How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style – When it comes to the different types of cowboy hats for men, your options for crowns, trims, and brims are endless. One of the most iconic symbols of clothing in the American West, the cowboy hat is a combination of fashion and function. Inspired by the hats worn by vaqueros, the Cowboy Hat protects against the sun and harsh weather of the Great Pain. From habit to personality, a farmer is rarely without a hat.

This functional tool is ultimately a fashion tool. Wild West cowboy hats for men are very popular among men and women these days. The different styles of cowboy hats vary to suit the needs of different wearers, often based on the shape of the crown, brim and brim. For example, a pinch-proof crown makes the operation easier. Different rim widths offer different levels of protection, while the curved shape helps owners cast the line without distraction.

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

This John Pardee cowboy hat is the black felt bull rider style hat he wore to the Country Music Awards. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

Bonanza Alan Jackson Cowboy Hat Style Picks

Hatters make Western-style hats from two main materials: felt and straw. Many people wear different types of cowboy hats depending on the time of year or the occasion.

Rodeo cowboy Guilherme Marchi’s felt hat is very similar to the Alan Jackson cowboy hat we discussed in another article. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

The felt hat is closely associated with the western look. They are a traditional hat choice for colder weather and more formal occasions. The best quality hats are handmade from felt, often called pure beaver. More affordable hats are made from wool felt. Available in a variety of colors, felt hats protect against rain, wind and snow.

1960: Portrait of American singer and actor Elvis Presley (1935 – 1977) sitting in front of director Don Seigel’s western “Stars of Fire”, Man with felt gambler cowboy hat. (Photo by Holden Archives/Getty Images)

Cowboy Hat 101: How To Create The Perfect Look

Straw hats are much older than felt. Most of the straw hats on the market are machine made hats, known in the industry as Bangora hats. These hats are light, protect from the sun and do not retain heat due to the density of the braid. The most durable straw hat is the palm leaf cowboy hat. Whether machine or handmade, palm fronds are a heavier straw hat that can be formed into a variety of shapes.

Alessandra Ambrosio wears a cowgirl straw hat at the Victoria’s Secret Spring Break Party in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Tom Grizzle/Getty Images)

When we think of cowboy hats, we often think of John Wayne’s well-worn hat or George Strait’s crisp style. However, there are many types of cowboy hats. You will find an endless variety of folds and edges. A fold is the bend of a cowboy hat at the top of the crown. Different twists create different Western-style crown styles. The brim of the cowboy hat even extends to the brim. Denim hats come in a variety of shapes and wide folds.

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

The modern cowboy hat shape still combines fashion with function. Go to any event in the West and you will find a variety of cowboy hats. Some shapes are so popular that they have become a sub-style of cowboy hats. Here are the most popular cowboy hat shapes. You’ll find some of these options in straw hats, but most of them are felt denim crown styles.

What Cowboy Hats The Yellowstone Characters Wear & Where To Buy Them

Recording artist Tim McGraw wears a black cowboy hat at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Of all the Western Crown styles, the Cattleman Creased Cowboy Hat is the classic cowboy hat shape. Cowboy cowboy hat shapes all have three crown folds and a curved brim that tapers back.

Archives of the Silent Film Era: A good guy saves a distressed teenage girl wearing a Montana cowboy hat.

This hat style proves that cowboy hat styles vary from region to region. Montana Montana is related to rough jeans and has three folds and curved money. However, the fold of the crown curves towards the front of the hat, making the back higher. The cap is usually turned back, known as a “muzzle” or rolled pencil edge.

Cowboy Toothpick (hat Pick)

The Gus cowboy hat is one of the Montana twists. Named after Lonesome Pigeon’s Augustus McCrae, this hat has a curved brim typically found on cowhide hats. The biggest difference between a Montana twist and a Gus twist is the curved sides, which make it easier to cast the yarn. You will find many bull riding cowboy hats similar to Gus’s.

