Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass – Today’s infographic comes from the design studio Art.Lebedev and shows the actual size of the world’s places, from the largest to the smallest, using data from NASA and Google.

Maps can fool your eyes, but they are still powerful tools for other purposes. In 1569, the famous cartographer Gerardus Mercator created a new map based on a cylindrical projection of the earth’s parts. These types of charts are suitable for navigation because each line on a circle is a continuous vertex, or loxodrome.

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

Despite the use of maps at sea, Mercator’s projection has an undesirable drawback. This map type increases the size of the land areas near the poles (such as North America, Europe, or Northern Asia) as a result. As a result, Canada and Russia appear to occupy 25% of the Earth’s surface, but in reality these countries occupy only 5%.

Continents Virtual Book

The collection of images above shows the countries of the world in their categories. Measurements are based on Google Maps 2016 and NASA Earth Observatory maps, with calculations based on the WGS84 reference ellipsoid, or simply another model of the shape of the Earth in two dimensions.

We download Google maps and satellite images. Creating these specific displays was no small task – the designers went through six stages and many different iterations of the graphic.

Countries are ordered by decreasing size and are shown without outliers or dependencies. For example, the total area of ​​the United States shown does not include Hawaii, Alaska or overseas territories.

Although Mercator’s maps underestimate the size of the northern hemisphere, many of these countries still cover large areas.

Why Do Western Maps Shrink Africa?

The top 10 largest countries account for 55% of the total land area of ​​the earth. The rest is shared by about 195 other countries.

While the earth’s surface is destroyed by many authorities, the real impact of human activities is less than one might think.

Political boundaries covered all closed land. Despite this, only 20% of the world’s land is affected by human activity, and only 15% of the earth’s land is under legal protection.

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

The remaining 80% of the Earth is home to ecosystems that help clean air and water, restore nutrients, improve soil fertility, pollinate crops and break down waste. The value of maintaining these services to the human economy is worth billions of US dollars. it. dollars every year.

How Many Continents Are There? 7 Continents Of The World

Although some countries are not as big as they appear on the map, every part of the country has a role.

Perception of annual working hours in OECD countries Mapped: Minimum wage worldwide Map description: The Caucasus region represents the relationship between wealth and happiness, and the country How much land does the US it. Military government – does it in every area? Listed: 20 countries with the fastest declining populations

Animated Politics: How the wealth of Russian billionaires has changed since 2022 How have Russian billionaires grown since Russia invaded Ukraine? The animation traces the wealth of 22 Russian billionaires.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, many countries reinstated sanctions against Russian billionaires – oligarchs – and politicians.

Australia And Oceania: Physical Geography

And as the war continued, the sanctions increased, even as the relatives and front companies of the billionaires were monitored over time. The reason? The oligarchs are allied with the Russian government, offering vocal and financial support in exchange for favorable deals or beneficial control of the government.

James Eagle’s animation shows how the estimated wealth of the 22 Russian billionaires in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index in April 2023 has changed from January 2022, before the war.

The 22 richest Russian billionaires as of April 20, 2023 lost a combined $990 million since January 5, 2022.

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

The biggest hit is Viktor Vekselberg, who owns a stake in UC Rusal, the world’s third-largest aluminum producer. Since the beginning of the war, he has lost an estimated 11 billion dollars.

Continents Printable Activity Pack World Geography Busy Book

Roman Abramovich, who started an oligarchy through oil conglomerates, was also hit hard by sanctions. He lost $15 billion or 58% of his income from January 2022 and was forced to sell Chelsea Football Club in one of the biggest sales in history.

Most importantly, the rich oligarchs did not lose much. Mining giant Norilsk Nickel’s largest shareholder, Vladimir Potanin, saw his net worth drop by just 4.8%. After being hit hard at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he quickly recovered and returned with a very high net worth, which reached $35.6 billion in June 2022.

And some oligarchs, such as the former president of Norilsk Nickel Mikhail Prokhorov and phosphate-based fertilizer baron Andrei Guriev, saw their wealth increase from January 2022. Guriev increased his income by $2 billion or 26%, while Prokhorov (the former owner ) of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets) saw his net worth increase by $0.3 billion or 2%.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues and sanctions remain against Russian billionaires, politicians and businessmen, their outcome is uncertain.

Zealandia Is Earth’s Eighth New Continent! Scientists Discover 5million Square Kilometer Landmass East Of Australia

Oligarchs lost their money, abandoned foreign businesses and even had valuable assets such as mansions and yachts confiscated. Meanwhile, although the Russian economy is weak due to sanctions, strong trade with countries such as China, India and Saudi Arabia remained stronger than expected.

And while some oligarchs have expressed mixed concerns about the ongoing war, the wealthy have been careful to toe the line. Russian billionaires and their politicians

Critics of the speech, including the chairman of Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, were found dead in suicides, heart attacks and accidents.

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

The most revolting oligarchs are not due to economic problems, but to military operations. Oligarch and military leader Yevgeny Prigozhin launched an attempted coup in June 2023, apparently abandoning it after Russian military support quickly collapsed.

What Is The Smallest Continent?

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A continent is one of several large regions. Continents are often identified by agreement rather than strict criteria. A continent can be a single area or part of a larger country, such as Asia or Europe. For this reason, the number of continents varies; Seven or fewer geographic regions are often considered continents. Most English-speaking countries consider many regions as continents. In geographical order from largest to smallest, the seven regions are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

Differences between several continents unite some of the regions; Examples of this include North and South America in the Americas, Asia and Europe in Eurasia, and Africa, Asia and Europe in Afro-Eurasia.

Oceanic islands are often grouped together with neighboring continents to divide the entire world into geographic regions. In this plan, many island countries and territories in the Pacific Ocean are grouped together with the continent of Australia to form the Oceania region.

List Of Countries And Dependencies By Area

In geology, a continent is defined as “one of the largest areas of the Earth, including dry land and continental shelves”.

Geological continents correspond to large areas of continental crust located on tectonic plates, but do not include small continental pieces such as Madagascar that are often called microcontinents. Continental crust is found only on Earth.

The concept of continental drift was recognized in the 20th century. He speculates that the current continents were formed from the breakup of the supercontinent (Pangaea) that formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Which Continent Has The Smallest Land Mass

By convention, continents are “understood as large continuous and discrete areas, separated by bodies of water”.

What Is The Largest Country In Europe?

In modern systems with five or more known continents, only one continent is rooted in some way. The “big” plan leads to an unusual division: Greenland, with an area of ​​2,166,086 square kilometers (836,330 sq mi), is considered only the largest island in the world, while Australia, with 7 617,930 km² kilometers (2,941,300 sq mi ). ), is considered a subcontinent.

The major countries of the world all have coastlines on a single continuous global ocean, which is divided into a number of major oceans and continents and by different geographical features.

A country or continental region, with a coastline and all land borders forming the edge of the continent. In the ESS the term continental Europe (sometimes referred to in Britain as “the world”) is used to refer to mainland Europe, excluding islands such as Britain, Iceland, Ireland and Malta, while the term mainland Australia may refer to the country of Australia. ,

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