Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv – A well-designed TV wall can make all the difference to your movie night (nothing beats a cinema experience) and fulfills life’s needs. When turned off, however, wall-mounted TVs can sometimes become an eyesore, especially if they have unsightly wires or unsightly cables.

Fortunately, there are smart and stylish TV wall ideas to hide your TV or blend in seamlessly with your interior. For example, in this TV wall unit (pictured above from Cult Furniture), the TV on the right fits seamlessly without being overlooked – the closed shelves are the main feature of the living room using lighting.

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

When talking about the TV wall concept, the obvious choice is with the media wall that allows homeowners to mount their flat screen TV on the wall instead of a TV stand to display other media including speakers, sports games, record players, etc. Today, media walls are placed over an existing fireplace or a new fireplace. Get professional advice on installation, wall and electrical installations. In general, media walls also offer good protection. It’s perfect for small living rooms, helps streamline and organize the space, and is a great way to increase vertical wall space.

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“Resetting the television in a built-in cabinet always gives it a thoughtful look,” says interior designer Natalie Murray-Hurst of Murray Hurst Interiors. Integrating your TV into the unit allows the technology to fit into the room plan so the TV isn’t the center of attention in the room. However, if you want the convenience of a TV on the wall, make sure you plug the cable into the socket.’

However, you may want to mount your TV in front of a feature wall – be it wallpaper, a mural or a clever painting technique – that consistently adds interest to your room. It is also a cost effective option. In this case, invest in cable trays and cable packing boxes to hide unsightly wires.

It doesn’t matter which TV wall concept you choose, important factors are space, light or sunlight and whether you have enough space on one side.

“When it comes to installing TVs in projects, we use a lot and use different methods of concealment,” said Emma Deterding, founder and principal of Kelling Designs. ‘The time when everyone wanted to hide their TV because they were big, ugly blocks is over. Now, with many options in the right place, with the right attention and under the guidance of modern designers, they can look very smart.’

Modern Gypsum Tv Wall Unit Decoration Design Ideas

It is common to place the TV above the fireplace and the modern twist is great. The TV is placed above a modern fireplace with a reclaimed wood display. Designed in blue, this TV wall is an eye-catcher and makes a real statement.

The built-in electric fireplace is an excellent choice for discerning homeowners who want to combine a contemporary look with modern technology,” agrees John Butterworth, director of Arada Stoves. “Combined with a high-tech flat screen TV to complete the wall structure and achieve the perfect balance in the room.”

Natural materials like wood can create an attractive backdrop that can pull away from your TV. A wooden wall adds style and warmth to a room. This decorative wood design is made from eco-friendly wood panels designed into the wall covering, making it an ideal accent wall.

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

‘Larger TVs are desirable, but consider the size of the TV in accordance with the surface of the wall. You want things to be balanced,” advises Gary Walmsley, general manager of Designer Walls. ‘Always watch your cables, today’s TVs only need power because they run on Wi-Fi – the flush-mounted box behind the TV is very useful when it comes to tidying up cables. If there are many cables, such as HDMI, a truck in the wall is recommended.’

Captivating Wall Decor Ideas For Above And Around Tv

If you don’t need a standard TV wall or don’t have room to store a cabinet, why not combine the two? Build your cabinet around your TV to take advantage of the storage space and create a beautiful wall. It is especially suitable for adjoining rooms.

“Moving the television into a built-in cabinet always results in a thoughtful look, which I think has a more homely feel than hanging it on an exposed wall,” agrees Natalie Murray-Hurst of Murray Hurst Interiors. “To give the TV more cohesion, choose a device with deeper colors to make the blacks on the screen lighter.”

If you have a decorating plan, make a TV wall that matches the style of your room. You can choose a color or style that matches your interior design. This beautiful TV wall is a successful addition to the gray tones of this living room. Before you do, there are some practical things to keep in mind.

Placing a TV in a bosom is always a challenge, but with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be, advises Jackie Wilson, manager of Falchi Interiors. There must be enough space between the ceiling and the TV (in this case we have allowed 15 cm), all housings and frames must be made of fireproof materials and the design must have ventilation openings. .’

It’s Time For A Better Tv Room

Even if you have tight or cramped spaces, you can use floating furniture to organize your TV. This elegant design features a unique built-in storage space that floats above and below the TV, creating an attractive frame.

“Hanging your TV on the wall is a great way to create a tidy, modern home,” says Grant Robertson, interior design director at IKEA UK and Ireland. ‘Find the best viewing experience by choosing where to place the television in the room and experiment with different heights and angles.’

Lifting the furniture off the floor also allows more light to filter down, giving the impression of more space.

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

Thanks to its square grid-style shape, this TV cabinet gives a modern and industrial touch to this living room. When the TV is in the center, there are 10 open rectangular shelves to store and display everything from books to photos. Downstairs there are four double closets to keep belongings out of sight. The TV is seamlessly integrated here, because the open shelf of the furniture ensures that the gray walls remain visible.

Living Room Tv Ideas

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your TV wall, add a suede backing. This stunning TV wraps around a soft suede wall with floating shelves and an entertainment unit. “When enclosing the TV in the joinery, it is important to ensure good ventilation so that the unit does not overheat,” advises Nilaufar Lamakan, interior designer at Nila Design.

“I also used suede finish wallpaper to give it a luxurious feel and I had to make sure the wood fireplace was appropriate.” Before covering any electronic device, please refer to the guide and use the appropriate wallpaper.

Complete the TV by making a wall bracket. This revised design from Alexander James Design places the TV in the center of the wall with built-in display units above and below and framed pictures on either side.

Julia Clifford of Alexander James Interiors explains, ‘Whether you’re looking for the best way to hide cords or children’s toys, display memorabilia or favorite memorabilia – a media wall can add beauty to what once felt like nothing. Flashing.”

Tv Wall Ideas That’s Both Practical And Stylish

The wallpaper also allows you to change your favorite photos or images at any time.

If you want your TV to be smart, you can hide it behind a curtain. This elegant solution for hiding a television screen in a parlor was created by Sarah Wodehouse of Decibel Designs. The roller blind is made of hand-woven cat by textile designer Ptolemy Mann.

“A blindfold needs the right weight and texture to survive,” says Sarah. “Few controls are needed, so touching the screen makes him invisible and the television tilts forward, ready to select a channel.” Creative and fun TV wall design – so you don’t even know it’s there!

Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room With Tv

If you want to keep your walls clean and untouched, make a custom TV wall. Such walls are more versatile and can be placed anywhere in your space with proper planning. In addition, you can personalize it with built-in storage, speakers or attractive LED lighting.

Decorating Ideas For Tv’s

“If you plan your design in advance, power outlets and antennas can be placed in a hidden spot behind the TV,” says Emma Deterding, founder and principal of Kelling Designs. ‘This is also possible with custom joinery, where you create shelves on both sides of the TV and

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