Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils – This is a big problem in the world of oil – and it makes sense because these two companies are the biggest “giants” in the oil industry.

If you are thinking about buying essential oils or starting an essential oil business, you are probably wondering the same thing – is it better, Young Living or doTERRA?

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

This post is not really a post comparing the two companies. Actually the post was part of my search for a “good” oil company because those two companies were a big part of my research.

Get Ready For Winter With These Essential Oils

Before we go into the comparison between Young Living and doTERRA, let me say that I have to admit that I was wrong about something before.

I thought the Lila Rose Flexi Clips were a waste of money (see “I was wrong” Lila Rose review).

When I started my journey with essential oils (which I never thought about – I thought essential oils were a scam at first), I ran into Young Living. Because it worked.

I was very happy with my results, but when I started writing about essential oils, I started to have a few ideas. In particular, one of the doTERRA representatives started pointing out something that made me think about my decision and wonder if I made the right decision.

Essential Oils Blends That Rock!

And while I was doing my research, I came across a few different things about Young Living and doTERRA that made me think and feel more. Both companies.

It was difficult to list all the information, but I’ll put most of it here so you can see some of my concerns. That’s not the only thing that bothers me, but there are more.

Today I’m going to share with you what happened when I was investigating the “hitters” in the oil industry –

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

If you are looking for essential oils, Young Living and doTERRA are great places to come.

Essential Oils And Emotions

First of all, Young Living was almost the first on the block. They actually provided essential oils. There is something to be said for that.

However, there are some unpleasant things about the internet d. About Gary Young. Of course, the internet can be full of truths and lies. But I still think these things deserve attention. Dr. Stephen Barrett wrote a lot of unpleasant things about Dee. About Gary Young. In fact, this information gave me pause when I first wanted to sign up with YL. I mean, Oil of Thieves works for me, but I really didn’t like what I was reading.

Now, I’m worried about Mr. Barrett – in fact, he’s an “anti-alternative treatment” pledge. And I love alternative medicine. Many of them.

I am personally very concerned about what is going wrong in the field of alternative medicine. But I am also concerned about the misuse of western medicine.

Top 10 Must Have Essential Oils

My family and I have been damaged by traditional western medicine (overuse of antibiotics, overuse of drugs, misdiagnosis of acid tests, etc.). Sometimes, we heal

I know there are mistakes on both sides. But Quakewatch seems to target other modalities: chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine…you name it. If not, it’s Barrett’s goal.

I could go on and on about his website, but suffice it to say, I have no doubts about Barrett’s accusations against Gary Young. .

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

However, what he wrote about Young Living and Gary Young leaves something to think about. Moreso looking at what I saw…

Diluting Essential Oils With Carrier Oils

I found this interesting post about Young Living OSHA. I have not been able to find it through other oil companies, although I have not looked for it

Yes, in major oil companies. It will take a long time and I can’t get them all right.

Now, Young Living is a very old oil company, so they’ve spent a lot of time abusing it, and it seems like all the mistakes came from the same thing.

Of course, OSHA violations don’t mean the company is bad. If they cleaned their tracks properly, their new tracks are probably better than before.

Pure And Potent Essential Oils, Why I Choose Young Living.

The majority of small farms (updated 4/2015) are located in the United States. I guess it’s good for companies that “control” their products, but not so good if according to conventional wisdom the plants grow well (and they do). good medicinal properties) if they grow in their native place (where they should grow naturally).

If you read the description in parts 2 and 3 of the best essential oils, you will see that Young Living representatives support YL Farms in the US for profit – giving Young Living control over the entire process. Maybe, but other companies like doTERRA and many others I’ve seen source their oils from plants that grow naturally in good conditions.

I bought oils from Young Living, doTERRA, Mountain Rose Herbs, Aura Cacia, and 2 other companies and did a little “smell challenge” with my amazing team of smell testers (aka my family).

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

Books I received from Young Living when I signed up included ThievesĀ® books. This study, the paper said, is consistent with the therapeutic value of essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils

I looked for tests online to see what they were saying, because I was interested in getting real results, and found that the study was done on regular eucalyptus oil, not chor oil.

What? So I heard that the company was saying that ThievesĀ® oil was proven to work, when in fact it was eucalyptus, one of the ThievesĀ® ingredients, that was effective.

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any research or provide this information because it is against FDA regulations. Life Science Publishers can be reached at 1-800-336-6308 or www.lifesciencepublishers.com and audio information at 1-888-285-6317, 801-225-9520 or www.essentialproductinfo com. These companies carry many articles or studies that contain useful information about essential oils and supplements and can help you further. How does it smell?:

As of the 2018 update of this document, the country of origin of all or most of Living Living’s oils is not listed on the website.

New To Essential Oils And How To Use Essential Oils

In addition to purchasing the Young Living Starter Kit, I also purchased several doTERRA essential oils to try out for YL. I asked doTERRA representatives and company staff many questions and have been using the oils for a short time.

What I really don’t care about is that many doTERRA reps (even company employees) say something like, “You’ll know it’s working by its smell.”

This is from doTERRA’s website: “A good 100% high-quality therapeutic oil should have a rich texture, aroma and fragrance.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what “crystal clear” means.

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

Before I go any further – I mentioned the distillation technique in one of my previous posts. Basically, the trick with essential oils is that you separate the essential oils from the plant by leaving the water and liquid components in a still state and at low pressure and low temperature.

How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends (tips For Beginners)

They go to the canal and the furnace and the park. The oil that collects on top of the water is removed and – voila – you have essential oils.

The most desirable and expensive oils (and considered the most therapeutic) are those collected during the first part of the harvest season. The resulting oil is called “pre-refined”.

Many nuts have a mint-like aroma that grows naturally. It is a herbaceous species and does not like sugar very much.

Apparently, according to many sources, the candy cane can come from Readystyle. The oil is either refined or certain ingredients are removed to make the oil into peppermint candy. (source).

Biggest Essential Oil Mistakes

Now – please be aware that there is much debate about what this means or means. I don’t know but I share what I learn and read.

Another possibility is that someone did something else with peppermint oil to reduce the smell of the green.

That’s exactly what doTERRA peppermint oil smells like. In fact, it’s so delicious that if you have kids at home, it’s best not to reach for it.

Which Is Better Doterra Or Young Living Essential Oils

You can tell him that our peppermint is amazing. There are 1, 2, 3 and they are perfect and we use them well. (Source: My email.)

Back To School Essential Oils And More

So if in fact, the first distillation of peppermint oil is expensive (and indeed the first and second distillates of peppermint are), then the peppermint oil may not be of high quality.

If it’s really not more than one distillate of mint,

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