Musician Kid Rock wears a Skull and Feathers men’s felt brick cowboy hat at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles. (Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Bricks are cut into a square shape, similar to the folds of a cow. It has a square crown shaped to hold the bricks perfectly.

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

Brad Paisley Wears Men’s White Felt Biggs Crinkle Cowboy Hat to the Grammy Awards (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage for NARAS)

Style Tips: Choosing The Right Cowboy Hat For Your Outfit

Go to a summer rodeo and you’ll see a lot of Biggs rodeo hat shapes. Biggs are usually used for straw hats and have a narrow brick crown with a square brim. Instead of gently rolling over, the front curve of the rim is sharply folded to form a square corner. The border narrows to a straight back.

Detail showing the top of the men’s Biggs brim cowboy hat in brown felt, with a Native American style hand strap and side buckle.

Ashton Kutcher wears a natural beaver felt cowboy hat at the premiere of The Butterfly Effect at the Sundance Film Festival. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

A pinched brim is a less formal cowboy hat shape. The fold of the crown forms a point at the front of the hat, giving a teardrop or diamond-shaped appearance from above. It is usually combined in the form of a tortilla shell with an upward curved edge. Western Style Kids Boys Girls Cowboy Hat Photography Cowgirl Cap, Decorations For Halloween, Christmas, Birthday And Masquerade Party (royal Blue), 8 Years

The front of this men’s straw cowboy hat pinches to create a teardrop-shaped crown similar to a men’s fedora.

Toby Keith wore a telescoping cowboy hat at the annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

Popular styles of western women’s hats include the telescoping fold. Also known as a gambler or pale rider, this western felt hat has a flat crown with pleats and is therefore round in shape. The edges are usually wide and flat.

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett wore open-back cowboy hats at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles. (Rich Fury/Getty Images for DCP)

Western Style Straw Hat

In 1865, John B. Stetson created the “chief of the plains” hat. The hat is round, wide and flat-brimmed, with a smooth, round or flat crown. Inspired by Arby’s, the Pharrell Williams hat has become a signature part of the pop singer’s look and is a classic take on the hat shape.

A file photo of a man wearing an open-crowned cowboy hat, also known as “Boss Plains”. This is the first cowboy hat designed by John B. Stetson.

American actors Elliott Gould (left) and James Caan (right) wear derby bowlers on the set of Mark Rydell’s Harry and Walter Go to New York. On the side, the British actor Michael Caine in a man’s hat. (Courtesy of Columbia Tristar/Getty Images)

The hats on display at the Derby are not actually cowboy hats, but they were popular with railroad men and bankers at the time. The derby hat is a traditional felt hat style. It has a rounded crown and a short brim. The edge usually has a pencil edge.

Common Cowboy Hat Styles And Shapes

Detail of a traditional men’s black derby hat. A green derby hat is often worn on St. Patrick’s Day worn.

The cover of the advertisement features the distinctive style of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is the standard design for instructors in the US Marine Corps.

NFL quarterback Cam Newton also endorses the style. A traditional lid has four symmetrical recesses on top of the lid. The brim is usually wide and flat, with a leather buckle.

How To Choose A Cowboy Hat Style

Actors Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in a scene from the movie “Australia”. (Photo by Fox Studios/Getty Images)

What Does A Feather In A Cowboy Hat Mean? What You Need To Know.

Australian hat styles are often seen in waxed cotton or leather hats. It also works great with felt hats or straw cowboy hats. The crown varies from straight to tapering anteriorly, with margins usually shorter and sloping downward anteriorly and posteriorly.

Although these are the most popular types of cowboy hats and American cowboy hats, the styles of cowboy hats are seemingly endless. You can buy a hat that matches the brim style of a traditional cowboy hat, or you can try the style yourself. Most cowboy hats can be shaped and altered, so you can find the perfect fit for you. The meaning of the brim of a cowboy hat can indicate what kind of cowboy or cowgirl you are. Take the time to shop for a cowboy hat that matches your personality. Cowboy hat

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