Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv – Casey is a freelance writer, wife, cat owner, house plant collector and coffee drinker. She loves browsing Pinterest to find new recipes and ideas for decorating and revamping her gallery walls. If you have a problem with the decor, they will probably refer you to IKEA to fix it.

Chances are, if you have a TV mounted in your living room, then you need to fill the rest of the wall around it as well. It’s not so easy when you install all the cool stuff. They are essential foundations and you must build on them.

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

Don’t worry, there are ways you can make your party wall look like part of your decor instead of a pain in the space. Check out 15 decorating tips around the TV stand and see which one suits your style.

Jrl Interiors — The Best Way To Decorate Around A Television

You’ve probably seen something like this before, but it’s definitely worth a second look. A screen wall around your TV captures your eyes everywhere but the TV and gives you enough space to integrate speakers, satellite boxes and anything else your wall can’t. your party wall needs.

Many gallery walls rely on many smaller frames to complement a larger piece. But when your TV is your piece, you may need to create your entire large art collection. When the dimensions are more similar, it looks like your TV is yours.

The walls of the gallery are not only composed of frames. Think creatively and hang items like lanterns or baskets around the TV. Add great decoration without using a lot of nails.

What country style home doesn’t love that white wood look? Create a background palette for your TV stand and paint the wood white. Or leave it blank if you want the TV to fit in a bit more.

Tv Gallery Wall, Diy Tv Wall Decor Idea

Is a small wooden pallet frame not enough for your farmhouse? Create a striking wall with pallets to mount your TV on. When the entire wall is made of wood, everything else you put on it looks amazing.

Don’t forget to style the screen around your mounted TV based on the rest of your home decor! Even a black box as big as a television can look like a farm when surrounded by rustic signs and wicker baskets.

Looking for a minimalist approach to decorating the space around your TV? Try hanging a shelf above and below the TV. The lower part serves as scaffolding, while the upper part provides space for placing plants, frames and small items.

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

There is no better place for design and decoration than a bookshelf. Frame your mounted TV with them and you’ll have all the decorating space possible for all the seasons and holidays you want.

Small Living Room Tv Ideas: 10 Ways To Style A Tv In A Tiny Lounge |

Of course, one way to decorate a wall-mounted TV is to hide it completely. Buy or make your own simple shutter frames that you can close when you’re not watching your favorite shows. It looks infinitely better on your wall than it does on your bare TV.

Want to hide your TV in a more creative way? Connect multiple frames to create artistic layers for your TV. Just make sure that if you decide to redecorate your home, you leave a way to change the artwork.

For those who want to keep the space around their installed TV clutter-free while still looking better than a plain wall, install backlighting behind the TV. This light can be chosen in any color to match your decor and will really make your TV stand out. Check out this simple yet elegant setup for this blue backlit TV on Fantastic View Point. As you can see, this is a great solution for people with relatively large wall mounted TVs.

When you install a TV, you may find that it takes a lot of wires and odd-looking brackets to hold a heavy object like the TV to the wall. This can be very uncomfortable, especially in modern home styles. If you want a more sophisticated look, like the Contemporaries, enhance your wall mounted TV by mounting it in the wall. Not only is this TV built in so you can’t see its installation, but the recess is designed in a different color to create a special design for the wall.

Farmhouse Tv Wall Ideas That Deserve The Spotlight

Earlier in this list, you should hang the TV on a wooden panel for a rustic look. But when you don’t want a rustic look but still want a cute backdrop for your TV stand, consider creating a backdrop with other materials like the one in Prastistis. The background of this TV is made of a beautiful gold and white marble slab, making the room chic and elegant.

While you may have thought about placing photos or artwork around the TV, have you considered framing the TV itself? The right frame size and style can really take your mounted TV to the next level! Check out this example in Tuft and Trim, where a vintage frame is placed around the TV, giving it a regal look that TVs don’t usually have. This is perfectly paired with antique jewelry sconces on either side of the TV, as well as some cleverly placed vintage ornaments below.

Even if a backlit TV doesn’t suit your style, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your TV wall with unique lighting. For example, in this living room at Architectural Design Ideas, the homeowners mounted their TV on a patterned wall and then placed spotlights above to accentuate the bold design. The built-in TV also has several built-in shelves with the same model placed nearby, keeping the room cohesive yet interesting.

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

When it comes to decorating the wall around a wall-mounted TV, it’s easier said than done. But now that you’ve seen all the great ideas on this list, you’re sure to find one that matches your home decor style and is perfect for your home TV wall mount. . And don’t be afraid to get creative and try something not on this list, after all, that’s how new decorating styles are discovered! I have been asked this question several times and after spending a lot of time. After hours of searching on Pinterest to find the perfect TV living room… I feel like I’m finally up for the challenge.

Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your Tv On

Our TVs are getting bigger and bigger, and the problem is how to surround them, mask them, or in short: make them look less like a black hole in the corner of your living room than a small one.

We love looking at them so much when they’re on. But when they go off… not so much. #Aghiiiiiiiii

It’s no surprise that many people struggle with decorating around the TV. But with a few tricks up our sleeves, we’re going to run this trick. Whether you’re on a budget or barely have any money to spend. Can you make structural changes or just a quick style fix? In today’s post, I have a solution for you.

This option causes the TV to be deliberately positioned… almost like a piece of furniture. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, the big screen in the back seat blends into all the beautiful, attractive cabinets. In addition, open shelves give you the opportunity to show off the sophistication of your decor.

How To Decorate Around A Tv {an Option For Every Style}

Bonus Bonus: By installing a cabinet under the shelf, you’ll have plenty of hidden storage space to hide DVDs and gaming gear out of sight!

Here’s another clever idea from Kate Marker Interiors – mount the TV and add moldings around it so it looks more like a picture frame indoors.

In this case, a simple set of floating shelves can achieve the same goal by taking the focus away from the large black screen and filling the empty space of the white wall surrounding it.

Wall Decor For Living Room Around Tv

If you don’t want the TV to be the focal point of the room, you need to make something else the focal point. A fireplace is the best solution. By using a special material on top of the coating, you will make a big, bold statement that is sure to attract attention.

Get Stunning Tv Wall Decoration Ideas And Make Yours Better

Besides, there’s nothing like gathering around a cozy fire in the living room with family or friends. It was interesting and conversational.

Television? TV I get it! Well, you might have to win the lottery and build an architecturally designed house to get the ultimate home. But it’s so beautiful, isn’t it?! Move right…

There are a few magic tricks you can use to completely hide that ugly black screen from view.

Sliding panels, sliding wardrobe doors, sliding picture frames… check out these simple solutions that will help illusion win reality.

How To Decorate Around Your Tv With Floating Shelves

Can you watch TV without reacting negatively? The reason is that it is hidden behind the head

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