What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies – Allergies can feel so unforgiving. Sneak up at any time of the year – pollen from new plants spreading and growing, winter dust collecting in our house, green lawn just cut or an unexpected cat visiting your friend’s house.

In fact, allergies are considered a chronic disease! Since the treatment is only temporary and can address the symptoms rather than the cause, you should start looking for the perfect allergy medicine that fits your lifestyle.

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

If you prefer natural and organic solutions for your health, we highly recommend checking out our list of the best essential oils for allergies. Learn which essential oils work for your specific allergy symptoms, how to use essential oils for allergies, and which essential oils to try for maximum benefit.

Best Essential Oil Brands 2022 For Aromatherapy Benefits

First of all, we need to know what an essential oil is: an essential oil is the essence of a plant, obtained from an extraction process such as distillation or pressing. From health to beauty, you’ll find essential oils in many personal products.

The natural chemicals that make up essential oils interact with our body’s cells in a variety of nutritious ways. Provides a noticeably improved feeling of health.

When it comes to allergies, essential oils have been shown to solve a range of problems. Certain essential oils reduce internal and external inflammation – whether it’s the mucous membrane of the throat and runny nose or a burn rash or irritated skin. Some promote airway opening for better breathing. At worst, you can even treat flu symptoms like hay fever with the right essential oils.

When you experience allergies, there are a variety of symptoms that can occur as your body reacts. You may experience serious reactions such as hay fever that feels like you have the flu, annoying itching or rash, or breathing problems such as congestion and asthma caused by allergies. Whatever allergy symptoms you may be experiencing, there are essential oils to help you.

Essential Oils That Can Help Soothe Your Pesky Allergies

The beauty of using tea tree oil for allergies is that it is actually a blend of essential oils, providing several benefits. It usually consists of cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, citrus fruit (lemon or orange), and sometimes even more, depending on the brand. That’s all on this list.

When using evening primrose oil for allergies, the most important benefit is for the respiratory system. Improve breathing during flare-ups that cause congestion.

Lavender is a great essential oil to use in your aromatherapy treatments. With its ability to reduce inflammation, lavender is good for a number of treatments, including allergic reactions.

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

Whether it’s breathing or skin irritation, you can treat your allergies with lavender. Choose a diffuse for inhalation or make a roll-on mixture (see recipe at the end of the article) to suit your needs.

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If seasonal allergies are your affliction, then it’s time to look into frankincense essential oil! This essential oil has been shown to be beneficial in relieving respiratory tract infections and has shown promising results in treating coughs.

Like lavender, this is thanks to our frankincense’s anti-inflammatory properties. When used as an essential oil inhalation treatment, the bronchi in the lungs relax and you will see an improvement in breathing and less coughing.

Oregano essential oil goes back in history as a trusted medicine. It is considered popular in Chinese medicine because of its many uses.

First, it is a natural antihistamine, making it a perfect substitute for over-the-counter allergy medications when taken as an inhaler. Second, it has a history as a wound treatment due to its antimicrobial properties, which act as a strong protective barrier on the skin.

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The next time you think you need an antihistamine medication for your allergic reaction, think again. Sandalwood essential oil has its own antihistamine properties. This means that sandalwood, if used correctly, can be useful as your best solution for allergic rhinitis – clearing a stuffy, runny nose and sneezing.

Use sandalwood in the form of inhalation treatment for the best results with allergic rhinitis symptoms. Either during the day to do general tasks easily, or at night for uninterrupted sleep.

Like using cough drops, eucalyptus essential oil provides a cooling effect when inhaled. This is because this essential oil is anti-inflammatory, basically “cooling” and reduces swelling and tension.

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

Use eucalyptus for congestion, coughs or even rashes, as it is safe (and popular) to use on the skin. One of the best treatment methods with eucalyptus oil is steam treatment. Read more about that below when we talk about using essential oils for allergies.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is often found in skin and body products. This is due to its promising results as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. In case of allergies, count on tea tree oil to break down triggers and reduce swelling symptoms.

We all know that strong, cool feeling you get when you inhale peppermint. Almost immediately, your sinuses are clear and you breathe clearer than ever. Each inhalation creates another cooldown. We can use peppermint essential oil in the same way!

Apply peppermint essential oil as a topical roll-on to the chest or behind the ears. This will help clear congestion caused by things like dust allergies or pet dander flare-ups.

Orange is a powerful compound as a disinfectant in many situations. From household cleaners used to medications, it can break down harmful bacteria that can cause our allergies.

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In particular, lemon essential oil can be used in a diffuser to combat dust and other airborne bacteria. Blend with other essential oils like lavender for a complete treatment.

Chamomile is an essential oil often found in rich moisturizers. This is because chamomile is a powerful and reliable relaxing essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties.

This means that chamomile can be used as an inhalation treatment to clear the airways. However, it shines as a treatment for skin conditions like eczema. Soothes sensitive skin and reduces swelling with topical chamomile treatment.

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

Holy Basil is a great addition to essential oil blends to treat allergies. Its beneficial properties are its ability to remove toxins from the body. Whatever your body disagrees with, holy basil will help you find a way out.

Allergy Relief Diffuser Oil

For an overall bonus, holy basil is great for boosting your immune system. So not only will it help reduce allergic reactions now, it will also help prevent allergic reactions in the future. The only thing to be aware of is if you are prone to hay fever.

Rosemary essential oil has unique properties that make it anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Both are useful for seasonal allergies or hay fever to be specific. The property, like conifers, has terpene alpha-pinene rosemary.

Thyme is one essential oil that can be useful in almost any situation. When converted into oil, this herb has a chemical composition that makes it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory (thanks to thymol) and support to promote circulation due to its flavonoids.

When allergies help you with congestion and restricted breathing, thyme essential oil, combined with others such as rosemary, chamomile, lavender or lemon, provides relief and prevents symptoms from recurring.

Essential Oils For Allergies: 5 Essential Oils To Get Relief From Allergies

Try adding cloves for an extra boost to your essential oil blend for allergies. It’s a strong scent, but if you can enjoy it, clove essential oil can reduce the likelihood of persistent allergies with stubborn triggers.

Cloves are antimicrobial, meaning they can fight bacteria. Use a solid blend of essential oils in a diffuser to treat the air and whatever is lurking in your ducts.

Myrrh has traditionally been used as a treatment for wounds and other skin conditions. With its ability to fight parasites, fungi and mold, there is promising potential for myrrh essential oil as an allergy treatment.

What Doterra Oil Is Good For Allergies

Myrrh will be most useful as a topical treatment for reactions such as hives, rashes or irritation caused by foreign objects.

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Now that you know about all the possibilities of essential oils for allergies, you may be wondering how to use them? There are many ways to get the benefits of your essential oils, from topical methods to inhalation.

* Always use essential oils and do a spot test if this is your first time using them topically. Although essential oils can help with allergies, they can also trigger allergies in some people.

The attraction of the diffuser is its ability to act as a room freshener. But what is overlooked is its usefulness in relieving allergies that cause congestion and breathing difficulties.

You can turn on your diffuser in the room and not think about it all day. Depending on the size of your diffuser, it can run for a long time (4 to 6 hours) before needing to be recharged. So you can enjoy your gentle therapy all day long.

Cardamom Essential Oil Cardamom Oil Oil Oils Allergies

If your allergy manifests itself in the form of irritated skin, such as hives or itching, you need a topical ointment. This can be as a serum, moisturizer or

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