Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia – After we published an updated list of the best unlimited prepaid plans in Malaysia, we received requests for a similar list for postpaid. If you’re looking for a postpaid plan with lots of data at a low price, we’ve got you covered. Here is the latest list of the best “unlimited” postpaid plans in Malaysia.

As usual, we’d like to highlight that most “unlimited” plans in Malaysia have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Although advertised as “unlimited,” most plans on the market have an invisible cap that limits what you can do at full speed. Once you reach the hard FUP limit, you will still be able to connect to the Internet but your speed will be throttled to 512kbps or less. To help you make the right decision, we reveal the hidden FUP in our FAQ and consider the terms and conditions.

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

We start with a list of unlimited Digi Postpaid plans offered as a limited time offer. Digi Postpaid Infinite 55 and Infinite 75 are available. Both offer “unlimited” internet and calls to all networks, and you also get 10GB of hotspot data.

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The difference is that Unlimited 55 at RM55 per month has a speed limit of 6Mbps. Unlimited 75 has two speeds of 12Mbps at RM75 per month. If you sign up for a 12-month contract, Digi lets you enjoy one of the extras available for free. You can choose to enjoy additional high-speed data (10GB for Unlimited 55, 20GB for Unlimited 75), unlimited high-speed data for social apps, streaming apps or gaming apps.

Of course, these plans have FUP and both are set at 600GB per month, which is pretty generous. This is double the price of Digi Prepaid Next 40 with 300GB FUP.

If you want an unlimited plan without speed cap and unlimited hotspot, you can go for the more expensive Digi Postpaid 150 with Unlimited Internet & Free Hotspot add-on. The FUP for this plan is 999GB per month. But do you want to spend a lot on postpaid tax? I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s the only option with “unlimited” hotspot from Mirror.

Next on the list is Celcom and they have launched XPpax Postpaid Unlimited 75. For RM75/month you get unlimited internet at 10Mbps and unlimited calls to all networks. Also includes 10GB data hotspot. If you sign up for a 12-month contract, you can enjoy this plan at RM65 per month, which is RM10 cheaper.

Celcom Unlimited Plan But Not Unlimited Data

If Digi’s 600GB FUP isn’t enough, this Xpax Postpaid Unlimited 75 comes with 1000GB FUP. Yes, that’s one terabyte you can use on your phone.

If you need more speed and hotspot sharing, there’s the Celcom Mega Lighting 98. For RM98/month, you get 15Mbps unlimited data and unlimited calls to all networks. For hotspot, you have 15 GB quota per month.

Interestingly, there is no specific section in FUP. In the T&C, “Celcom may, in its sole discretion, manage your allocated bandwidth, including slowing down, suspending, or terminating your mobile Internet service bandwidth, without prior notice to you in accordance with Celcom’s Fair Use Policy.”

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

Long story short, it’s still unlimited, but Celcom has the right to throttle your speed if they think you’re using the network.

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Now we come with YTL Communications Am 5G with their postpaid unlimited plans. At the time of launch, these plans were said to be the most affordable and unlimited 5G + 4G plans in the world. On top of that, they say yes to setting a new standard for FUP-Free Unlimited!

Recently, they have upgraded their hotspot share for postpaid and this is what they are offering now. The Basic Unlimited plan is priced at RM58 per month and comes with unlimited 5G and 4G speeds. It comes with unlimited calls and you also get 20GB hotspot quota. If you need more hotspot space, you can upgrade to a higher plan. Standard Unlimited comes with 50GB hotspot at RM88/month.

For those who shop a lot on Shopee, you can buy hotspot data for free with the current Yes Databack promotion.

For every RM50 you spend on Shopee, you can get 5GB data for the next month. Copy the voucher code from the Shopee app and paste it into the app.

Best Postpaid Plans Malaysia 2023 (unlimited Call & Data)

Apart from the usual leading telcos, RedOne also has its own “Unlimited” plan but it is described as a hybrid plan.

The RedOne Hybrid50 postpaid plan costs RM50 per month and comes with 20GB high-speed 4G data and 6Mbps unlimited data. It comes with unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia.

As for their FUP, unlimited data is limited to 100 GB per month, while unlimited voice calls are limited to 100 hours per month. However, note that unlimited data is not available for the Hotspot app. And it is limited to the use of the device only.

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

If you don’t know, RedOne is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (or known as MVNO) and they use Celcom’s network.

Progresif Launched New More Postpaid Plan

If you are looking for a plan with unlimited data, hot buttons and no FUP, then yes unlimited plans are the way to go. Here is the only option with 5G and it is only RM58 per month. The basic unlimited plan also offers unlimited calls and 20GB hotspot quota. As mentioned earlier, you can get a lot of hotspot data for free with Shopee’s databack plan.

The only downside is that 5G coverage is still limited. On the other hand, yes’ 4G network is not particularly good at home compared to more established telcos.

If you don’t need 5G, Digi Infinite Postpaid 55 is something you should consider. For RM55/month, you get “unlimited” data at 6Mbps, 10GB hotspot, and 600GB FUP, which is pretty generous.

If you want a telco with huge 4G coverage, high speed and very generous FUP, Celcom XPpax Postpaid Unlimited 75 might be your cup of tea. It offers 10Mbps unlimited data, unlimited calls and 10GB hotspot quota. On top of that, the FUP is set at 1000GB, which is definitely more than enough for most people.

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In fact, these postpaid plans don’t seem like you’re paying much when compared to the cheaper “unlimited” prepaid plans we’ve already covered.

Unless you plan to get the device on contract, the “unlimited” prepaid plans are actually cheaper, but the FUP is lower. But if you don’t use more than 50 GB a month, you should consider getting a subscription.

Of course, the most important thing to think about is the environment. There’s no point in having a great value proposition if you can’t take full advantage of it.

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

What do you think of our list? Which “unlimited” plan should you go for? Let us know in the comments below.

Digi Postpaid Plans Now With Bigger Internet Quota & Free Add On Options

Tags: Best Unlimited postpaidCelcomCelcom Mega UnlimitedCelcom Mega Unlimited 98DiGiDigi Infinite 55Digi Infinite 75redONERedOne Hybrid You might want an unlimited plan that doesn’t break the bank and you definitely don’t want artificial speed throttling. That’s why you should consider DG for your family connectivity needs.

Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited plan offers three lines unlimited data with unlimited speed for only RM200 per month. That means you and your family can enjoy the best downloading and streaming experience on the network.

If family members need additional lines, four lines can be added for only RM45 per month.

This plan offers 1GB hotspot data per month to enjoy unlimited high speed data on your mobile device. If you need more, Digi lets you add 5GB of hotspot data for RM5, valid for 30 days. But read on because Digi has a new promotion that will increase your hotspot share and it’s free for life.

Best Mobile Postpaid Plans For Those On A Budget As Of April 2023

For the best home internet experience, there’s no cable broadband that offers faster speeds, higher reliability and lower ping. It allows your family to stream 4K movies and play demanding online games without lag or stutter.

With Digi’s Family Unlimited Bundle, you can add 300Mbps home fiber broadband for only RM100 per month! If you need faster speed, you can pay RM30 extra to get 500Mbps (RM130 per month). Digi Fiber has a 24-month contract and a Wi-Fi 6 router that provides stable and reliable internet for your home.

Not only does this bundle help you save money, but you can also enjoy the convenience of bundling postal and cable bills together.

Which Postpaid Plan Is The Best In Malaysia

Digi has an online calculator to show you how to find the right payment plan for your family

Celcom’s Latest Mega Postpaid Plan Offers Savings For The Whole Family

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