Which Station In Boracay Is The Best

Which Station In Boracay Is The Best – Even if it is not ripe for summer, Boracay has become a place for some. Boracay is known for many good things. From the white sand, crystal clear water, local and international food and the best accommodation – Boracay Island is the perfect destination for a perfect getaway. But many people asked which station is best in Boracay. What is the best station in Boracay for them to stay and enjoy their vacation? Is it station 1, station 2 or station 3? So many are curious about Station 0. So, here are some things to keep in mind which station is best to stay in Boracay.

About the beach, when you are in Boracay, the main attraction here is the beauty of the White Beach. Everything you need is available in front of the beach, your accommodation from three star to 5 star hotels, restaurants, various activities and nightlife. The beach is relatively quiet during the morning and afternoon hours. It is also a good place to swim if you visit Boracay, since there is no current and the water is generally flat, it also gradually gets deeper. If you want to interact with some people, it is recommended to come to the beach in the afternoon as more locals and tourists start to come out and do various water and land activities.

Which Station In Boracay Is The Best

Which Station In Boracay Is The Best

The white beaches of Boracay are divided into Stations 1, 2 and 3. There is also Station 0 if you prefer a more secluded but safe area for your vacation. Watch out for station 0 – details at the end of this page. The naming of the stations originated when boats were still allowed to bring tourists directly to the beach from the mainland. They were boatmen at the time.

Where To Stay On Boracay

If you have ever considered visiting Boracay, either alone or with friends, it may help you find out which are the best stations in Boracay and which are the best stations to stay at while visiting Boracay.

Two adjectives describe this station: luxury and space. The beach from Station 1 is wider than other stations. This station is home to many of the island’s luxury beach resorts. You can also find Willie’s Rock – a famous visual landmark from Station 1. At this station, the water is up to several meters shallow, and there is no separate walkway. This is one of the best stations in Boracay as it is relatively quiet compared to other stations.

At Station 1 you can also watch the beautiful sunset – one of the many things that keep tourists coming back to this place. If you are on a budget for accommodation, Station 1 can really meet your expectations for a good destination where you can stay comfortably throughout the trip. If you are looking for the best station in Boracay, you might want to consider Station 1. Although the resorts here are quite expensive, one thing this station has to offer is that it is accessible to everyone.

Station 2 is the so called center or heart of Boracay. Accommodation here is much smaller than the first station. It has a very budget-friendly price that costs only Php100 – Php2000 per person If you are planning to visit White Beach, reservations are important, especially during peak seasons or holidays. Compared to Station 1, the water here is even slightly shallower.

The Best Accommodations In Boracay For Every Budget

Sometimes the beach can get a little crowded as it is in the middle of the island; Many people come here, especially at sunset – so delicious! The station also serves the largest shopping area in Boracay. If you are on the island and have a big heart for seafood, D’Talipapa is a seafood market located in the southern part of the area. If you and your friends are looking for which station in Boracay is best for nightlife, consider Station 2 before choosing your accommodation. If you are in the best social environment, this is the best place. This is the all-in-one station you’re looking for because, as mentioned, it’s the center of the island.

Peace, nature, remoteness and crowds – these are the words some travelers who visited Station 3 described the place. As it is quite far from Station 1, accommodation from the third station is much smaller than the first two stations. If you prefer cheap hotels and backpackers, make sure you don’t expect too much from beaches and crowds. Compared to station 1 and station 2, the beach here gets deeper very quickly. It is more nature friendly because it is a part of the island that is not yet fully developed, and the amount of green nature makes it seem more peaceful than other stations.

Zerois Station is considered one of Boracay’s hidden gems. It is quietly created for the best and most exclusive luxury hotels and homes on the beautiful island of Boracay. Station Zero is a perfect station, especially for those visiting the island. Many people love the first sight of White Beach, so they choose to stay a little longer – perhaps for the better; Station 0 is the best option for long term holidays or stays on the island. One of the developed condominiums in Boracay is Costa Vista Boracay by Vista Residences. Vista Residences has created a home that is all yours – your very own sanctuary on this island of white sand and turquoise water. With this you won’t get confused or wonder which is the best station in Boracay. Or which station is the best in Boracay since Station Zero has all your answers? If you are visiting Boracay Island to visit the popular White Beach, you may be wondering where to stay or where to visit White Beach. White Beach is divided into 3 stations and in this blog post we will talk about which one is the best station in Boracay Island.

Which Station In Boracay Is The Best

Station 3 is where the ferry leaves from Caticlan. Station 2 is the busiest in Boracay and Station 1 is where you can find the most comfort and luxury. Click here to book Boracay activities and day trips online

The 5 Best Boracay Luxury Resorts 2023 (with Prices)

So after reading this blog post, it can help you decide on the best station in Boracay Island for your next trip. Also read here about the best beaches in Boracay.

There are 2 seasons – wet and dry season. The wet season starts from June to November and the rainy season can start from June to October. January and February are the best time to visit Boracay Island. You can click here for accurate Boracay Island weather updates.

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Beachfront Hotels In Boracay

Traeth Gwyn is 7 km long from Station 3 to Station 1 and is full of life, restaurants, resorts, bars. The 3 stations in Boracay Island are:

This is the first station you will see when you arrive at Boracay Island from Cagban Port. It is perfect for travelers on a budget who want to relax at an affordable price. You will stay in a local environment in Boracay where you will find local restaurants, mini markets and street vendors. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the White Beach here. You can find local restaurants for Php 100-150 for a meal.

You can also find a private room for around 1000 PHP which is good for two people. There is plenty of space on the beach, where you will find coconut trees, white sand and clear water on White Beach. There is a small mall, and you can stay near the port going to Caticlan.

Which Station In Boracay Is The Best

There are bars and restaurants for nightlife, but not as many as Station 2 and Station 1. Walking distance from Station 3 to Station 2 can be 10-15 minutes on foot.

Top 25 Boracay Hotels In Station 1 [luxury, Midrange & Budget]

Coconut price comparison or buko as they call it in the Philippines between all the stations on Boracay Island.

There are many beach hotels, homes and prices that are cheaper than Station 2 and Station 1.

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This is the busiest station in Boracay Island. You can eat in restaurants for Php 150-300 per meal. You can get good accommodation for two people in a hostel for 500 PHP or a private room for around 1500 PHP. If you like nightlife, this is your choice.

Top Five Best Hotels In Boracay

You will find bars, restaurants and shops. The beach is very nice but a bit crowded. We stayed at Seabird International Resort, a quiet place less than a minute from Traeth Gwyn.

It is very close to Traeth Gwyn! Bullabug

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