What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai – Shoppers should definitely visit the Dubai Mall. This shopping center is the largest in the world, with more than 1,200 stores on 4 floors and a total area of ​​more than half a million square meters. The world’s largest shoe store can also be found in the Dubai Mall.

The massive shopping center is located in the center of Dubai, next to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Is it temporarily enough for all stores? There are many restaurants and cafes in and around the Dubai Mall where you can relax, eat or drink. Outdoor restaurants are especially recommended, these places have a beautiful view of the world’s largest fountain show, the Dubai Fountain. In addition to many shops, the Dubai Mall also has an ice rink that can accommodate 2,000 guests and an indoor amusement park, SEGA Republic. The Dubai Mall also has a mega theater with 22 theaters and more than 2,800 seats. A very special, world’s largest aquarium is also located in the Dubai Mall.

What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

Dubai Mall’s store selection mainly includes well-known international chains and brands, such as Dior, Armani, Diesel, Versace, G-Star Raw, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Replay and chains such as galleries. Lafayette, H&M, Bonhams, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer and Bloomingdale’s. Don’t forget to visit the Gold Souk on the ground floor, where more than 200 jewelers sell their gold and jewelry. This large mall has dozens of shops filled with souvenirs, electronics, glasses, home appliances, toys, delicacies, phones, books and jewelry.

How To See Dubai Mall

All stores in the mall can be found on the store page of the Dubai Mall website. For more information about the Dubai Mall, visit the Dubai Mall website.

The mall itself is divided into several distinct areas such as Gold Souk, Souk, Village, Avenida da Moda and Food Zone. Fashion lovers can enjoy days at Fashion Avenue, in this section you will find all the leading fashion brands. Major international brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Chanel and Dior each have their own store on Fashion Avenue. Anyone who wants to create a beautiful piece of jewelry can enjoy the Gold Souq, the best jewelry in Dubai can be found here.

The Souk and The Village are located on the ground floor. Mainly local products can be found in the Souk. The village is designed so that it feels like you are walking outside on a shopping street. Anyone who gets hungry while shopping can dine at one of the Food Court’s 45 restaurants. In addition to the main fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut and KFC, you will also find Japanese, Mexican, Italian and various seafood restaurants.

There is a pleasant crowd in and around the Dubai Mall and the adjacent Souk Al Bahar, especially in the evenings. In particular, the restaurants and several bars with terraces overlooking the spectacular Dubai Fountain waterfall are very popular with both locals and tourists.

Divers Sculpture Fountain Multi Floor Retail Stores Shops The Dubai Mall World’s Largest Mall Dubai, United Arab Emirates Uae Stock Photo

Dubai Mall shopping center is recommended for car lovers. Every evening, the most expensive cars are in the parking lot at the entrance to the main road of the financial center. Especially on Thursday and Friday evenings, it is full of expensive cars. Don’t be surprised if a Bugatti Veyron, several Lamborghini Aventadors/Gallardos and several Ferraris are parked next to several Range Rovers and Porsche SUVs.

If you don’t have enough expensive cars, you can go to the Dubai Mall garage yourself, there are often more expensive cars that don’t fit in the valet parking. Especially in the parking lot on the side of The Address Dubai Mall hotel, there are several luxury cars in the garage. If there is no Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati and/or Rolls Royce in the park, this is a unique moment.

Let me give you an example of how crazy Dubai can be with cars: I counted 25 Rolls Royces, 7 Ferraris, 6 Lamborghinis, a Bugatti Veyron, several Aston Martins, Bentleys and Maseratis in valet parking at night in two hours.

What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

The Dubai Mall not only has many shops, but also the world’s largest aquarium, the Dubai Aquarium. This aquarium holds more than ten million liters of water. More than 33,000 thousand aquatic animals live in it. The aquarium is home to over 300 rays and the world’s largest collection of sand sharks. Dubai Aquarium is not only the largest aquarium in the world, but the glass panel (32 meters wide and 8 meters high) is officially the largest in the world. If you visit the huge Dubai Mall, you cannot miss the aquarium. If you’ve missed it, luckily you’ll find mall information points at various locations with maps and friendly staff who will be happy to show you the way.

Biggest Malls In The World: Triphobo

You can also find a giant dinosaur skeleton at The Dubai Mall in the Grand Atrium. This particular specimen is almost completely intact, at 90% accuracy, which is quite unique for a dinosaur skeleton millions of years old. The so-called Amphicoelius Brontodiplodocus is 24.4 meters long and 7.6 meters high. The skeleton is about 155 million years old. The skeleton was found in the Wyoming region of the United States and was flown to Dubai to be displayed here.

In the world’s largest shopping mall, you can do more than just shop till the end. The shopping center also has its own Olympic-sized skating rink. It is possible to skate laps by buying tickets. The Dubai Ice Rink offers suitable skating lessons for anyone who wants to learn. Even if you have tricks, you can skate during the disco party. A DJ is there playing music from the speakers, which gives a great atmosphere to the ice rink.

Fans also have the opportunity to play the Bromine Ball game. In a team of 6 you fight against another team. The purpose is to throw the ball into the net.

The small Souk Al Bahar shopping center is also recommended, where you can find most of the local products. This mall is also known as “Mariners Market”. Step back in time to life in ancient Arabia. Located in the bustling heart of Downtown Dubai, Souk Al Bahar is charming. This piece offers Al Bahar residents and visitors an exclusive shopping, dining and entertainment experience. Souk Al Bahar is located opposite the neighboring Dubai Mall. Adjacent to the Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountains, this shopping mall with an Arabian feel is accessible via a bridge over the water.

The Very Best Of The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is easily accessible by public transport. If you are traveling by Dubai Metro, get off at the Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa station. From there you can walk to the Dubai Mall in two ways. First, you can walk to Dubai Mall via the 800m long covered and air-conditioned Metroberg (Metro Link Bridge). You will then exit the Dubai Mall Link Bridge on the second floor of the mall. You can also exit the Dubai Mall metro station and take the road to Burj Khalifa. From there you can walk along the pedestrian areas around the lake and from the Dubai Fountain to the Dubai Mall.

If you want to travel by bus to Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa, you can use one of the following buses:

These buses pass every 15 minutes to the tourist stop located opposite the Grand Drive entrance on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall.

What Is The Biggest Mall In Dubai

You can also take a taxi to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall. Almost all taxi drivers understand where you want to go when you say Dubai Mall. Depending on what you order and where you pick up your taxi in Dubai, you will either be dropped off at the main entrance of the Dubai Mall or at one of the Dubai Mall taxi stands.

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Have you rented a car and want to travel to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall? Dubai Mall Garages is easily accessible via Financial Center Road. The Dubai Mall has 14,000 parking spaces, so there is no chance of running out of space.


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