Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough – Becoming a Mamacita for the first time changed my perspective in many ways. I became more aware of things that didn’t concern me before, especially our health. Then when my daughter got sick with a common cold, cough, or the flu or two, I freaked out. I was Mamacita running to the doctor at the moment when she started to catch a cold. One day after I got home from the doctor’s office, I went to my friend and asked if it was normal for my son to get colds and coughs so often, especially since he was so young. After making sure that she was normal, she told me:

“G, stop worrying, all babies get sick. What you need to do is stop taking him to the doctor so much because she’s getting tons of germs every time you visit.”

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

He was right, why did they bring it in anyway? Whenever I took him to the doctor, they didn’t do witchcraft or cough, they said that he was fine and that he would have to get rid of whatever he was fighting at home.

Essential Oils For Cough And Cold From Young Living

I stopped running to the doctor after that. A friend of mine has been using essential oils for a long time and I asked her how she could incorporate them into our lives. She taught me how they could help with some of my daughter’s ailments, and essential oils have been a part of our lives ever since. Now if one of my kids is sick I get my oils first. This does not mean that you do not use traditional medicine; You better think I’ll take Tylenol if one of my kids catches a cold, but I try to take the holistic approach first.

I found a recipe a few years ago that is my holy grail for coughs, colds, and minor colds. I like to call it MyMagic Cough Rub, it is completely natural and 100% natural. This rub for me is the infamous Vicks Vapor Rub and U-Tri from our parents growing up. Contains powerful essential oils that help with congestion, inflammation, coughs, colds, and more. During the winter months, this massage is a staple on my nightstand. The minute I hear my kids start to cough, I grab my rub, rub the ball on their chest, back, and bottoms of their feet and within minutes they’re back asleep. Even my incredulous husband will tell me to stop when he hears one of the children cough. Over the years I have given this to family and friends and have received similar feedback about its effectiveness.

Except for the essential oils, I get all the other ingredients from Amazon (my store is linked here for easy reference). The essential oils are from Young Living, I do not buy any other brand other than YL.

Fill your medium pot with water (about half full) and place over medium heat. Place your heatproof container over the pot. Melted beeswax and coconut oil. Once the ingredients have dissolved, remove the container from the pot and place it in a cool place. Add essential oils. Stir with a spoon to mix the ingredients. We need to move fast here because as the ingredients start to cool, the solution will start to solidify.

Best Essential Oils For Cough, Its Risks, Complications & Different Ways To Use Essential Oils For Cough

After stirring, drain, pour into a glass container, cover, and refrigerate for about 4 hours. The kit should be able to fill 2-3 of these glass jars. If you’d like to buy a large jar to pour your entire batch of Sol into one, you can do that too.

If you try this recipe, I hope it will provide you with the same powerful benefits that it does for us. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried this or if you have any questions.

Beauty, diy, dry skin rub, essential oil, all natural rub, mom, mamacitas, working mom, working mom, mama, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, -copaiba, cough rub, ointment, vicks vapor rub, clove, cough , cold , flu, live youth Comment Are you wondering which are the best essential oils for coughs? Between colds and allergies, I seem to have a cough and congestion most of the year.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

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Essential Oil Roller Blends Cough

I always choose to use natural home remedies whenever I can, so I search for the best essential oils for coughs and congestion. While we always keep a list of cough and cold remedies handy, starting with natural remedies will always keep your cough and congestion from getting worse.

To use these oils, you can add them to your diffuser. Or you can add to a carrier oil and use it in a roll-on to apply to your hands or other pulse areas. I like to make my own diffuser blends to enjoy at home.

Much will depend on the cause of your cough. But tea tree oil is ideal. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and helps strengthen the immune system.

It’s another wonderful way to help with respiratory and sinus infections or coughs and congestion. If you’re wondering what to relieve a cough, read on for essential oils for coughs.

Best Essential Oils For Lungs & Respiratory Health

There are many things you can do to relieve your cough. Increase the amount of water you drink to thin the mucus. Take a hot, steamy shower to relieve congestion. Use honey and your favorite herbs. Use cough drops and lozenges if needed.

If you’re like me, you’re interested in finding the best essential oils for coughs to use before bed. It is difficult to sleep when you cough. You can also try raising a pillow when you sleep. And using a humidifier in your room can help soothe a cough.

Does peppermint oil help with coughs? Peppermint oil can wonderfully soothe a cough. You can add a few drops to your oil dispenser. Or you can apply two to three drops of peppermint essential oil directly to the chest. I like to use coconut oil when I massage the breast.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

Like eucalyptus, rosemary contains a compound called cineole that can help break up mucus and congestion. You may also consider using peppermint oil, frankincense, oregano, thyme, bergamot, geranium, cinnamon, and tea tree oil.

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil 15 Ml *young Living * Pure Therapeutic Grade

This cough essential oil blend can be added to your diffuser. Or it can be done in breast massage. Try mixing 3 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of thyme, 3 drops of eucalyptus, 3 drops of peppermint, and 2 drops of ginger.

While many cough essential oils also work for congestion, there are a few other essential oils you may want to consider adding to your oil blend. You can use them alone or with other oils depending on what you have on hand. Whether you have a stuffy nose or chest congestion, you should be able to find relief by massaging your chest or diffusing them into your diffuser.

I personally love how mint and lemon work together. And cypress and grapefruit essential oils tend to work well together. But try to see which of these combinations works best for you.

Remember that you can use herbal teas to soothe a cough. Lemon mint tea is a wonderful solution. And I always have a sore throat and easy breath tea on hand just in case. Lavender can be helpful before bed to relax.

Ready Stock)】[roll On] Cough And Flu Pre Diluted Essential Oil 10ml / Wet Cough / Dry Cough / Clear Breathing

Always talk to your pediatrician before using essential oils on your child. Not all essential oils are safe for children to use. Here are some essential oils you can use with children if they have a cough and congestion. Also, talk to your child’s doctor first.

So if you enjoyed this post on the best essential oils for coughs, you’ll want to read some of these. And if you’re new to essential oils, this book on essential oils is a helpful reference to have.

Ellen is a busy mother of a 24-year-old son and 29-year-old daughter. She has six blogs and is addicted to social media. She believes that living a healthy life doesn’t have to be difficult. She shares simple health tips to show busy women how to live a fulfilling life. If you want to work together, she emails info @ to chat.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Cough

Meet Ellen I believe that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. In Confessions of an Overworked Mom, I share simple health tips to show busy women over 40 how to live a fulfilling life. My focus is environmental living in rural Vermont. Colds, the flu, and other respiratory illnesses often come with a persistent cough.

Essential Oils In The Nursery

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