Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu – Oahu has miles of white sand beaches, warm oceans, luxury resorts and beauty at every turn, Oahu alone attracts millions of visitors every year. However, Oahu’s beauty is not its only attraction. Many visitors are drawn by the island’s welcoming culture and rich history.

Wanting to learn more, visitors flock to luaus for a dose of Polynesian culture. As a result, the Luas has become one of the most popular activities on the island. A quick online search for Oahu luaus will yield hundreds of results. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve combed through the Loos on Oahu to determine the top five.

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

Located in downtown Honolulu’s Aloha Tower Marketplace, Ka Moana sits right on Honolulu Harbor and offers spectacular views of south Oahu. From start to finish, Ka Moana embodies the spirit of Aloha. Guests at Ka Moana will have the opportunity to learn about Polynesian culture with hula lessons, lei making, ukulele lessons, coconut weaving and more. During the fun and games, you will get to know the artists themselves.

How To Choose The Best Hawaiian Luau On Oahu

The show begins at the Ka Moana Luau and ends with a spectacular fireworks display. Throughout the celebration, Ka Moana focuses on the Polynesian love of the sea and takes guests on a journey across the Pacific with song, dance and food. Ka Moana’s feast features Hawaiian favorites such as fresh fish, poi, huli huli chicken, sweet rolls and pork cooked in a traditional Hawaiian emu, with an opening ceremony.

Ka Moana offers a variety of packages including complimentary drinks, welcome lei and more.

● Book at least 2-3 months in advance! This lua sold quickly. Ka Moana Luau is open Sunday-Friday.

● Don’t leave the kids at home: This is great for lua keiki. Ukulele lessons, lei making, hula lessons and an exciting fire show are sure to keep them entertained.

Ohana Means Family At Toa Luau

Germaine’s has been sharing the spirit of Polynesia with guests since 1976 and is known as a true Hawaiian backyard luau. Awarded “America’s Best Lauau” in America’s Top 100, Germaine’s takes guests on a musical odyssey to Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. This luau was founded in the 70’s by the Stephenson family, who were known for their hospitality and often hosted Hawaiian luaus. Although Germaine has evolved over the years, all guests are immediately welcomed into the family and welcomed with a lei upon arrival.

Germaine’s is located in a perfect beach house near Barber Point and Ko Olina in Southwest Oahu. Here, guests will experience an evening of culture under the twinkling stars and swaying palms, complete with great entertainment and an interactive guest experience. Highlights of Germaine’s Luau include the opening ceremony of the Kalua Pig Emu and the Samoan Fire Dance.

Germaine’s offers guests hotel transfers for an additional cost, as well as a variety of packages to choose from including beverage options, photo packages and premium accommodations. Of course, the tropical cocktails are always flowing and the Polynesian/American feast will give you a taste of the island’s flavors.

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

● Choose from Plumeria or Classic packages. The Plumeria package offers premium seating, three drink tickets, kukui nut lei and more.

Toa Luau: North Shore Oahu Luau Review

The Waikiki Starlight Luau is located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, near the white sand dunes of Hilton Lake. Guests are greeted with a lei, a welcome drink and the warmest of aloha Famous for some of Hawaii’s best luau cuisine, the evening begins before dinner with board games, hula lessons and live music. Starlight Waikiki prides itself on the quality of its cuisine and the use of fresh local ingredients. The menu includes Huli Huli chicken, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian fried rice and traditional Kalua pork cooked in emu.

After the party, the spectacular show, the journey on the South Sea begins. Performers will share traditions and dances from Samoa, Tahiti and Hawaii. The night ended with a dramatic acrobatic knife dance performance. Waikiki Starlight offers a selection of accommodation packages, including two complimentary drinks of your choice.

