containers.

The key to toilet shelves is to place them high enough that they won’t touch your head, but low enough that you can reach what you need.

Put the awkward towel over the toilet and add some wall art! An inspirational quote to start the day never goes out of style, and a beautifully framed woven wall hanging makes a big impression in this small bathroom.

Bathroom Basket Wall Decor

Use the toilet basket to hold plants and candles, or use it for extra TP.

Floating shelves in the bathroom are a staple in mansion bathrooms. Learn how to do it using this guide. We created a way to build these shelves on a budget by building a bracing system with 2x4s that are attached to the wall and then covered with exposed stained wood.

I love these DIY hexagon shelves! You can place them in any configuration above your toilet. Perfect for extra toilet paper, soap, lotion, laundry, the possibilities are endless. Add as little or as much decoration as you like on your toilet.

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

There is no risk of scratching your head for bathroom decorating ideas.

Elegant Bathroom Décor Ideas

These gorgeous bathroom prints don’t compete with shower curtains, there’s no need to try to match colors, and they’re so cute!

You don’t need to go out and buy something new, just recycle what you already need to keep above the toilet bowl. This wicker basket has been given a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint and is perfect for small plants and textiles.

You can also use it for a bathroom decoration idea, TP, air conditioner, or a million other things.

These floating shelves are DIY using wall boards. They do not protrude from the toilet, but there is still enough space to decorate small decorative items.

The Best Diy Ideas For Bathroom Wall Décor

A small galvanized bucket is a great way to keep the laundry handy, and the drawstring on the toilet bowl holds extra toilet paper.

The space above the toilet is the perfect place to store things you use all the time. You can build this shelf yourself with plans and instructions and store extra toilet paper, lotions, tips and washcloths.

There are all kinds of things you can use this shelf for, it’s a great idea to decorate your bathroom.

Unique Wall Decor For Bathroom

Ikea shelves are perfect for decorating a bathroom! Give them a marble look using contact paper, paint the hardware gold and your bathroom will go from simple to magical.

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Placing decorations on vanity shelves will give your decor a clean, modern look. Run the shelves from one wall to the other for a traditional built-in look.

I love the added effect of the artwork between the toilet and the toilet

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