Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk – No one wants to stare at a blank wall all day, which is why wall art is such an important part of the decorating process. Once you start thinking, the rest is easy (unless there are so many amazing wall decor ideas to choose from). From gallery walls to DIY items like framing accessories and large-format photos, we’ve got plenty of wall art ideas to spark your creativity. And where better to look for inspiration than the walls decorated by interior designers? Read on to find out what wall decoration ideas and galleries you might want to recreate in your home

A set of framed acts would look great on a bathroom gallery wall. In this small bathroom designed by Andrew Brown Interiors, the warm wallpaper background accentuates the artwork.

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

Books take center stage in this timeless media room designed by Brigitte Romanek, but there’s still room for a few black and white prints to break up the stacks. He attached them to shelf dividers and rearranged them to give them more dimension.

Best Wall Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Blank Wall

This gorgeous cobalt blue door steals the show in this Emil Darvish entry room. He added color to create more drama. The door frame and up to the wall are curved. Curves with a rounded candle soften the edges. Then frame vintage posters and map scenes of your favorite places.

A minimalist, modern interior can still have fun gallery walls. In this dreamy coastal bedroom by Studio DIAA, framed prints add a touch of art without detracting from the neutral, uncluttered vibe.

Jenny Dean Kirsner filled this living room with Chairish treasures. A portrait gallery brings the whole space to life and has high ceilings (which means extra vertical space!) rather than a cluttered small room with too much furniture.

A wall mural creates a sense of intimacy as if you were contemplating a painting in a museum alone in this living room by Raji RM. The size alone will blow you away, while the available materials throughout the space give it an air of accessibility.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas: 23 Space Stretching Tips |

The miniatures are too adorable to hide in a dollhouse. Highlight a few small framed paintings for a casual yet cheeky gallery wall in the bedroom. Traditional gilded frames are an unexpected treat in this Jae Xu-designed room.

Equal parts cool and cool, this foyer by Anthony Baratta is the perfect design for a formal entryway that still feels edgy and cozy. Patterned textiles take center stage (see rugs and sofas), but help bring high ceilings down to human scale when wallpaper is applied.

Check out the typical gallery wall? Gallery wall of antique hand mirrors. These simple, versatile mirrors look like works of art together (and reflect light beautifully).

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

A large abstract painting is painted right on the wall in this sleek, minimalist apartment bedroom designed by Crosby Studio. It stretches from the wall to the ceiling, giving the room a more elegant and complete, yet organic feel.

Chic Navy And Grey Living Room Ideas

Stacks of books add character and depth without overwhelming this simple wooden bench in the entryway designed by Jeffrey Dungan. Plus, because it’s lower than a console table, it has extra wall space for a fantastic gallery wall that offers an interesting mix of shapes, sizes and colors.

Two large canvases fill the large wall in this modern living room from AP Design House. The stark layers of bright white pop against the off-white walls while keeping the color neutral, allowing the peach and navy accents to keep the color in the spotlight.

Changing frames, shapes and sizes make this Cecilia Casagrande experimental gallery wall of mirrors in the bathroom fun and practical.

Or place two mirrors directly opposite each other to create the effect of an endless mirror gallery. The infinity effect works well in modern, minimalist settings, such as this bathroom designed by Christine Fine.

Silver Wall Art

You can hang your artwork on the wall and call it a day, or pay special attention to choosing the right background for an even bigger effect. Here, the irresistible Miles Redd overlays contemporary artwork over a classic mural for contrast and a touch of playfulness.

Think outside the box with decorations that reflect light and create fun illusions. The most obvious example is the disco ball that Leanne Ford becomes in this otherwise cozy living room.

If you’re short on wall space or don’t need the best view, hang your artwork above a window. Interior designer Crystal Matthews found the artwork and frame to be the perfect size to bring a window seat to life with abundant light.

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

A gallery wall doesn’t have to take up the entire room. In fact, sometimes a small statement can make a big style statement. In this living room, Hiedi Caillier chose micro-mini frames and a random composition.

Wall Décor Ideas: Wall Art For Every Style And Budget

Designer Juan Carretero chose a deep green color to contrast with light wood surfaces. And when he added a decorative accent to the back wall, he brought in art by attaching a small frame to the baluster.

Literally put your artwork in the spotlight by placing a wall lamp above it. Interior designer Jean Liu had this gorgeous painting set the color scheme for the entire space, balancing its blue accents with neutral tones and plenty of rough textures.

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Large Canvas Wall Art

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If you’re looking for a decorative piece for your living room that’s sure to please, you can’t go wrong with oversized wall art. If you want to take your living room to the next level, you don’t have to redo the entire interior to make an impact. Adding some great wall art (and a few simple accessories) can give your living space a whole new look. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional style, canvas prints are a great way to express your personality and sense of style.

There are several ways to incorporate large wall art into your living room. The first option, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to choose one large print or artwork. This statement piece is meant to serve as an eye-catcher on a blank wall. Another option is to create a gallery wall where several small pieces are put together to create a unique and eye-catching display. If you want a more minimalist aesthetic, you can choose a simple abstract or landscape and hang it above a sideboard or console table. Additionally, you can choose a triptych, which is a set of three panels that can be hung together or arranged individually. A large mural can also be used as a backdrop by hanging a large piece of art behind a seating area to add depth to the room. Whatever you decide, adding large wall art to your living room is a great way to personalize your space and make it more attractive. Below, we will describe some of the techniques and introduce you to the trendiest wall paintings of 2023.

Wall Art Ideas For Living Room Uk

Your living room is a great place to experiment with new trends, as it is the most visible room in your home. Whether you have a studio apartment or a five-bedroom house, your living room is an integral part of your overall interior design. Show your guests what’s happening in the design world with modern wall art. Our in-house designer Elimar Lobo Sáncs highlights the boho style as one of the most popular decorating ideas of 2023. This carefree, organic look is meant to amplify a voluptuous energy and adventurous aesthetic.

Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Space

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