Which Is The Largest Island In Africa

Which Is The Largest Island In Africa – There are many islands in the world, many of which are unknown. There are also many different islands. Of course, islands come in all shapes and sizes. There are small islands that have no name. There are some big islands, where you can fit in some countries. In fact, some of the larger islands are two or more continents. Here are the 10 largest islands in the world.

Greenland is the largest island in the world. The territory of Greenland is 2.16 million square kilometers, although this number also includes several small islands outside. The island is located in the extreme north, on the eastern side of Baffin Bay, in the northern part of Canada. Greenland borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Most of the island is covered by a huge ice cap, 1.8 million square meters. km. Greenland is home to about 57,000 people, most of whom are Inuit. The island is under the Danish government, although it has autonomy to manage its internal affairs.

Which Is The Largest Island In Africa

Which Is The Largest Island In Africa

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, measuring 785,753 sq m. km. It is found in the Pacific Ocean, north of Australia and the Coral Sea, west of the Solomon Islands, east of the Banda Sea, and south of the Philippine Sea. The island is located in two continents, Asia and Oceania. The border between Asia and Oceania is considered to be the border between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Papua New Guinea, located on the eastern side of the island, is considered part of Oceania, while the western part of Indonesia is considered part of Asia. A New Guinea dialect. In fact, Papua New Guinea alone is the largest country in the world, with over 700 languages ​​spoken.

Largest Islands In The World

Borneo is a large island in Southeast Asia. Three countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei share the island. Indonesia makes up 73% of Borneo, and Malaysia 24%, in the north of the island, with most of the island’s northern coast facing the South China Sea. The remaining 1% of Borneo is controlled by the small Sultanate of Brunei, also located on the north coast of the island. Borneo has an area of ​​743,330 sq m. km. The indigenous people of the island are called Dayaks. They are divided into 50 nations and 140 different languages ​​and dialects.

Madagascar, which is the name of the country, is an island in East Africa in the Indian Ocean. Its western coast is bordered by the Mozambique Channel, which is the main continent of Africa. Madagascar has a land area of ​​587,713 sq km, it is the largest island in Africa and the largest island in the Indian Ocean. The population of the island is 28 million. Madagascar is home to 0.5% of the world’s known flora and fauna.

Baffin Island is located in northern Canada. It is part of the Canadian territory of Nunavut, whose capital is Iqaluit, located in the southern part of the island. Iqaluit is home to half of Baffin Island’s population of 11,000. The area of ​​Baffin Island is 507,451 sq m. km, making it the largest island in Canada. The island is home to snowy owls, narwhals, polar bears and beluga whales. Baffin Island has amazing views of the Northern Lights.

Sumatra is the westernmost of Indonesia’s main islands. To the north is the Andaman Sea, to the south and west is the Indian Ocean. To the east of the northern tip of Sumatra is the Strait of Malacca, facing Malaysia. To the east is the island of Borneo, and the Java Sea. Southeast Sumatra lies in the narrow Sunda Strait, facing the island of Java. The area of ​​Sumatra is 443,066 sq m. km. About 40 million people live on the island, which is also home to a lot of wildlife, including monkeys, Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants.

Is Mauritius In Asia Or Africa?

Honshu is the largest island in the mainland and the country known as Japan. With an area of ​​225,800 sq km and a population of 103 million, it is home to the majority of Japan’s population. Tokyo, the largest city in the world and the capital of Japan, is located on the southern tip of Honshu. Also, Japan’s highest mountains, including Mt. Fuji is located in Honshu, which also has the country’s largest lake, Lake Biwa.

Victoria Island is another island in northern Canada. The island is divided into the Canadian provinces of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Mainland Nunavut is south of Victoria Island. The island is larger than 36 of the 50 US states. Its area is 217,291 m2. km. Despite its size, fewer than 2,000 people live on the island. There are more caribou and musk ox on the island than there are people.

Great Britain is the largest island in Europe and, of course, the largest country in the United Kingdom. Its area is 209,331 m2. km. Although it is common for people to refer to Great Britain as England, England is one of the three island countries. Scotland and Wales are the two. According to the population of about 67 million people, about 64 million people in the UK live on the island of Great Britain. On the west coast of Great Britain is the Irish Sea, opposite the island of Ireland. The North Sea is to the east. An underwater tunnel, called the Channel Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, connects Great Britain and France, passing through the English Channel in the south.

Which Is The Largest Island In Africa

A map showing the location of Ellesmere Island in the Arctic Ocean north of Nunavut, Canada.

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Ellesmere Island is Canada’s northernmost island. Its area is 183,965 m2. km. Like Victoria Island, Ellesmere Island is located within the Arctic Circle. There are only 146 people living on the island. Most of the island is a mountain range called the Arctic Cordillera. This feature makes Ellesmere Island the most mountainous of all of Canada’s Arctic islands. Mauritius is part of the African continent and is located in the Indian Ocean. The island is located at the bridge of the African continent and the Asian continent and is a mix of different languages, religions and cultures. Although Mauritius is a part of Africa, it is not small with other African countries in terms of economy, land and population. The Republic of Mauritius is located about 1,200 miles off the east coast of Africa. The country is part of the East African continent which consists of 20 countries. Mauritius is a small island in Africa along with Comoros and Seychelles. The country is a member of the African Union and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Mauritius has an area of ​​790 square miles, making it the 27th smallest country in the world. The Republic has several islands including the main island of Mauritius. Located 350 miles east of the main island of Mauritius is the nation’s second largest island, Rodrigues, with an area of ​​42 square miles. The other islands that make up the republic are the Agalega Islands with an area of ​​10 square miles and about 620 miles north of Mauritius, 270 miles northeast of Saint Brandon, where island becoming a fishing base. The island of Mauritius has an area of ​​720 square miles and is 40 miles long and about 30 miles wide. 100 miles of sandy beaches surround the main island, which has 49 islands and islets.

As of December 2016, the Republic of Mauritius has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. The population is ethnically diverse, including Indians, Chinese, Africans, and Europeans, among others. The 2011 census made Hinduism the largest religion with 51.9% of the population following it. Christianity is in second place with 31.4%. About 15.3% of the population is Muslim, while Buddhists and non-religious people make up 0.4% and 0.7%, respectively. Education is free in Mauritius, accounting for 89.8% of adult literacy in 2011. In 2014, life expectancy in Mauritius was 75.17 years.

Some cultures have come together in Mauritius. Country music is Bhojpuri and Seggae, Sega is the most popular. Popular sports in Mauritius are football, horse racing, cycling, karate, judo, taekwondo and track and field. The Mauritian men followed the Premier League in England with famous clubs Manchester United and Liverpool FC. Most of the island’s cuisine is diverse, with spices making up a large part of the cuisine, which has Chinese, Indian, Creole and European influences. The nation has 15 annual holidays including Christmas, Labor Day, Independence Day, and Independence Day.

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