Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

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All car rental companies like to claim that they offer the best benefits and the most options. But which is really the best car rental company?

Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

Although when and where you want to rent a car can vary, let’s compare the top car rental companies on three key elements: availability, price, and loyalty program.

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Each major group of car rental companies offers approximately the same number of rental locations. But the Enterprise fleet clearly stands out as the largest. Although Enterprise does not guarantee that a vehicle will always be available, Enterprise will have more vehicles available.

However, keep in mind that Avis, Budget and Hertz offer car rental locations in more countries. So these brands may be the best choice depending on where you are traveling.

The leading groups of car rental companies have a global presence. But which one offers the most options?

We didn’t have enough time to count all the locations ourselves. So here’s a summary of what each group of car rental companies has earned, based on recent investor filings.

Qualities Of The Best Car Rental Company

Enterprise has more than 9,500 locations in nearly 100 countries and territories, compared to 1,100 locations in 84 countries for Alamo.

Compared to Enterprise, the Hertz brand offers fewer locations (about 8,500) but more countries (146). Avis offers fewer locations (around 5,500) but the most countries (165). This makes it difficult to determine a winner based on the number of placements.

Since the number of locations yielded mixed results, let’s break down each company’s fleet size. And here we find a clear winner.

Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

By 2022, Enterprise has grown its fleet to more than 2.1 million vehicles. Meanwhile, the Hertz group reached 547,400 vehicles, and the Avis rental fleet averaged 479,672 vehicles in 2022.

Best Car Rental Companies In The U.s.

By checking the prices of hundreds of car rental options, we’ve determined the cheapest and most expensive airport locations, whether you should book in advance or wait until the last minute, and whether it’s worth it. – Go to a city center instead of renting from the airport.

This review also identifies the cheapest and most expensive car rental companies, and there are clear winners and losers. For comparable weekly rentals, Enterprise offers the lowest rate (average $480) and National charges the highest (average $695).

All other car rental companies are similar and range from $542 to $589 for a week’s rental.

Once again, Enterprise is the way to go. Enterprise Plus offers a loyalty program for travelers among the top three car rental companies because:

When Is The Best Time To Rent A Car?

Avis Preferred gives the company some competition thanks to the minimum profitability of the rentals. However, Avis’ very short expiration period can make it difficult for travelers to accumulate points over time.

Travelers earn one Enterprise Plus point for every dollar spent on car rentals, before taxes, fees, fuel and surcharges. Free rental days start at 600 points.

This means you can earn a free rental day after spending $600 in base rental fees. Enterprise Plus points only expire if a member is inactive for more than 36 months (three years).

Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

Avis Preferred members earn 1 point per dollar spent on rentals and 2 points per dollar spent on accessories, earning at least 100 points per rental. Reward days start at 700 points, meaning you’ll earn one free rental day for at least seven rentals.

Ways To Save Money On Your Next Rental Car

Although Avis Preferred does not have a blackout date, award days are tiered based on the standard rental base rate. A 700 point redemption will only get you a free rental worth up to $50 base rate.

The downside is that Avis Preferred points expire at least every 12 months if you have no qualifying activity.

Gold is the base tier of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program. Like Avis and Enterprise, Hertz members earn 1 Hertz Gold Plus reward point per dollar spent.

However, Hertz has reduced the value of its Gold Plus Rewards programs twice in the past three years, usually with little or no warning.

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At the time of writing, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards redemptions start at 950 points for a 1-day Standard Rewards redemption or 1,900 points for a 1-day AnyDay Rewards redemption. Collection rates are higher than those charged by Avis or Enterprise.

The company accepts this competition unanimously. Enterprise offers the largest fleet, lowest prices and the best car loyalty program overall.

That said, Enterprise doesn’t offer locations in as many countries as Avis, Budget and Hertz. If you’re traveling outside of the 100 countries served by Enterprise, Avis and Budget are more likely to meet your car rental needs.

Which Is The Best Car Rental Company In Usa

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