How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color – I have a confession to make. I’m not a natural redhead. You can see in my team headshot that I have a very strong red color. I’m naturally blonde, but I’m just drawn to the beauty and the red tones that can be incorporated into the hair color.

While summer may be the time to go blonde, I’m longing for the cool, crisp breeze of fall so I can take my shade back to fiery red. Another fun part of incorporating red into your hair color is that there are different levels of commitment you can choose to take. We want to give you a guide to going red – whether you want to take the plunge like me or if you want to add subtle highlights, we’ve got a guide to choosing the right red for you!

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

A strawberry or honey tone best matches your natural colors. Be careful not to get too much orange in there or you’ll end up looking like a carrot.

Best Red Hair Dyes For Bright, Vivid Locks

Lucky! Most reds will look good on you. To choose the right shade for you, check if your skin tone is cool or warm. If you’re fancy, cherry, burgundy, deep red or even eggplant will look good. If you feel comfortable, go for warmer reds like auburn, brown and copper.

Confused about cool or warm tones? Take a look at your wardrobe. If you tend to look best in grays, blues and jewel tones, you are a classic tone. Gold, beige, olive and dark red? You are a warm tone.

You can choose from several deep reds! We’re talking fire truck red or even plum red. Dark cherry red is another good choice. Have fun with red if you fall into this category. Mahogany rims with strong red highlights are even a good way to stand out.

It is hard. We strongly recommend that you first get your hair professionally lightened so that it is receptive to the red color. Note that bleaching your hair before it turns red, if not done carefully and by a professional, can really damage your hair. Another option would be to highlight with red colors instead of going for the full effect. If you decide to include red, choose a dark cherry or burgundy color.

Red Hair Is Having A Moment

Attention! Red is one of the hardest colors to achieve and fades easily. Be sure to follow these guidelines to maintain your vibrant red tones.

1. Wait to wash – After the first dyeing, wait as long as possible to wash your hair. Ideally, we are talking about at least 48 hours. This will allow the red color to settle and allow the hair to accept the color.

2. Get the right shampoo and conditioner – Use color enhancing products or products made specifically for colored hair. We recommend Bumble and Bumble Color Support Shampoo and Conditioner for true red color.

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

3. Avoid the sun and the pool – Why am I waiting until fall to go back to fiery red, you ask? Because sunlight and chlorine accelerate rapid deterioration. Another suggestion if you can’t avoid the sun is to make sure to use a sunscreen (like Sebastian Halo Mist) when your hair is exposed. Or just try it with a hat!

Red Hair Color: Copper, Cinnamon & Auburn Shades

4. Extend the time between washes – As we mentioned in the first tip, washing your hair quickly can fade redness. Detergent in color with shampoo strips and red is the largest molecule in the hair color, so it dries out the fastest. (

It’s been a fun journey for me from blonde to red, but I’ve noticed that with summer in full swing, red is hard to maintain. I chose to go for a neutral auburn with red highlights for summer into fall when I return to my fiery copper/strawberry red hair. The charm of dark red hair cannot be described in words: it just means that this rich color is a magnet for people’s attention. While hot brunettes and cool blondes look pretty bold, red-haired ladies know that nothing beats the wild richness and feel of having their locks styled into beautiful chignons or sleek bobs adorned with random strands – it doesn’t matter if you’re a natural born redhead who has always wanted long, flowing locks down her back (and let’s not forget all those scorching Instagram photos!), an aspiring color maven looking for new ways to color your mane every day; although most people these days want something more subtle.

There’s no better way to add boldness and confidence to your life than to rock a rich new shade this fall. To help you choose the most beautiful shade, we have selected stunning and trendy dark red shades for every complexion.

Your new shade, whatever it is, should match your skin tone, and our ideas show you how to get the most out of your foundation for a sensual and seductive look.

Copper Hair Color: What To Know Before Trying

Lucky for us, red has no age or style restrictions for women who want to rock it. But there are some rules that every woman should know before deciding.

First of all, you cannot choose any shade from the dark red hair color chart, as your choice must match your appearance and complexion.

As you know, attention-grabbing reds are considered the perfect match for light and fair skin tones with peachy undertones: that’s why a range of cool shades reign.

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

That’s why we invite pale and blonde girls along on the journey through the cold side of dark red hair. Get ready to fall in love with wonderful contrasts!

Red Hair Colors & Ideas For Fiery Results

You may recognize cinnamon hair color as a member of the warmer red hair color family. If so, we want to tell you how different it can be. This is obviously the best way to add a reddish charm to girls with a brown or dark wheat base, as the added tone will blend naturally and create a flawless and shimmery copper vibe throughout the foundation.

But it’s not always just about warm cinnamon notes: they can be as intense, lively and rich as you want them to be. And while there are many shades of auburn hair that just don’t go well, this is the most versatile color that can adapt to any brown base and skin tone.

For a very light complexion, it can be a cool coppery cinnamon that brings out the beauty of the skin, and for a medium skin tone, you can go for a soft accent of cinnamon.

Now it’s all about pale and light skin tones with light and hazel eyes! Mahogany hair color is something you cannot believe even if you see it with your own eyes. The mix of tones that this color reflects is so amazing that it takes a while to recognize the rich maroon base with cool henna vibes.

The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

What we love so much about this color is that it looks like a chameleon: it can look a little purple and when the sun hits it, the reddish colors will appear.

Note that this color is easier to achieve with red to dark hair as it is closer to natural brown or black colors in the color range.

If you’re into exotic, unusual shades that also have a dramatic touch, eggplant hair color is the most flattering choice. And if you like it, you have a very refined taste, but you must remember that this sweet is very demanding.

How To Choose The Right Red Hair Color

As a deep aubergine shade with a subtle touch of red on the edges, it sets its own rules for the color game. Those who want to enjoy life should have a fair skin tone and neutral eye color; it’s only for pale girls!

Best Auburn Hair Color Shades

Still, there is a way out of the aubergine craze for ladies with a warm, brown complexion. Just ask your colorist to spice up your dark hair with red highlights and add soft, washed-out eggplant.

Black cherry hair color is a cool and sexy statement for the coming cold years. To achieve this color, your colorist will start by changing your base color to a deep black, which will be the basis for the cherry undertones. Then goes a very dark red balayage or ombre, which turns into a dark cherry red hair color.

The best thing about this shade is that it’s more versatile than other cool shades: it can suit both fair and dark complexions and brightens cool and brown eye tones.

Wine-red hair color seems to surpass the ranking of the hottest men in the world: when a girl comes across such a beauty, she will never be able to forget him. Like the power of drugs, this color reveals your bright and lively soul and highlights the best features of your face. The variety of shades that this color can reflect is wide: you can choose everything from shades of cabernet to burgundy.

Red Hair Color Ideas To Try This Summer

Based on your original hair color and color preferences, you can customize the burgundy color along the way

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