Which Bank Is The Best In California

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Which Bank Is The Best In California

Which Bank Is The Best In California

Are you in California and looking for a new bank? Search is easy with this handy guide to California’s best banks and credit unions.

Top 10 Best Bank Of America Fillmore In San Francisco, Ca

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You may wonder if you are getting the best selection, price and service. Fortunately, this guide can help you find your ideal bank.

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We looked at a variety of factors to find the best banks in California, including account offerings, interest rates and convenience.

Which Bank Is The Best In California

Choosing the right bank is a decision you should not take lightly. Your bank is a big part of your financial future and affects your everyday life. Find your right bank below.

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How to choose the right bank? The right bank for you that meets your needs. Do they serve your community? Are you looking for personal banking or business banking? Does the bank offer the services you want at a price you can afford? And, of course, do you want easy access to branches?

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If online banking isn’t for you, you’ll find plenty to love at Bank of America, one of the largest national banks in the US.

Freedom and access are some of the main benefits of working with a national bank. Bank of America has nearly 450 branches throughout California, which means it’s easy to find an ATM when you need one and get personal assistance.

Their APY rates aren’t as high as you’ll find at online banks, but they offer a variety of other products, including credit cards, home and car loans, and investments through Merrill.

Which Bank Is The Best In California

On the checking side, the Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking® is ideal for students, with waived monthly service fees for students under 25, self-employed 16 and over, and no overdraft fees.

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Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking® offers overdraft protection and waives the $12 monthly fee for meeting minimum benefit requirements. Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking® even waives interest-free monthly service fees as long as you sign up for its Preferred Rewards program.

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If Bank of America isn’t right for you, but you’re still interested in choosing a big American bank, consider Wells Fargo, our top pick for small business owners in California. With more than 1,000 branches in the Golden State, Wells Fargo offers easy access wherever you are.

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Wells Fargo offers customers a range of banking services, including checking and savings, investments and financial services, credit cards, home and auto loans and more. And according to the Small Business Association (SBA), Wells Fargo is one of the largest small business lenders in the country,

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Which Bank Is The Best In California

If you have a simple check in front of you, Chase is a bank worth your consideration. Chase takes a two-pronged approach to giving its customers the most convenient access to their money.

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On the other hand, Chase has nearly 900 branches in California, which means there’s always a branch not too far away. First of all, Chase’s easy-to-use mobile banking app is one of the best in the industry.

This app means you can track your activities, send and receive money, pay bills, deposit checks and more, all from the comfort of your phone. But if you ever want to visit a branch, you’re sure to find one nearby.

For Californians looking for a big bank with a local touch, consider our pick for the best regional bank in California, Bank of the West, a California-chartered branch of BNP Paribas headquartered in San Francisco. Bank of the West operates more than 220 branches in California, with more than 600 offices in the Western and Midwest United States.

Expect from Bank of West all the quality of service you would expect from their major international competitors. They offer an array of checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loan services.

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And above all that, they are committed to ecological banking practices and insist that they do not invest in other harmful practices.

For those who value customer service and a high-quality banking experience, Bank AS is a strong competitor. US Bank operates more than 460 branches in California, which means that although it does not have as many locations as competing large banks, customers across the country have no problem finding a branch if they need it.

A commitment to helping customers means that US Bank representatives are available 24 hours a day, day or night, every day of the week, whether by phone or via social media.

Which Bank Is The Best In California

Many other banks still require their customers to adhere to bank opening hours, but as we all know, problems rarely occur easily between 9am and 5pm. US Bank cares about you no matter what time it is.

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