How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type – A rectangular body shape is characterized by bust, waist and hip measurements. Lack of processes makes the body columnar or rectangular.

The rectangle is tall and thin. They are not particularly curved, the waist is not defined, and the bottom is flat.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

Note: body shape theory is somewhat outdated and is best used to hide or balance certain parts of the body. If you’re interested in a more detailed style, check it out

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It’s hard to categorize your body into basic body shapes. Be open to possible upper body types:

The top and bottom of the rectangular body are well-matched, creating a balanced silhouette. The focus of this body shape is to break the rectangle and define the waist.

When expanding the waist, you have two options: If you are very thin and want to create more curves, you can add proportional volume to the upper and lower body and leave the waist as it is.

Plus, you can pull off the look while separating your upper and lower body to make your waist look slimmer.

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Choosing a neck style for a square body depends on which of two dress styles you’re going for:

Low, wide necklines – such as wide V-, slit, round or sweetheart necklines – visually elongate the shoulders and bust. Interior accessories such as large collars, belts and embellishments also help draw attention and create additional volume.

If you want to emphasize your delicate figure, choose slim necklines – such as turtlenecks, turtlenecks, crewnecks, scoop necks and chain-necks (but don’t forget to define the waist).

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

The right sleeve for a rectangular body can add interest and volume to the top or bottom depending on the length of the sleeve.

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Opt for embellished sleeve styles such as rolled or puffed sleeves as they draw attention. To create volume, sleeves should be loose and wide – such as flared, princess, puffy or flutter sleeves.

There are a variety of lengths for you to choose from: sleeveless, cap sleeve, short shirt sleeve, short sleeve, classic long sleeve and ¾ sleeve.

A shirt for a rectangular body should create shape by cinching in the waist and adding volume to the shoulders, head and hip lines.

Ripped or ripped waists that fall under shirts and flared columns are enough. Belts are also a great way to create a waistline. Darker colors add a more slimming effect.

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Shirts should end at hip level. Avoid tops that fly past the waist as they will make you look rectangular.

With details such as embellishments, frills, frills, bows, bottoms, rosettes, pockets, fronts, pleats, ties and tassels, you can add volume and interest to your look. Make sure this information is at or above the waist.

Have fun with bold fabrics and patterns to add interest to your upper body. For a more elegant look, choose sweaters that are long and thick and have different stripes. Thick fabrics and long cylinders will enhance your shape. Different horizontal lines also create the illusion of different proportions.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

As with other tops, sweaters should end below the hip line to avoid drawing attention to the waist. Long sweaters with straps are perfect for rectangular body shapes.

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When it comes to outerwear, waist definition is still the most important thing. The jacket should be tied at the waist or belt to create shape

Embellished embellishments are perfect for elongating the shoulder line – such as double-breasted, pockets, pleats, belt carriers, pull-ups, sleeves, cuffs and hems. Jackets should end below the waist so they don’t weigh down. It’s even better if they lean a little on the hips to create volume around the hips.

Because the rectangular body has square shoulders, straight-fitting jackets hang beautifully from it, following the natural silhouette of this body shape. Adding a belt creates a slight waist.

Avoid jackets with high waists and boxy jackets that make you look chubby. Also stay away from embellishments around the waist.

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Embellishments around the shoulders, waist and hips are ideal – such as large collars, belt carriers, pockets, sleeves, capes or draped over the shoulders to add dimension to a straight body.

The right pants can add much-needed curve and volume to a rectangular bottom. Pants styles that flare at the bottom, such as booties, flares, or wide legs, are great for adding volume.

For more interest in your lower body, choose pants with hip, hem, or leg detailing, such as cuffs, pockets, ankles, or twists.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

Opt for medium-length pants with a wide waistband. High-waisted pants end at the waistline and emphasize it – avoid this.

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Dresses for a rectangular body should flare out the hips and bottom to add curves to the silhouette. Look for a back pocket to add extra padding underneath. Shaking your hips adds to the illusion of curvy hips.

Best jean style boot. It’s slightly flared at the bottom, adding just the right amount of volume and curve to the bottom half while softening the square frame.

If you’re choosing skinny or skinny jeans to accentuate your slim legs, make sure the jeans are tight around your waist to help create curves.

A skirt is an ideal way to add volume to the lower body. Some ways to achieve this include flared stripes and detailing. Bright and light colors also help create a trend-like tone.

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Delicate skirts are ideal – such as boxy, ball, pleated, tiered, full circle and pleated skirts. Pencil skirts look good with knee length and side slits.

A straight skirt (of any length) can work with your natural silhouette. However, don’t forget to define the waist and wear something that fits the width.

Avoid angular A-line skirts that look shapeless. Instead, opt for a slightly larger A-line style. Stay away from skirts that are too full, as they can create an imbalance if you don’t add volume to the top.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

One thing to look out for in clothing is waist definition. Empire-line dresses, princess-cut dresses, and wrap dresses are great choices for a rectangular body. A belt is essential and can transform any outfit (even shapeless).

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Wrap dresses are especially good because the drop falls neatly on the body frame and creates curves.

If you want to stay away from baggy or shapeless clothing, shift dresses are the exception to the rule. Because of its clean lines and cut, the shift dress sits beautifully on a rectangular body with minimal trim and a flat bottom.

If you choose a dress with a slight flare at the ends, balance your top with a sheer or large sleeve.

You can achieve the same illusion with the colors you wear. With strategic color blocking the waist, the eye naturally narrows that part of the body without adding too much physical force. Choose dark colored dresses around the waist or add a dark belt to the dress.

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Like other pants, long body shorts should have a waist or mid-waist to avoid drawing attention to the waist. However, there is one exception: flared shorts with a button-down style or tie can create the illusion of a high waist.

Since the shorts are below the hips, any embellishment is great for adding volume to this area – like pockets, pleats, pleats or rise. Similarly, models are interested in this area of ​​your body. Choose stripes or patterns – such as floral, polka dot or leopard print.

A jumpsuit or playsuit that fits a rectangular body shape will add softness to an angular figure. It can be achieved by adding material around the hemline and hip line in the form of gathering, pleating or ruching.

How To Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

Most jumpsuits and toys are great for a rectangular body as long as you keep the waist defined. Add a narrow or midi belt – tighten the look at the waist or bottom. Or choose a jumpsuit with a bag.

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Toys look great when worn on the hip and have some sort of sleeve element – like a sleeve. This will greatly increase the waistline and make it look smaller.

Avoid shapeless, boxy jumpsuits and playsuits and styles that accentuate hips or shoulders, but not both. This makes the rectangular body shape cylinder unbalanced.

Buying lots of clothes just because they look good in the store is not a good wardrobe strategy. It shows that your clothes are more important than your appearance. But clothes should have no other purpose than to show off and show off your natural beauty. Over the years we’ve seen many different types of jeans come into style. This year is different and all genders are welcome. One type of jeans never fits everyone, so there are many different styles

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