Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

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No idea what to do with that youthful space above your bed? Should you be bold or neutral? flat or sharp? Design or simple? It depends. Decorating your bedroom starts with defining a focal point. For most bedrooms, your bed is your focal point (and what you put on it is just the icing on the cake).

Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

Focal points are important. Without them, the space can feel disjointed and scattered. While there are no hard and fast rules for decorating your bed, it’s always a good idea to choose decor that matches the theme of your bedroom – and of course, stick to it.

Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas And Tips

But the good news is that there are endless above bed wall art ideas to choose from (no matter what your style or color palette).

Whether it’s a portrait of yourself, a loved one, or a complete stranger, putting an eye-catching face on top of your head is an outstanding decorative choice. And whether this style resonates with you or not, it’s definitely a conversation starter.

Window or not, hanging curtains behind your bed adds just enough interest without being overwhelming. Additionally, curtains provide a soft backdrop to your bed, giving your entire space a relaxing feel. For a look that’s easy on the eyes (as seen in this bedroom), choose a neutral shade that matches your color palette.

Add inspiration to your space with stunning art. We especially love how this floral art panel evokes a sense of movement and fun in this bedroom (thanks to the vibrant pops of every color at a glance on the color wheel).

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Elegant space. The best part: when you wallpaper the area behind the bed, you eliminate the need for anything else. And with peeling options, you can make this decor whenever you feel bored. We love the wallpaper above—its whimsical lines add a modern touch to this still-fun bedroom.

If wallpaper isn’t enough, add a piece of art that spans the height and width of your space above the bed. Before you do anything, be sure to look for artwork that complements your background (or vice versa) so they can create a stylish design match.

Decorate your space with custom murals for an impressive look. It’s up to you whether you bring a space theme, a background of trees or pink flamingos. This trick certainly draws the eye upwards, perfect for smaller spaces that could benefit from the illusion of a little extra height. And if your artistic skills start and stop with stick figures, use stickers and murals.

Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

A general rule of thumb for placing artwork above your bed: Choose a piece that is about two-thirds the width of your bed. This creates the perfect scale. But, for a dynamic focal point, you can also choose a piece of art that spans the entire width of your bed. We love this modern piece, embossed in matte black.

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If boho interiors inspire you, try handmade shaggy wallpaper to add texture to your space. For this space, this wall hanging is woven in neutral shades of camel and black – a two-tone look that goes well with most wall colors. Plus, it’s an easy way to warm up and uplift your bedroom.

Double panel walls are permanent. A style that will never tire. For a sophisticated look, paint your wall a neutral shade or match it with your white trim. For something bolder, paint in a darker or lighter shade.

Why not get a custom wooden headboard that is a work of art? If you’re handy, this can be a great DIY project. Bonus points: It’s sure to add interest to any white wall.

If you don’t have built-in brick architecture, you can always use realistic brick veneers or 3D brick wallpaper that looks (and feels) just like the real thing. This brick wall naturally acts as a piece of art. Its beautiful mirror finish also gives it a nice shine.

Farmhouse Wall Decor

For a more subtle statement, place a horizontal panel above your bed. It’s an easy way to add something generic that goes with almost anything. Think: paint changes, patterned canvas or bold paint colors.

For a Zen art idea above the bed wall, weave a small piece of nature. Are you missing a green thumb? This is your time to shine. Use a photo or nature print and put it in a beautiful frame. For a gallery-like look, choose an oversized matte frame. Or, collect and dry your own flowers and frame them. You can also buy pre-made natural dried herbs and display them in a stunning display case.

Your headboard can also be illuminated as a wall decoration. To get the look right (and add a little drama to your space), look for a king-sized headboard. These high reps come in all looks, from braids, sleek and straight to curvy styles and shapes. For final height, aim for end tables that are 75 inches (or more) tall. Taller tables can look great in large rooms (especially those with high ceilings). For smaller rooms, it may be better to go with a smaller style to create more visual space. The average headboard falls to about 59 inches.

Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

This thin rectangular piece is depicted on a black and white sketch of a landscape. Landscape art can run the gamut from two-tone sketches to photorealistic images and abstract renderings.

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For a creative way out of the boredom of your space, place woodwork above your bed. This design is reminiscent of paint drops or digital sound waves cut in half. How are you? Let your imagination run free.

Poster or canopy beds add a lot of interest and depth to your bed, eliminating the need to put a decorative piece on top. For this bedroom, you’ll notice how the back of the bed forms a straight line.

Rattan is a naturally growing vine. But there are also baskets made of sea grass, cotton and jute that you can hang above your bed. It’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to decorate your dream bedroom. In addition, it is environmentally friendly.

Subtle, abstract canvas art is a surefire way to add substance to your space. On the fence about a proper art label? Instead, draw your own freehand piece.

Best Above Bed Art Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Even Hotter

If you’re ready to dive into unique design territory – try adding sculptures above your bed. It’s an artistic decorating idea and a great place to think outside the box.

This natural vine branch creates an impressive piece of art above a Chanel-style pleated velvet bed. If you like this look but want a slightly different variation, look for driftwood paneling or tree trunk artwork. With dozens of options available, something is bound to catch your eye.

Take advantage of every vertical inch above your bed with a gallery wall. With this art idea above the bed wall, you will not only add another layer to your bedroom design, but you will also be able to decorate your space with memories. Plus, you don’t need framed art. Try displaying your collections here too for a cool, eclectic feel.

Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

Curtains make this list twice – only this time, it’s all about color. Here, these curtains feel and look like a large-scale piece of art (or an accent wall). We are not interested in its function either. The thicker the curtain, the more light is blocked for a restful sleep.

Fast And Creative Ways To Style The Blank Wall Above Your Bed — Michael Helwig Interiors

This brass ornate mirror is a work of art. You can also remove the mirror to reveal the frame itself (as seen in this space). Also, mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so they’re an easy way to add beauty to your bedroom.

Decorate your walls with a unique set of framed agate crystals. Choose crystals that complement your bedroom’s color palette.

It’s never a bad design decision to add art with a personal touch. Whether it’s an iPhone photo or a professionally taken snapshot, choose a photo that means something to you. We love this black and white beach photo frame with relaxing waves.

If all else fails, you can always choose a bare wall in a shade that complements the rest of your bedroom design. Your wall itself becomes a full-scale work of art (no additions). It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to keep user data safe. Update to the latest version.

Above The Bed Decor Ideas: 17 Ways To Max Out Wall Space

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Wall Decor For Bedroom Above Bed

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