Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid – Laminate flooring is a great option for many homeowners, offering great options for looks, great durability, and longevity that work for most needs. But the truth is that the installation process can affect many of these benefits, and we want to talk more about that today.

This flooring gives you many options, including materials like natural stone and solid hardwood flooring, for the perfect decor match. It also offers layered construction and an upper wear layer for durability and an easy installation process.

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

You will find that the best appearance and performance comes from installing these floors parallel to the longest side of the room. But vertical placement with an incoming light source through a window is also beneficial for the best appearance options.

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost Guide

The same can be true if you put these floors in front of a door because you don’t want to walk on the grain of your floor. Not only does this keep the look smooth and even, but it also works for the longevity of the materials.

Please visit us for more information on the many ways in which your laminate installation can be carried out. We look forward to helping you find great solutions for your flooring needs.

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We invite you to visit our Maple Ridge, BC showroom at your convenience, serving the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Walnut Grove and Langley North areas. We look forward to offering you our best laminate flooring, so be sure to visit us today. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity over the past ten years. The simulation of unique woods and patterns combined with its cost effectiveness make it an option for some homeowners over hardwood.

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Due to the ease of installation, laminate flooring can be the DIY floor of choice. It also makes it a great choice for doing a quick floor makeover while you prepare your home for sale. A new laminate floor installation can get the buyer’s attention.

As a real estate agent, I see many DIYers installing laminate flooring in their home. Unfortunately, if you don’t learn how to properly install laminate flooring, problems will appear fairly quickly, if not immediately after installation.

This article covers common laminate floor installation mistakes that can make your new floor installation look unsightly.

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

There is nothing worse than a home seller with newer laminate flooring, only to find soft spots, kinks, large holes, leaking or difficult, unfinished installation transitions.

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Laminate flooring is a synthetic image laminated to a wooden substrate with a laminated protective layer on top. It is essentially an image on a synthetic material. It can imitate wood, stone, ceramic, painted tiles and more….

Laminate floorboards sit on the sub-floor and interlock. In most cases they are meant to float on the sub-floor and not be attached to it.

Installing laminate flooring is certainly within the skill range of most do-it-yourselfers. But take the time to learn common laminate flooring mistakes for a good, long-lasting installation of your new floor.

One thing to keep in mind is that laminate flooring is not good when it comes to moisture. To avoid common laminate flooring installation mistakes, choose your location wisely. Kitchens, baths, entryways can become a buckling and foaming problem if the underlying wood substrate absorbs water.

Common Mistakes When Installing Laminate Floors

Although some products say they are waterproof or you can seal the edges of laminate floors with a sealant, you can find better flooring options for areas that with high humidity. Recently, manufacturers have a premium product with a waterproof substrate. While laminate flooring may seem like a cheaper option up front, it costs more in the long run because it needs to be replaced more often.

People use laminate in kitchens and baths all the time. Many people are confused about whether laminate is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Especially the substrate for laminate flooring is very sensitive to water penetration.

If you choose to use laminate in areas with high humidity, take the time to learn how to seal the joints.

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

There are several options to prevent water ingress, although I don’t think most manufacturers recommend them. Seal as mentioned above. Applying waterproof glue is another, even if the floor is meant to expand and pinch. Or, using silicone caulk between each look when you install the floor is another option.

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Remember, the substrate is usually a compressed board product; when water gets in, it can lead to problems. Even the smallest leakage of excess water from a plant, a fish tank, water bowls for your pets, etc… can become a problem if not taken care of.

This is important for any product that is sensitive to humidity, expansion and contraction. Get your material in the area where you are laying it so the floor can adjust to the temperature and humidity of the work area. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations, but a good rule of thumb should be 48-72 hours.

By acclimatizing the product, your floating floor will adjust less to room humidity and temperature and have less expansion and contraction during installation.

Failure to do so can cause unsightly holes in your laminate floor. This simple step in the laminate flooring installation process can save you from a poor finished product.

How To Lay Laminate In A Doorway For Perfect Flooring Transitions

A huge pet peeve of mine is walking on laminate floors that look like stone and wood and have soft spots. Your subfloor must be perfectly level to avoid soft spots. Soft spots can also cause edges to get more wear and tear than they should.

There should be no more than 1/8 of an inch tolerance (see #4). A combination of sanding, sanding and self-leveling materials will level your floor to properly install your laminate floorboards.

Because laminate flooring is so thin and the substrate does not provide structural integrity, it bends and warps easily. The underlayment is a thin layer of foam that absorbs all the small deviations in the subfloor. This will cover any dents or high spots within the 1/8-inch tolerance we discussed in problem #4.

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

Choosing the right underlay for your laminate floor installation is critical, taking into account the location and the subfloor.

Most Common Mistakes When Laying Laminate Flooring

If there is a possibility of moisture from below, a moisture barrier is needed. So it goes without saying that adding laminate flooring to your basement family room requires a vapor barrier. Consider vapor barriers that double as a primer.

If you are installing your laminate floor over a wood subfloor on the first or second floor, skip the vapor barrier because wood is a natural product that is meant to breathe.

As I mentioned before, a laminate floor is meant to float. It connects and moves together. Don’t cut your laminate flooring hard against baseboards or walls. When installing your laminate flooring, you should drill a hole 3/8ths of an inch for most laminate flooring installations. This is the most common reason for nodding off!

Also, a separate issue that falls into this category is nailing your quarter round to the floor through the laminate instead of the baseboard. This doesn’t give your floor a chance to expand and contract.

Common Mistakes When Laying Laminate Flooring And How To Avoid Them

This problem occurs in very large rooms or where you are building an entire level of a house. Each run has all about approx. A 24-foot width or 36-foot length would require the addition of an extension or a transition that allows for expansion between each room.

Your floating floor will expand and contract. To prevent warping, you need to give your laminate flooring room to expand.

Your manufacturer’s instructions will cover the proper installation of your flooring. Properly installing your new floor is no secret.

Which Way Should Laminate Flooring Be Laid

Many do-it-yourselfers never get the job done. Transitions were left undone, laminate floors were not cut under door jambs, moldings were not put back in place properly, a quarter round was not installed to cover the gap, etc…

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Proper cleaning of your laminate floor is essential to many years of enjoyment. Avoid getting your floor wet or even using a steam cleaner. With a laminate floor cleaner, it’s best to use a cloth or pad.

Installing a laminate floor as an upgrade to your home is certainly easy enough for a beginner to intermediate DIYer. But take the time to read the instructions. There is more to it than just installing laminate flooring.

Also, don’t think that laminate floors will replace or have the cost of real hardwood floors. For most areas of the home, hardwood rules.

With any home improvement project, think carefully about your investment and how it plays into your home’s resale value.

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While a laminate floor will certainly liven up an area with an old floor, a poorly installed laminate floor will cost you in the end. No home buyer wants to pay poorly

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