Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room India

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room India – Home fashion in India comes from many designs as our collective culture. Each province of our country has its own unique style of writing. The regional influence continues in the homes of the rich and close to your roots. So why not try these five unique designs from the corners of India.

Of all the Indian states, Rajasthan has the most natural architectural damage in the region. Style design is one of the most popular things

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room India

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room India

, design, design and installation. Glasswork with a royal magenta color coat gives the space its strength. Finishing touches, combined

Beautiful Living Room Designs Indian Apartments In 2022

From the vast desert of Rajasthan we descend south to the Chettinad belt. And guess what, it offers more than delicious chicken! Furniture made of wood in the shade of mahogany is usually associated with this area. Nothing like it if you get one of those rocking chairs. Low-rise homes usually have large wooden floors that separate the living and dining areas. Wear multi-colored cotton fabrics to compliment this style. But the glory of the Chettinad salon is the image of Tanjore.

If you want your kitchen to smell like sand and sea, borrow the Goan storage style. This type of traditional decoration is characterized by carved wood and wooden furniture. Keep the fun and exciting atmosphere of Goa by using bright colors and stick to the old school kitchen. Back it up, use Azulejos tiles to make things move. Today

The valley of Kashmir is known for its beautiful scenery and beautiful people! But if you like beauty, this is an ancient design that deserves attention. A Kashmiri bedroom has a small wooden bed that matches the wooden lattice of the ceiling and windows. As this is a cold region, the clothes are usually made of cashmere wool and the floor is covered with fine cashmere cloths with strong patterns. But the characteristic feature of this traditional decoration is the hand-made paintings on the walls.

Kolkata was an obstacle to colonization; It grows in you. So if you’re looking for something vintage, try this traditional design to decorate your room. Materials should be standard in design and wood. You should definitely have a collection of books that reflect your strong taste in art and literature. The floor should be dark brown with red bricks. Fill the walls with Jamini Roy paintings to set the mood.

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