The ‘Ahaina Luau is held at one of Hawaii’s most iconic hotels, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, otherwise known as the “Pink Palace.” ‘Ahaina pays homage to the way Hawaii and Waikiki used to be. Before the popularity of luaus, there was only the ‘aha’ina – a party rich in food, dance and song.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel sits on sacred grounds known as Helumoa. This area was once the playground of Hawaiian royalty. ‘Ahaina Luau, Helumoa and Hawaiian culture are honored in a three-act show highlighting island culture, food, traditions, hula and mele. ‘Ahina also shares interactive cultural activities with visitors, such as bowl making, pot beating and storytelling.

Best Luaus In Hawaii In 2020

Ahaina celebrations include traditional Hawaiian food. Starters include ahi poke, lomi lomi salmon, poi and other local dishes. Main courses include emu kalua pork, steamed fish, chicken lau lau, as well as vegetarian options.

● ‘Ahaina is located on the beach outside the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, with beautiful views of the sunset and Diamond Head.

Toa Luau serves as the North Shore’s only luau, set in the lush forest of Waimea Valley. Toa Luau guests get same-day admission to Waimea Valley Park, filled with gardens, hiking trails and waterfalls. Far from the skyscrapers of Waikiki, Toa Luau offers a truly one-of-a-kind island experience. In addition to the environment, intimate cultural activities, kava ceremonies, emu taming, and large local-style feasts will transport guests back to old Hawaii.

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

The show tells stories from islands across Polynesia, from Tonga to Samoa, New Zealand to Tahiti and of course Hawaii. The feast includes island favorites mac salad, kalua pork, shoyu chicken, haupia and other local greens. Be sure to stay until the end, as the celebration ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

The 13 Best Places To Hear Hawaiian Music On Oahu

● Dates vary by season: September – May: Monday, Wednesday and Friday June – August: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

● This luau includes free same-day admission to Waimea Valley Park. Be sure to come early to explore the park! This site contains affiliate links As an Amazon Associate and participant in other programs, I may receive a small commission on eligible purchases.

If you’re visiting the Hawaiian Islands for the first time and looking for something to do, an Oahu luau should be at the top of your bucket list!

Hawaii is one of my favorite places to visit in the US and one of the best experiences if you visit Oahu is going to a luau!

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You will immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture and have a multi-sensory experience with them: hands on pre-lua activities, a buffet feast and stop-motion performances by Oahu’s best dancers and musicians.

A luau is a great family activity that is also kid-friendly. There are many Hawaiian luaus on Oahu, but each offers a slightly different experience. The list below details what you can expect from each luau to help you decide which one to book for your vacation.

Most loos offer a discount if you buy tickets at least 10 days before the event, so you can save some money by planning ahead.

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

Oahu has many Hawaiian luaus to choose from, depending on location, price and atmosphere. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect at each of these Hawaiian luaus.

The 21 Best Tours On Oahu, Hawaii

The luau is hosted by Chief Cili Avia, a world champion fire dancer and is considered the most successful Polynesian festival in the South Pacific.

If you buy a ticket to the Luau, you also get a discount at Wet n’ Wild Park that can be used on another day.

At Paradise Cove you can learn about Hawaiian arts and crafts, try your hand at Hawaiian games and be part of an ancient fishing tradition (Hukilau).

There is a children’s menu and it includes mac and cheese, pasta and meat, fruit, chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce.

Oahu Luaus And Dinner Shows

The idea is that you are attending a family party and the main event is food and entertainment.

You can watch the roast pig being pulled out of the emu and watch the sunset and the beautiful light on the earth.

The Waikiki Starlight Luau is held on the roof of the Hilton Hotel Convention Center on Waikiki Beach.

Which Luau Is The Best In Oahu

This luau venue is perfect for those who live in Waikiki Beach and don’t want to drive 30-45 minutes to another location.

Ka Moana Lu’au

Entertainment includes a shell flipping competition, a group hula lesson, a fashion show and a fire knife dance.

The only Hawaiian luau on Oahu is on the beach at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, a historic Waikiki institution.

This luau is the most expensive of Oahu’s luaus, but the location is amazing! This is a good option if you don’t plan on renting a car, want to spend a romantic night without the kids, or drive somewhere else.

Organize a homestyle luau

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