Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells – On a cold snowy day or a hot summer day, staying at one of the best overwater hotels in Wisconsin Dells is a great vacation.

Being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we visit Wisconsin Dells several times a year and book at this hotel on the water. Our favorite!

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is best known as the water park capital of the world, and for good reason. There are many hotels throughout the city, and while they don’t have indoor and outdoor water parks at the hotels, they are minutes from public water parks.

Outdoor Water Park

Although Wisconsin has a continental climate (meaning cold, snowy winters), the Wisconsin Dells can be visited year-round since many hotels have indoor water parks. And there’s something fun and cozy about being indoors, heating up garden water while snowstorms and cold winds blow outside.

If you’re planning a trip to Wisconsin Dells, you’ll find our article to help you choose where to stay. We’ve rounded up the best beachfront hotels in Wisconsin Dells so you can make the most of your next vacation.

The indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge has 75,000 square feet of family fun. Some of the attractions of the indoor water park include two 200-foot waterfalls, a giant 1000-gallon water bucket, a three-foot wave pool, and the Howlin’ Tornado, a six-story roller coaster. There is also a roller coaster, a water basketball court, a wading pool for toddlers, and a lazy river for those who like to float and relax.

Outside, the outdoor water park is just as fun, including a 6,000-square-foot pool, two 400-foot waterfalls, a treehouse with buckets, and rooms with private, flat-screen TVs. Or sit tight shooting rings on the water basketball court.

Best Indoor Water Park Resorts In The U.s. (2023)

The hotel has more than 430 rooms and suites, all decorated to simulate the atmosphere of a forest house with wood and round logs. Some are for children, which will make your child more interested. There are special facilities if you want high quality entertainment. Other attractions include the Make-a-Bear Workshop, the Northern Lights Auditorium, and a live Magic Discovery.

The popular Kalahari Resort is the largest water park in the state, covering over 125,000 square meters. There are four indoor baths, a large wave pool, and a children’s pool. There are also other special attractions such as a lazy river, two giant slides and roller coasters, as well as family boat rides.

Now, the outdoor water park is as attractive as the indoor one. It offers two tube slides, a body slide, a racing slide, a family boat ride and a lazy river. There are several activity pools and a three-story structure. If you need a break, relax in one of the hot tubs or private outdoor cabanas with TV.

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

With more than 750 rooms, Kalahari is the second largest resort in the state. In addition to its popular water parks, the resort has a 230,000 square foot facility that includes lounges, a patio and a gym. There is also a game room, a theater, and an Egyptian-style escape room.

Top 10 Best Waterpark Hotels In Wisconsin Dells Summer 2023

Chula Vista Resort is a collection (outdoor and indoor) of 200,000 square meters of wild water. Inside, this place is famous for the fastest water in the world (Flyin’ Mayan). There are also tube slides, roller coasters, splash buckets and a working river (great if you want to get rid of lazy cars).

The outdoor water park is just as fun, with free-fall slides, glass slides, dumping buckets and a large pool. And don’t miss the best part: the eight-story waterfall for anyone who likes an adrenaline rush. There are pools for the little ones and more relaxing hot tubs and hot springs if you want to take some time to recover.

The hotel offers more than 600 rooms, condominiums, private houses or guest houses. While it’s hard not to enjoy a water park like this, the hotel also has a zip-line park, a gym, a 4D movie theater, and water rides. 200 feet up to 60 mph in less than two seconds. One of the best pizza places in Wisconsin Dells is at the Chula Visa Resort.

Mount Olympus’ indoor pool is 120,000 square feet. It includes a speed slide, several tube slides and a pirate ship play area, as well as a small slide. There are also hot air vents and a hot tub, which provides a more relaxing experience than the adrenaline-inducing rides in other parts of the water park.

Family Planning Guide: Tips & Photos For Kalahari Wisconsin Dells

An outdoor water park is just as fun as an indoor park. There are roller coasters, roller coasters, park slides for groups, lazy river, rapids and a water tower for all ages with bucket lifts, slides and reels. The best part is undoubtedly the wave pool, called Poseidon’s Rage, where nine-foot waves crash.

Mount Olympus has more than 1,600 rooms, including not only the main hotel but also suites. There are also suites in the water park so you can retreat to your own private cabin. In addition to the water parks, the hotel has an indoor and outdoor theme park with roller coasters, go-kart tracks, rock climbing, roller coasters and mini-golf.

The Natura Treescape Hotel is different from the others on this list, but it is one of the best hotels in Wisconsin Dells. The hotel is built around a natural lagoon, with 100% chemical-free water and natural filters. Inside, there are two pools and a hot tub.

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

Outside, the lagoon has a 12-foot waterfall, a cave, and a lazy river. To give you the feeling of stumbling into an oasis hidden in the middle of nature, there is also a small sandy beach with large flat stones to jump into the water.

Midwest Hotels With Indoor Water Parks For Families (by State)

The hotel offers a wide variety of accommodation among more than 78 spaces for rent. There are cottages, guest houses, special rooms with original beds (ideal for families with children) and even independent houses. If you travel to the camp, there is a camp full of water, garbage, and electricity. The best part of your stay at Natura Treescape Hotel is the free entrance to the Timbavati Wildlife Sanctuary, a zoo with many exotic animals.

Atlantis Hotel & Family Waterpark is a great place for families with small children. Inside there are two small water parks, Aquakingdom and Coral Reef.

Aquakindgom itself covers 16,000 square feet and has two waterfalls, a water basketball court, and a hot tub. There is also a restaurant and bar near the pool. The rocks have a five-foot-deep pool with a small slide and a clam shell.

The outdoor water park, Volcano Island, has a waterfall, swimming pool and jacuzzi. And don’t miss the body slide, where you can slide on your stomach first. There are also benches where parents can watch their older children or, if they want to stay close, there is a small children’s pool.

Explore The Waterpark Capital: Wisconsin Dells

The hotel offers rooms with children’s rooms (with cots), bathrooms with Jacuzzi baths next to the beds, and full rooms. There are also special rooms, such as the Roman Palace Suite with its columns and faux marble, and the Tropical Volcano Suite. All room rates include free tickets to Noah’s Ark Water Park and Tom Foolery Adventure Park.

The water park inside the Clarion Hotel has interesting features. Inside, you’ll find Blizzard Bay, a children’s pool that looks like an ice house, with steps into a shallow pool, a waterfall, and a standing canopy for frequent splashing. There is also a separate pool suitable for all ages.

The outdoor water park includes the large Polar Island, which has seven pools. There is also a 100-foot waterfall called Frostbite Falls and another hot tub near the park. There are chairs scattered around, as well as tables and umbrellas, at both ends of the reservoir.

Which Is The Best Waterpark In Wisconsin Dells

The hotel has comfortable bedrooms on the ground floor, each with amenities such as TV, free Wi-Fi and tea/coffee making facilities. Room rates at the Clarion also include free admission to the nearby Noah’s Ark Water Park. The hotel also has a bar, clinic and restaurant.

Best Outdoor Water Parks Around The U.s. (2023)

These two hotels, Glacier Canyon Lodge and Wilderness Resort, have combined their water park facilities to create the largest water park in the United States. While hotel reservations are separate, hotels are connected by bridges in the sky.

Water supply is limited in the parks, which cover 200,000 square meters between them. Klondike Kavern features a 750-gallon tipping bucket, a 300-foot slide and an indoor/outdoor hot tub. The Wild Waterdome features a clear glass roof for tons of natural light, a large wave pool, family boat rides, and an indoor pool margarita bar for Mom and Dad.

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