Unusual Pictures For Living Room

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Unusual Pictures For Living Room

Unusual Pictures For Living Room

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How Salvesen Graham Brought An Unusual Georgian House Back To Life

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Unusual Wall Art Ideas

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Unusual Pictures For Living Room

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Chicago Family’s Cozy Condo Photos

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Unusual Pictures For Living Room

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Unusual Pictures For Living Room

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We know that every room has its own interior design challenges. Looking for the perfect room for your family? Is your small room too cozy for your big ideas? Maybe you want a great window with a view, or you have a fireplace or French doors to work with. It can be confusing without a plan that meets all the needs, no doubt, so we have collected the best living room examples to inspire your interior design project and make the process of pulling it off easier.

Unusual Pictures For Living Room

From modern and elegant spaces to inviting and rustic environments, there are living room ideas that you can easily imagine developing. You’ll find solutions to double your space and get ideas to paint your room in timeless colors.

Strange And Unusual

Textures are the secret of giving white soft refreshment in the room. Take it from designer Sharon Rembaum, who decorated this room with pieces painted in a neutral palette to enhance its overall elegance.

This large two-story living room designed by Liz Hoekzema features a handmade lime wash treatment over the fireplace to add warmth and texture. “We love the exceptional wabi-sabi it provides, especially when compared to the richness of surrounding soapstones,” Hoekzema said.

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