Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

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Rebecca Henderson is a freelance decorator and writer with over three years of experience in design, architecture and everything in between.

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

The corner of the living room sometimes looks like an empty space where nothing happens and nothing fits. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The corners of the living room can be a great place to sit, a home bar or even a workplace. Read on and discover 22 ways to decorate a living room corner.

Creative Ideas For Small Apartment Corner Decor

The corners of the living room are great places for an extra chair or two. Even if they are not used daily, extra chairs in the living room come in handy when you have extra company or entertainment.

Need extra space to get some work done or write something down? Add a small table to the corner of your living room. Simple old desks are great furniture for this because they’re small enough to take up a lot of space, but look modern without looking too industrial.

When decorating the corner of the living room, it is very important that the corner complements and harmonizes with the decoration of the rest of the living room. Get inspiration from all over your space to choose how to decorate a corner.

At the corner of the living room, meet the L-shaped living room. L-shaped seats are the best choice for tight furniture corners, as these compact sofas complement the space with modern chairs and make good use of the sometimes poor space. .

Modern Living Room Decor

When you’re trying to figure out what to do with any space in your home, the answer is almost always: houseplants. And the corners of the living room are no different. Add a variety of indoor plants to bring bright color and texture to your living room.

If you want to add houseplants, you may want to heighten the corner of your empty living room to make it look full and balanced. For this, use a small, simple table and add plants to it. (And if your nook is near a tall window, it will give your houseplants better access to the sun, too.)

A shelf is another easy win for an empty corner of the living room. A few shelves can become a new home for your favorite books or a few board games. Add a chair to the shelf and you will have a corner of the living room in good style.

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

The corners of the living room are often exposed, but still often visible. Take advantage of this unobtrusive feature by adding a shelf or showcase to display your favorite items, such as a gift or a small collection. Its location in the corner protects the entire room from dirt, but it is still displayed in a prominent part of the house.

Clever Ways To Decorate A Corner In A Living Room

Who said you have to add something to the floor to fill a corner of the living room? A wall can also work. A gallery wall can be a great way to use up an unused corner. Plus, what better way to add personality to your living room?

For larger areas in the living room or great room (or other inaccessible areas), add a small set of speakers. It provides a great escape from the main space and can also be a great place to study.

Another way to fill an unused corner is a favorite place in the living room: built-in. Built-ins bring extra space to your living room and can add style to a space without adding clutter.

Wall coverings are another great way to add interest to a space, such as the ship in the top corner of the 9th floor. They add texture and character without adding extra furniture or decor – a useful addition if your living room is already cluttered. a lot. thing. A little on the full side.

Grid Style Gallery Wall Set Of 12

A small side table (or two bedside tables) is a useful addition to almost any living room, as it provides comfortable use for extra guests or for dining in front of the TV. And he said, good place for side tables? Corner of the living room.

In the era of the flexible home, sometimes the corner of the living room is the only place for a home office. To achieve this look, choose a desk that fits the corner and try to keep it clean outside of business hours or when the desk is not in use.

Few things say comfort on a rainy day like a window seat. And a window seat (or chair) is a great addition to the corner of the living room that will increase the hygiene factor of your living room.

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

Looking for a more unique seating option for your living room corner? Do not look from one place to another. A stylish and elegant chair will add a special touch to any space and will definitely become your living room chair.

Living Room Corner Ideas You Should Definitely Try Out In 2023

Add a console table to the corner of your living room for subtle (and stylish) storage. Console tables are a great place to store a few small items, like a remote control, a magazine or two, and a few keys. It also provides enough surface area to display many decorative pieces.

Sometimes the corners of the living room can be awkwardly constructed, with corners deeper or different shapes than the rest of the room. Use this to your advantage by choosing furniture that fits well even in the most difficult spaces.

To add some height (and greenery) to the corner of your living room, add a potted plant. Look for smaller varieties that tolerate humidity and temperature changes, don’t need a lot of sun, and have attractive foliage to boot.

Another match in paradise in the corner of the living room is the corner panel. Add a staff or two, a wine fridge and some shelves to get the living room bar of your dreams and you’re ready to party.

Making Use Of The Corners In A Room: Decor And Design Ideas

There are often windows in many corners of the living room. It is important to highlight the windows in the living room – they are an excellent source of natural light and can provide a good view of the outside world. To emphasize the corner window, use high-quality curtains with a design that matches the remaining space.

If you’re short on space or just want somewhere else to do a puzzle or grab a few things, add a small table and a set of chairs. Add simple lighting and a large piece of art to complete the look. Share my favorite ideas for decorating living room corners so you can finally say goodbye to empty corners in your home!

For years we had a corner in our living room that I didn’t know what to do with, so I left it open – after filling it in I noticed a huge difference in the decor! I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to having an empty corner, so I thought I’d write a post about my favorite living room corner decorations. Starting with my solution, I have seven ideas to say goodbye to the empty corners of the living room! (

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

In our previous home, this corner of the living room is where we put our family room Christmas tree:

Ingenious Corner Decorating Ideas That Will Invigorate Your Home

For the rest of the year I wanted something that would be easy to move to another room for our tree. I added a corner filter – (my 7 foot version):

Sources: TV Console ( similar )  | Chandelier (satin bronze) | Antelope River Safari | White pillow cover | Blue Linen Pillow Cover | false pine leaf fig tree | carpet | A pair of floor bundles  | Art Images (Details | Acrylic Coffee Table ( Similar ) | Coffee Table Base (28″ Square) | Rattan Chair

It took a while to come up with a price, but after I was offered two real leaf figs for $100 each, I made the investment and I’m so glad I did – it adds so much life to the room (and it won’t be . brown in me)! It comes with a simple bag base so you need a pot or basket to set it in – mine is:

Pottery Barn came out with another faux olive a year ago that I thought looked fake, but this is a newer version that looks great! Another option is to use a plant group full of tall leafy plants:

Corner Decorating Ideas

Another corner idea for the living room is to place a beautiful ladder in the corner, which can be used to hold additional blankets and blankets:

Of course, there are many decorative staircases to choose from – here are a few favorites:

Depending on the size of the open corner, you can consider a single bookcase or another modern ladder bookcase.

Decor Ideas For Corner Of Living Room

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