How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape – To choose the best sunglasses, you need to know your face shape. There are five common shapes, including the heart, oval, circle, square, and triangle.

If you’re wondering, ‘How do I know my face shape to choose the right glasses?’, then these three simple guidelines can help.

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is important when choosing frames as the right style can help you look your best. Here’s how to identify your face shape:

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape And Skin Tone

Stand in front of a mirror to see how your face looks. You may want to put your hair in a pony tail or bun for a sleek look.

The main facial features you want to focus on are your hairline and jawline. By using a dry erase marker to trace your face, you can easily identify the widest part of your face.

After examining your features, you will see whether you have broad cheeks, forehead or jawline. This will give you a good indication of your face shape.

To find the right pair of glasses for your face shape, try on a few pairs to see which one suits you best. You will find that for round faces you will look better with square glasses as they can add more structure to your face. If your face has a lot of angles, you’ll look better with round glasses that can slim down your strong face.

Which Frames Match Your Face Shape?

To choose the right glasses for you, you need to know your face shape. All you need is a hair tie, a mirror, and a dry erase marker. Pull your hair back and trace your face to find which part of your face is widest. This can help you identify your face shape, making the process of choosing glasses as simple as possible.

If you want to know, ‘How do I know my face shape to choose the right glasses?’, then bookmark this blog for later. Once you know your face shape, it becomes easy to match your face with the right glasses.

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How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

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The Best Glasses And Sunglasses For Oval Faces

The frame may not be suitable for your face shape. This plays an important role in determining whether a certain type of glasses is right for you.

To determine your face shape and the type of glasses that will best suit you, part your hair away from your face and look straight into the mirror. Pay attention to the general shape and outline of your face and head.

Here are the seven main face shapes and the best types of glasses for each face shape:

To maintain the natural balance of an oval shape, look for sunglasses that fit (or are larger than) the widest part of your face. Walnut-shaped walls that are not too deep or narrow are a good option.

Optometrist Rochester: How To Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape

To minimize the apparent width of the top of the face, choose a face shape that is wider at the bottom. Brightly colored frames and rimless frames are also good choices for a light and airy look.

To make a square face appear smaller and more balanced, try frames that are deeper than they are wide. Frames with embellished or asymmetrical temples elongate the width of the face.

The square face shape has a strong jaw and broad forehead, and the width and length of the face are more or less equal.

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

To make a square face appear longer and soften the corners, try narrow frame styles, frames that are wider than deep, and narrow ovals.

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

A diamond-shaped face is narrow in the forehead and jawline and has broad cheekbones that can be long and impressive. This is a rare form.

Try frames with lines or defined details to bring out the eyes and soften the cheeks. Rimless glasses and oval or cat-shaped frames work well too.

Rounded shapes have curved lines along the width and length and no corners. To make a round face appear slimmer and longer, try narrow and angled sunglasses to elongate your face. Clear bridge frames and rectangular frames that are wider than they are deep are also good choices.

The lower triangular face shape has a narrow forehead and broad cheek and chin area. To add width and emphasize the upper third of the face, try frames that feature color and detail at the top (eye) of the frame. A cat shaped frame can also be a good option.

The Best Men’s Eyeglasses Of 2022: Persol To Ray Ban

When choosing a pair of glasses, it’s not just your face shape that determines which one is right for you – your skin tone, eye color and hair color play a big role too.

Regardless of your skin tone, your skin tone is classified as “cool” or “warm.” Cool skin has blue or pink undertones, and warm skin has “peaches and cream” or yellow undertones. Olive skin is considered cool because it is a mixture of blue and yellow.

Eye color is often a secondary factor in determining your complexion because of the variation in eye color. For example, blue eyes can range from a cool, almost violet hue to a warm, yellowish-violet blue. Brown eyes can range from light (warm) shades to medium brown to almost black.

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

Hair color is also considered warm or cool. Strawberry blonde, platinum, blue-black, white, blond, salt and pepper, and ash brown are good. Warm hair colors include golden blonde, jet black, golden brown and “dirty blonde”.

Tips To Help You Select The Perfect Frames

After deciding whether it is “warm” or “cool”, you can find the frame color that suits you.

Examples of the best colors for warm undertones are camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, white, red, warm blue and tortoiseshell blonde.

For good complexions, the best eyeglass colors are black, silver, pinkish brown, fruit blue, plum, magenta, pink, jade, blue and pale (darker).

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How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

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How To Buy The Right Eyeglasses Based On Your Face Shape

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