Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa – Global Wireless Solutions has completed annual “customer experience” tests in nearly 500 markets representing 92% of the US population.

After collecting and analyzing millions of 4G and 5G data points across the United States over the past five months, the following report presents the results of our annual nationwide wireless network testing. . An annual testing program unmatched in the industry for the sheer distance and volume of controlled data collected and analyzed. The results of our assessment (based on scientific and engineering testing methods that we have conducted and refined for more than 25 years) show that AT&T received the Best Network OneScoreā„¢ in 2021.

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

How it’s calculated: The GWS Best Network OneScore takes voice, data, video, coverage and reliability metrics and combines them into a single score that highlights the performance of each network. The test included responses from 498 markets in all 50 states, 92% of which were American. Additionally, the weight of each metric is calculated based on feedback from users across the United States; Insights into the most important aspects of the network’s success in America. By combining engineering-based test results with consumer research, GWS tested all major US. Considered the industry’s most comprehensive assessment highlighting network performance.

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498 markets were tested, including all US metropolitan areas and many other cities and towns representing 92% of the US population.

The collection and evaluation of GWS data was done using specialized network testing tools, Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, GWS’s Mobistat data reporting platform and big data analysis.

Downloads – Verizon is faster for small download tasks like downloading app-related content or loading web pages, while AT&T is faster for larger download tasks like downloading photos and videos .

Transfers – Verizon has fast transfers for small and large tasks like social media posts, videos and photos.

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AT&T has the best overall video experience in terms of highest video quality and least delays, and is tied with Verizon for the fastest upload times.

AT&T has the highest volume (ie, effective call initiation), best tone retention (ie, fewest calls) and best voice quality, while Verizon has the lowest call setup time.

AT&T and T-Mobile have both increased service coverage since the previous national test in 2021. However, Verizon still had the most coverage in the areas tested.

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

Because GWS’s annual nationwide program relies on scientific testing, engineering analysis and big data analysis, we can reach deeper into the network. Of course, as we have noted in our annual reports in recent years, all networks throughout the country are improving – availability, reliability, speed, quality of service, etc. Operators are investing heavily in new technology, improving their networks and introducing new features. Today, 5G and what carriers are doing with this game-changing wireless technology is on everyone’s mind.

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2021 will be the first full year for operators to focus on 5G deployment and deployment. As a result of our ability to focus on specific “scope” networks, we can see the following about the success of 5G and the current state of operators in their permanent deployment and infrastructure changes. .

If 5G coverage among operators increases, the use of DSS (channel sharing between 5G and LTE) will also increase. We found that Verizon implemented DSS in half of its markets (229 out of 498 markets). And in those markets, DSS was used in 23% of Verizon 5G work by network testers. AT&T DSS is being tested in 22 markets (and used in 5% of 5G deployments in those markets alone).

Currently, most operators are focused on deploying 5G in their existing infrastructure; Changing or sharing network resources, systems and processes (known as 5G non-standalone – NSA). This approach is due to the huge investment and resources needed to build across the country and bring to life this new generation of wireless technology. However, to take full advantage of the speed, capacity and reliability that 5G can provide, operators need to migrate their networks to 5G separately. For this purpose, it should be noted that T-Mobile is the only operator that has started this long migration (especially in the low to medium bands – 600MHz and 2500MHz). In fact, the T-Mobile 5GSA showed up in 3% of our tests across the US. In other words, T-Mobile 5G is 35% active across the US; And of that percentage, 5GSA appeared 10% of the time.

Verizon owns the largest percentage of deployed mmWave spectrum nationwide, with 2% of the work done and less than half a percent remaining. Although operators are in the early stages of commercial deployment of 5G small cells, their success in their operations is remarkable. Verizon’s mmWave space has groups of up to 8 channels and can sometimes produce more than 2.5 Gbps.

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In addition to measuring actual network performance, GWS’s OneScore looks at what users want from their wireless network in terms of data speed, coverage, video performance, sound quality and network reliability. GWS specifically conducts third-party surveys of 5,000 consumers nationwide each year.

As a result, by combining engineering-level testing with current national survey results, GWS’s OneScore creates the most balanced picture of the mobile experience today’s consumers really need. Additionally, combining these controlled scientific tests (conducted on test equipment in all markets across the U.S.) with detailed national consumer research results resulted in a comprehensive and authentic assessment. there is about the success of the network in the industry.

Network performance is often tested by looking at things like bandwidth or signal quality. It provides a good high-level overview of the status of the wireless network. But what does this mean for consumers using these networks? Can they make good calls or do they only care about high speed? Understanding user expectations and behaviors when using their mobile devices is critical to understanding whether the network is delivering measurable benefits.

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

In general, our user survey consists of questions that ask respondents to rate the importance of various tasks they perform on their mobile devices, as well as the importance of aspects variety of network operations. The national network test results show how customers prioritize what’s important to them and evaluate eleven areas of network performance related to voice, data, reliability and network and network coverage.

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GWS’s team of network testing experts has traveled nearly a million miles across the United States to scientifically test network performance. Network experts drive routes to specific geographic areas based on heavy-duty algorithms that reflect population demographics, targeting areas with high mobile device usage. This means GWS is tested in urban and rural areas, on major roads and minor roads – where customers live, work and play.

The collection and evaluation of GWS data was carried out between March and July 2021 using specialized testing equipment, Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, GWS’s Mobistat reporting system and big data analysis. The resulting configuration enables the collection of large network and device information, from radio waves to packets and network engineering data (including Layers 1, 2 and 3; ethereal IP and IMS signaling).

Our test platform also allows us to perform detailed voice quality evaluation and call testing using standard algorithms such as target listening quality analysis; All of these help determine the quality and performance of the network’s voice.

Using this platform, GWS network professionals were able to run tests from multiple networks simultaneously and collect millions of measurements (which eliminates time and space variables; something that cannot be done with other types of network testing, such as collecting data from multiple sources). We’ve tested mobile networks of all shapes and sizes around the world; Also, we have spent millions of dollars and resources developing our collection and evaluation process. It’s a process that removes the random and unusual data found in other types of online testing, and it’s a process that emphasizes reliability and a “real-world” user experience.

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All survey figures for 2021 are from surveys conducted by GWS and conducted by Toluna. The total sample size is 5000 adults. The survey was conducted online in June 2021. Figures are weighted and represent Americans (ages 18 and older).

The following are selected key points from customer survey results on mobile usage and network expectations. As previously mentioned, the results of the annual user survey of GWS are taken and used to determine the value when analyzing the results of network tests to determine the best network OneScore.

For the fourth year in a row, consumers ranked making and receiving phone calls as the most important task on their phones.

Which Is The Best Mobile Network In Usa

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