How To Choose Colors That Suit You

How To Choose Colors That Suit You – I’ll admit it…if you look through my closet you’ll find 5 dresses, a jacket and a shirt

. What about repetition? My husband will never understand, but there is a way to get rid of my dark blue madness. I found out what color suits me and chose it. Also, I encourage you to do the same!

How To Choose Colors That Suit You

How To Choose Colors That Suit You

Anyone can wear any color…but the effect is not the same. We’re not talking about your favorite color, we’re talking about your favorite color. We’re talking about colors that reciprocate. When you choose shades that truly complement your skin tone, eye and hair color, you instantly bring out your best features and reveal your unique beauty. For example, golden-yellow and gray-purple tones are very popular in autumn? I think they are cute but not wearable. They make me look gross and dirty. However, bright primary colors and dark blues complement my skin tone.

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It doesn’t have to feel like a limiting experience, it’s about simplifying and enhancing your life. Once you figure out which color suits you best, getting dressed will be easy. You will spend less time suffering in front of the mirror. When shopping, you’ll know what you’re looking for and approach clothes with a good strategy. Those who know what colors suit them can quickly create a pleasant capsule wardrobe.

The collection of photos above is a great example of the importance of knowing color. I love the earthy brown and copper tones of this sweater. However, they don’t suit my skin tone as well as jewel tones or blue-toned colors like the ‘ocean blue’ in this peach dress. It’s Camden style and built to last. The fabric is not only soft, but the color is just right. So, let’s find out

The first step in determining the most pleasing color is to determine the shade. Are you cool, warm or neutral? It doesn’t matter how light or dark your skin is. Whether your skin tone is light or dark, you can choose cool, warm or neutral undertones. So, what do you think about it? Here are some tests…

It’s far from an exact science, but your hair and eye color can help you determine which color will make you look brighter.

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Warm – amber-brown or brown eyes, dark blond to dark brown hair Cool – gray, blue or green eyes, very dark (blue-black or very dark brown) to light blond hair. Neutral – brown eyes and hair of different colors. For example, androgynous beauties often have blonde hair with gray or brown hair with warm golden highlights.

Now that we know which color family suits you, it’s time to practice. Here are the colors that go best with warm, cool and neutral skin tones. However, for

You have to experiment with the rainbow to find the colors that suit you best! Find a day with plenty of time to learn about shopping.

How To Choose Colors That Suit You

Choose solid pieces in colors that are recommended for you and colors that you should avoid. Try them and study your thoughts in detail – or better yet, take a photo on your phone or ask a friend. This can help you evaluate color effects more objectively. Do these colors accentuate your features and make you glow? Or do they seem confusing and “boring”?

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Can’t decide which color family is right for you? You can divide into two categories. For example, I consider myself calmly neutral. Cool undertones usually suit me best, but colors for normal skin types are fine too. Below you will find some examples of the best shades for a neutral palette.

Surprisingly, warm skin tones get a warm glow. Makes sense, right? Look for golden yellow, orange, honey, amber or olive. Warm blues and greens such as moss or fern will also look stunning. Purples with red undertones, such as magenta or orchid, are also great. In general, you want to stay away from any icy or jewel tones.

For women who prefer cool tones, bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, amethyst, lavender or emerald colors will look best. Ruby red and bright roses are also perfect for you. You can use greys, navy blues and pure whites, but it’s best to avoid oranges or golden yellows.

You can explore the best colors in more detail by viewing the seasonal analysis. What do I mean? Well, color theory is also organized by season…be prepared…because it’s a bit complicated. There are 12 to choose from!

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In her 1980s bestseller Make Me Beautiful, fashion expert Carol Jackson divided it into four seasons: Spring (light hair/eyes and warm tones), Summer (light hair/eyes and cool tones), Fall (dark hair/ eyes and cool undertones). ) ) eyes and warm tones) and winter (dark hair and eyes, cold tones). This category is very narrow. Many women, especially those with darker skin tones, do not fit into this limited category. Seasonal Color now analyzes three main characteristics of the sector’s population:

A good way to get an idea of ​​colors is to look at the color wheel. Blue on one side, blue on the other. Blue is the coldest color and yellow is warm. They are opposite tones.

Warm-toned faces have less contrast between skin, eye, and hair color. They usually have golden or rich shades. Alternatively, cool faces have moderate to high contrast between features. They usually have dark hair and pale skin. But all races can have cool undertones depending on the contrast between skin tone and hair. So let’s dive deeper into the 12 seasons.

How To Choose Colors That Suit You

The photo above by Gabriel Arruda ( is the best example of seasonal color I’ve seen. If you’re interested in learning more about seasonal color theory, this creative from a Parsons School of Design graduate does a great job of explaining what a complicated process it is! What color suits me? twelve seasons

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Contrast (or lack thereof) is not a determining factor in cool seasons (summer or winter). Instead, it’s a general shade for hair, skin, and eyes. Are your hair, skin and eye tones cool or blue? Have you ever noticed that you don’t like muted or light tones while the mid tones in your palette are bright? It feels like a cold winter. Look for mid-range shades that match your natural contrast/color. It will complement your shades the best. Don’t be afraid to experiment with slightly darker shades, but avoid warm tones.

If you have a high contrast between your skin tone and hair/eye color, a sunnier season (spring or winter) may suit you. For example, beauties with bright blonde (not platinum or ash) or dark brown hair and bright blue eyes fall into the defined category, as well as light-skinned women with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. The best colors for sunny season types are clean and less pastel. Look for true colors like the ones you pull out of your child’s crayon box…pure blues, pure reds, and vibrant shades of each.

In the dark season (autumn or winter) the skin color is different and so is the dark hair/eyes. Look your best in the deepest, richest shades for your season. These luxurious shades will give you a radiant glow!

The season of light (spring or summer) is light! You have blonde hair and a light complexion that matches your ethnicity. Your eyes will also take on softer, lighter/brighter colors such as blue, green, hazel or light brown. Look for soft but not dark colors. Darker shades will flatter you, while softer shades complement your muted complexion.

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Is there a high contrast between skin tone and hair/eye color? Clear spring water looks best in less muted colors. We are back with an original palette for you! These are standard shades, not diluted by the addition of white or deepened by black. Bright colors (within your palette) match your bright features.

In the warm season (spring or autumn), as a rule, darker hair and skin with warm blond undertones. Their eyes can be black, but usually have a golden tint, green, brown or hazel. Your best colors always evoke a very warm feeling. Look for soft, warm tones, but avoid dark or pastel shades that emphasize your natural glow. Both warm seasons feature neutral brown tones, but the spring palette features warm shades of vibrant spring colors.

Does your skin have a slight pink undertone? Do you have light hair and skin color and light eyes… blue, green or light brown for your ethnicity? You probably fall into the mild summer category. The best colors are light and pastel, not dark. These are diluted shades

How To Choose Colors That Suit You

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