Which Is Largest Continent In The World

Which Is Largest Continent In The World – 7 continents of the earth: our planet is basically divided into two categories of land and water, 71% of the total area of ​​the earth is made up of water in the form of ocean and the remaining 29% is made up of land mass. It is known as continent. In this world you will find 7 continents and 5 oceans. The 7 continents of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and Antarctica. The topic of 7 continents of the world is a very important topic for general knowledge. So here we will cover all of them with 7 continents of the world, area, population, facts. About different continents and beyond. Read the entire article to learn interesting facts about the seven continents.

Here is a list of the 7 continents in order: Asia is the world’s largest continent with about 59% of the world’s total population. But Antarctica is a continent that has an area of ​​approximately 1,372,000 square kilometers. Let’s look at each region, population, population share. And the number of the following countries in 7 continents:

Which Is Largest Continent In The World

Which Is Largest Continent In The World

A large piece of land on Earth is called a continent. which may or may not be separated by an ocean more precisely, or from a geographical point of view. They were the stones that marked them on this continent. These continents are divided into several countries or islands. The seven continents on our planet are Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. These seven continents differ in size and population.

High Resolution World Map

It is the largest continent in the world and covers one third of the total land area of ​​the earth, which is 30% of the total land area of ​​the earth. Located in the Eastern Hemisphere, there are 48 UN-recognized countries and other autonomous regions and territories that can be seen on the map. The total population of this continent is approximately 4,641,054,775 people, which includes the two most populous countries in the world, China and India. This city is the birthplace of many religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.

Africa covers about 20% of the total land area of ​​the earth. The second most populous continent in the world with 1,340,598,147 people, Africa has 54 countries and is the source of the Nile River, which is the longest river in the world. The Sahara desert, the world’s largest desert, is also located in Africa. Because the equator is across central Africa. Therefore, it receives direct sunlight throughout the year. Ethiopia is the hottest region in the world. Located in Africa

Europe is a continent consisting of 44 countries with a population of approximately 74,763,6026 people. Europe has no deserts. making it the only continent without a desert Europe was at the center of both world wars. Europe hosts the Vatican, the smallest country in the world. Euro is the only currency used by most European countries. Germany is the most populous country in Europe. London and Paris are the most populated cities.

It is the only continent with any type of climate: tropical, desert, continental, temperate and polar in North America. There are five time zones in total. North America has an estimated population of 592,072,212 and consists of 23 countries, the United States of America being the world’s largest economy. Located in North America, Lake Superior is one of the Great Lakes and is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It is located on the border between the United States and Canada.

What Is A Continent

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world in terms of size and is part of South America. Anaconda, which is one of the largest snakes in the world, was also found in this continent. South America has two of the highest volcanoes in the world, Mount Cotopaxi and Mount Chimborazo. The population of this continent is 4,307,59,766 people. Brazil is a country in South America. It is the largest producer of coffee in the world.

This continent is known as the “island continent”, Australia is also the smallest continent in the world. Unlike Asia, it means a drop in the tank. There are only three countries on the Australian continent: Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. It has only 43111704 people! Because it is located south of the equator, it is called “the land of the south”.

In summer, Antarctica covers approximately 14.2 million square kilometers. This is due to the large amount of sea ice that forms around its edges in winter. So it’s almost twice as big. Antarctica is the driest, windiest and emptiest continent. And the coldest in the world, making it unsuitable for human life, so it is the only continent that does not have an indigenous population. Nearly 75% of the world’s natural glaciers are located in Antarctica. The thickness of the ice is expected to reach 4 km.

Which Is Largest Continent In The World

The 7 continents are listed in descending order of distance: Asia > Africa > North America > South America > Antarctica > Europe > Australia.

What’s The World’s Largest Continent? Largest Continent

Answer: Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of area and population and has an area of ​​4,461,400 square kilometers.

Answer: Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Its area is 7,686,884 square kilometers.

Answer: Equator passes through 3 continents namely South America, Africa and Asia, it includes about 13 countries in the three continents.

Answer: Australia is also known as Oceania. Oceania is a geographical region that includes Australia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Mylena.

Learn Continents Of The Earth In 4 Minutes

Answer: The 7 continents of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and Antarctica. A quote from “Melusi Ndlalambi Mzilankata” continues: “I remember reading and watching some videos about how people who drew maps during the colonial era made Africa look smaller than any other field. Somewhere which is the biggest…”

This post contains maps of Africa, Europe, Asia and Pacific. A straight red line runs from west to east at a slight angle. Across Africa and Asia The length of the line across Africa is 7200 km and the length of the line across Asia is 6400 km.

At the end of the speech, the quote claimed that showing Africa on a smaller map than other continents was “a psychological way of programming Africans to think that Europeans, Americans and Asians are superior.”

Which Is Largest Continent In The World

Popular world maps have been criticized for shrinking Africa while exaggerating the size of other continents. In a CNN article, “Public World Map” called it “very misleading”.

Asia: The Countries And Regions Of The Largest Continent

Is Africa really the largest continent? And did the people who drew the colonial maps intentionally make Africa look smaller? we investigated

Africa covers approximately 30,221,532 square kilometers (sq km) and accounts for 12.7% of the Earth’s land area. The horizontal width is 7009 km, which is measured from Dakar. Senegal to Mogadishu, Somalia

But Asia is bigger, its area is 4,382,000 square kilometers and it makes up 29.5% of the land area of ​​the earth. From Ankara, Türkiye to Tokyo, Japan, the distance is 8876 km

The Mercator Plan is a two-dimensional map of the world commonly used by Gerardus Mercator in 1569 to help navigators navigate the world. He is from Flanders. It is now part of Belgium.

Continents & Oceans Printable Map And Cards Pack World

Africa was mainly colonized by European powers in the late 19th century, although European countries had been involved with African society for centuries. And the Atlantic slave trade began in the 16th century.

This distortion occurs when it expands the Earth in a two-dimensional image. Mercator’s projection has been criticized for exaggerating the size of countries near the poles. For example, while countries near the equator are shrinking, Greenland is about the same size. with Africa despite the fact that Africa is 14 times larger

Critics have argued that this misleading depiction of Africa’s size has political implications that affect our understanding of the continent, but Mercator did this to preserve the shape of the country at the expense of showing its size.

Which Is Largest Continent In The World

Other maps, such as Peter’s plan, distort the shape of countries but show the size correctly. Africa looms large in Peters’ projections.

Why Do Western Maps Shrink Africa?

Africa is not the largest continent in the world, however, popular world maps such as the Mercator plan show the continent as smaller compared to the rest of the world. The world from what it really is

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The Largest Countries In North America

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Which Is Largest Continent In The World

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