Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep – I love this blend of Stress Away and Lavender essential oils to help me relax before bed so I can sleep well at night. My favorite way to use these oils to relax is to put a drop of each oil on my wrists and behind my ears (I know it sounds weird, but that’s how it works the oils get into your body quickly!).

More ways to use this mixture… you can dilute them and put them in a roll-on bottle for easy application, you can use them on the bottom of your feet, or even make them in pillow sprays! Of course, you can always put them in your diffuser about 30 minutes before bed. The bonus is that your room will smell amazing as you drift off to Dreamland!

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

And I love that both oils are part of the Premium Starter Kit, by far my favorite oil kit if you want to dip your toe into the world of Young Living Essential Oils!! Goodnight, sleep well!

Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Under pressure and on a deadline A recipe for essential oils and sleepy oils – the secret to a good night’s sleep! For your wool dryer balls | I woke up an essential oil recipe! | Essential Oil Recipe When I first became a mother, putting one baby to sleep was a joy. It was a one on one job and to be honest I didn’t let it go as long as it took. I was so happy to be a mother.

I was a cranky, tired mom who was up all night and just wanted her people to go to bed and stay that way.

Then I started researching natural ways to help my girls relax and help them fall asleep quickly.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to soothe your toddler or baby with essential oils so they can sleep soundly.

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*This post contains affiliate links to the other essential oils and products I talk about in the post.

I don’t know about you, but getting my two daughters to bed can be one big mess. The witching hour was known to bring me tears and tantrums.

Not long after starting my fat journey with my Young Living membership and my awesome starter pack, I wanted to find a way for my girls to sleep without all the drama.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

It’s like the lamp finally comes on and I decide before dinner that I’m going to set the mood for a great bedtime.

Essential Oils For Babies [+how To Use]

This nightly routine repeated itself in my home. I was proud to even have a “bedtime” routine for my children. I could brag and say that my kids are in bed by 7am, but I couldn’t say that they are sleeping and getting the amount of sleep the kids need.

Then I realized that our night routine needed some serious help. I had a good routine, but it was missing a vital but very easy remedy to make it work. Bedtime should be relaxing and there should be time to relax.

I did not create a silent scene. I expected my girls to turn off the energy just because I turned off the lights and our bodies don’t work like that.

In creating a sleep routine full of moments of rest and calm, I rethought our sleep routine. Looking at natural ways to absorb essential oils every step of the way. Why essential oils?

Lavender: Young Living Starter Bundle

Essential oils are known to help create calming environments that promote sleep and relaxation. I knew if I could stage peace, I would hit this thing to put my kids to sleep.

All I can say is that the first night I did it, before I could even shake my smallest 5 minutes, she was out! It usually took me a good 30 minutes. Then he moved to my first time, this time I got into bed with her and before I could get close she was out! My oldest usually takes more than two hours to get enough rest before bed.

So we learned that the key to a good bedtime is just setting the scene. The nights when I’m lazy and don’t follow the steps to fix my vision with the essential oils, it’s back to fights and drama.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

We have been doing this for 5 years and I rarely deviate from this routine. I still lay with them reading a book and praying, but it takes maybe 5 minutes for both children to be fast asleep after lights out. And I usually fall asleep with them. Haha I’m not going to lie the oils so peaceful I turn off the lights too.

Essential Oils For When You’re Going To Sleep

I can’t imagine ever going back to not using essential oils to help with sleep time. It was a real game changer and required very little extra effort on my part.

That little extra effort was so nice, because I couldn’t add anything more labor intensive to my to-do list.

If you are a mom struggling with a baby or toddler or even older kids who are fighting to sleep with you, I encourage you to try essential oils. They are so easily absorbed that the whole family can benefit from the diffusion of the oils. Including you, my tired friend.

What makes you a happier mom? missing sleep because your children are restless and keep the whole house running or be a mom who gets the sleep she needs because her children are resting and going to sleep peacefully.

Ways Essential Oils Help Support Sleep

The only essential oils I use in my family are Young Living. I love that Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee so I know I can trust that they are clean and safe to use on my family.

Like you, I only want the best for my family and I know Young Living can provide that.

First of all, if I were you, I would sign up as a wholesale member with Young Living.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

This is a one year membership and gives you 24% off your starter kit and anything else you decide to buy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to and you don’t have to sell anything.

Ways To Use Essential Oils For Health

When you sign up, you’ll want to purchase the Premium Starter Kit, also known as PSK. I love the PSK with the Desert Mist diffuser. It is very beautiful. The Premium Starter Kit comes with the oils you need for your relaxation routine and the diffuser you need for your routine. The kit comes with 12 oils that you will use all of them. (Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how if you sign up with me as your subscriber! I have an easy-to-use app for your phone and an email course that will teach you everything you need to know.)

The PSK oils you can use for the bedtime routine are lavender, lemon, peace and relaxation, bravery, stress away, frankincense.

Why? Because it gives you a free promo product from YL (it changes every month, but it’s usually a very popular oil). Plus, by signing up for ER you get 10pv which you can later redeem for a free product.

Add a bottle of Scents Kid Shower Gel, Kid Scent Shampoo, Lavender Copaiba conditioner and Kid Scent Lotion to your sorting cart now and select a day next month to receive your products. (Don’t forget to check out the entire KidScents and Seedlings lines of Young Living products. They are made with your kids in mind.) This order gives you 6 PV points to redeem for a free product. Who doesn’t love a free product??

Ningxia Red® Antioxidant Drink

Anyway, once this second order arrives at your doorstep, you can decide to wait in the queue for an additional monthly delivery of your choice or you can place a one-time order and redeem your points. Once you’ve done that, just call YL and they’ll remove you from the Essential Values ​​program. I promise they are really nice about it.

Becoming a member and signing up for Essential Rewards is a great way to get the product you want, but great savings!

Take care of your children’s sleep with these simple ways to create calm and peace in your home. It can be as simple as spritzing on some oils and using soothing and bathing products.

Which Young Living Oil Is Good For Sleep

Sign me up as your subscriber. It is very easy and I can teach you about essential oils. Please make sure my registration number is in the box when you see it during registration- #3177383

How To Use Essential Oils For Snoring

Some of the major night oils are Adin Baby, Peace and Calm, Peace and Calm 2, Simcha, Lavender, Cedarwood and Valor.

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