Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Unusual Wall Art Ideas – Sometimes a plain wall is boring and you need something to liven it up. You can accent it with wood paneling, stone, unusual wallpaper or stencils, add shelves or some wall art. I will talk about the latter today. Unusual and eye-catching wall art can really change not only a simple wall, but the entire look of an entire room. Want to see some ideas? They are here.

Geometric decoration is very popular for modern decoration and is quite abstract, so it fits many environments and can be combined with different colors. Geometric wall art is a wonderful idea for any room and you can choose an entire geometric wall or just one piece of wall art, plain or 3D. You can create your own with paint, removable stickers, wallpaper, stencils, even metal or mirror parts, find your perfect method and tutorial!

Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Metallic tones are another very popular and I would say something timeless that will always look good regardless of fashion. You can create your own paintings and canvases with abstract metallic shades, or find great metal sculptures and art to hang wherever you need them. There are so many designs that I’m sure everyone will find what they need. excited! Vera Dardik is passionate about everything related to home decoration and design. She likes to keep readers informed about trends in home lifestyle products and design. Veera ventured into design and decoration in 2015 after a lifetime of DIY and creative work. Browse the best design fairs and find new ideas to make your home stylish and comfortable.

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Wall art can transform a space from boring to beautiful. Using any kind of artwork is also a cost-effective way to freshen up a space. This is especially true if you have a large wall that you can turn into an accent wall with a large piece or collage of artwork. If you move frequently or like to redecorate, artwork can easily be moved from one place to another or changed according to your mood or the season. Remember that art is not always the same as a painting, so look beyond the ordinary work and use multiples for prints, multimedia installations and space improvement ideas.

Don’t choose art because you want to impress your friends. Choose wall art because you love it. You’ll be living with it 24/7, so it should speak to you in a way that makes you happy, gives you pause, or evokes any other emotion or memory you like. It’s your home, your style, and your personality, so be brave when choosing art.

Ignoring different or unconventional mediums when thinking about wall art ideas can really limit your creativity in achieving a unique and distinctive look. The last thing you want is a space that looks like a typical chain hotel room, so adding a piece made in a textured or unconventional medium keeps the room fresh and stylish.

While we’re all for ditching the rule book when it comes to wall art ideas, one rule you should still keep in mind is size and scale. In any area, it’s important to measure and consider the artwork you want to add and how it compares to the rest of the room. Just as a giant canvas that barely fits the wall will overwhelm the space, a small wall sculpture in the middle of a large wall will get lost in that empty space.

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Before deciding on wall art ideas, consider the room as a whole. What is the general environment like? Is it bright and full of light or a dark side? Does the wall pass through a high-traffic area where the delicate wall sculpture could be damaged, or is it away from normal daily activities? Is there a specific color scheme? The answers to such questions will help you choose the right piece for the right space.

You might love a big, vibrant abstract piece, but it might not be the right piece for your master bedroom. Color definitely creates a mood, and if you want to maintain a calm atmosphere in your bedroom, colorful wall art ideas are probably reserved for the main living areas of your home or home office. Adding a brightly colored piece of art to a neutral living space will add a pop of color and instantly create a focal point so your beloved piece is sure to draw attention.

It’s wonderful to be a fan of a certain idea of ​​wall art, but fill your home with all the same types and it can start to feel too one-dimensional. This applies to both specific media and styles. If most of the decor consists of pictures or prints, add a wall sculpture or tapestry for variety. Also, don’t be afraid to deviate from a particular decorating style when it comes to wall art. Mixing and matching is the norm these days and a modern piece can live happily in a traditional space, just as an old-school portrait can be paired with contemporary or modern decor.

Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Wall art created with any textile backing is a surefire way to add dimension to a room and it doesn’t have to be a traditional tapestry. This particular piece by Brazilian artist Vivian Kikori is quite delicate, but still serves as a focal point due to its size and colors. It beautifully shows how a light and airy piece can be full of drama and visual volume.

Gallery Wall Ideas

Traditionally used for signs, neon is also increasingly appearing in artwork. Pieces like this colorful geometric piece can be a great solution to a dark room. The light creates an instant focal point and highlights the artistic content. Although this piece is colorful and angular, there are many different types of neon wall art ideas that include words and phrases.

This gallery wall is unusual in the number of works included, the colorful nature of the individual elements, and the overall theme. Perfect for this bar with its cocktail theme, it’s fun enough without being sweet. A large canvas may be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the size and scale of this wall, but a well-organized gallery wall of similar sized objects would serve the same needs with more variety.

Wall murals may come to mind when you think of a living room or bedroom, but they are also a great wall art idea for any part of the home. This charming look is ideal for a home wardrobe and takes the space from a cloakroom to a much more stylish lounging area. Consider walls for areas such as alcoves, entryways and even kitchen-dining areas. They are dramatic, simple and attractive.

A surefire way to create a dramatic feature wall is to use textured wall coverings. When it comes to wall art ideas, it is especially useful for neutral spaces where you might not want to introduce a new color. It’s also good for areas like this circular staircase where it’s hard to incorporate traditional types of wall art. Due to the deep texture of the wall, all kinds of shadows and variations of light are full of drama.

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If you are thinking about small three-dimensional elements for the room, the flowers on the wall do not have to be the same as the wallpaper. The wall around this bed is made of handmade ceramic vases that are neutral in color but with lots of detail in the middle and stand out from the wall to varying degrees. If flowers are too messy for your space but you like the idea, there are similar wall pieces in more modern or geometric shapes.

Although this bathroom wall is already tiled, the secondary part of the tiles is used as wall art with a more dominant and complementary design. This is an especially great wall art idea for a bathroom where you don’t want to hang expensive or delicate artwork because of the humidity in the air. This is quite an interesting concept as the range of tile patterns available these days is amazing. And while you might not want to cover a large part of your bathroom with an overly dramatic print, it’s a great way to make use of the space.

If you have patterned textiles in the room, consider using them in panels that will serve as wall art. Here, the tall staircase has already been painted a deep teal, accentuating the zebra print panels. This allows you to break up the spread of the print by leaving the edges of the colored wall in the middle to prevent the busy print from overwhelming. This idea also works on a smaller scale, so it can be used in a regular living room, bedroom.

Unusual Wall Art Ideas

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