How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses – At Glass Direct we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products to suit different budgets, lifestyles and needs. Our frames come in four sizes (based on internal width): Small (under 125mm), Medium (126-130mm), Large (131-135mm) and Extra Large (over 136mm).

Additional frame measurements can be found on the inner sleeve of each pair of glasses. The first number indicates the width of the lens, the second number indicates the width of the bridge, and the third number indicates the length of the neck. To match, compare the numbers in the frame you have with the numbers on the screen.

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

Our smaller frames are 125mm and below and we recommend them for people with narrow and small faces. Reading Glasses, Round Frame Eyeglasses For 3 Colors To Choose, Lightweight Frame Vintage Clear Lens Glasses (color

Our perfect frame will help you find the perfect frame every time. Type in the relevant size and a list of frames in sizes will appear. So the next time you’re looking for your new glasses, your current glasses can help.

Blogger and loyal Eye Direct customer Kate Winnie tells you how the perfect machine works and how you can use it.

With 1000’s of models to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best for you. But depending on your face shape, some glasses will suit you better. Here are three great face masks that will help. Alternatively, you can find your perfect model using our free trial room, which allows you to try 4 pairs in your home for 7 days. Have you ever noticed that some people who wear glasses have small holes on both sides of their noses? Or maybe you yourself have experienced pain behind your ear that doesn’t seem to go away when you take off your glasses.

Both of these problems are caused by improper glasses. Good glasses should distribute the pressure evenly between the nose, the width of the head and the ears. And of course, they should complement your face type. So how do you choose the frame size for your glasses? How to measure the perfect frame, what type of face fits which frame and also: what does the small number on your glasses mean?

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So, what is the perfect pair of glasses? We’ve established that if your glasses fit properly you shouldn’t have minor cuts and bruises. Here are a few other things you should look for when choosing a fit:

Shopping online for a pair of glasses can be a bit stressful without a shop assistant to help you or try on each pair to see how it looks, but there’s not much to it.

All glasses are printed with information about the different frame measurements. Often you can find these measurements on the inside of the sleeve, or your glasses will have these values ​​printed on the back of the bridge or inside the nose.

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

The first number we see is always a sequence of 3, for example, 53-20-140. In this article we can present these numbers as ‘A-B-C’, so it is easy to understand. Sometimes there is a small rectangle separating the numbers ‘a’ and ‘b’, making them easier to identify.

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In our system the number or ‘a’ to the left of the rectangle is the diameter of the lens. This is the length of the lens measured in millimeters at the widest point. The number to the right of the rectangle, or ‘b’ in the sequence, is the width of the bridge. This is the difference between the two lenses – the one that fits your nose. As mentioned earlier – this number is very important for both glasses. Finally, ‘C’ is the arm length of your glasses. Measure ‘a’ and ‘b’ for your new pair of glasses so they fit and feel the same.

Most online retailers should have these metrics on their website. You can easily find them on the Vision Express website. All prescription glasses and sunglasses models we offer online on our website include measurements such as bridge width, diameter, lens height and arm length.

Maybe you’ve shopped online but weren’t sure how to measure yourself for a pair of glasses that fit well. All you need is a ruler to measure.

Now that you’ve measured your face, calculate the total square footage of the mirror frame you’ll need. This is equal to the width of the lenses (or ‘a’ + ‘a’ in our example above), plus the width of the bridge (‘b’ in our example). Your frame size may vary by +/- 3mm from your measurements. Just choose the frame size that matches the length of your face.

Style + Fit

It’s important to make sure who you buy from has a return policy so you can return defective glasses. Items can be returned through Vision Express up to 60 days after purchase if you have the receipt and the glasses are not damaged. This will take some trial and error as sometimes the measurements will vary according to different models.

By changing some small parts you can own two glasses that fit your face, but at the same time you won’t see. Clarity and style are undoubtedly important when choosing glasses, but fit is also important. Most buyers only focus on looks, not fit. If you already have glasses that fit you, you can compare the dimensions of the model and buy a new pair. However the good news is that buying a frame is not a struggle even for first time buyers as we are here to make your job easier.

Usually, you will find the numbers written on the inside of the temple sleeve. Usually the number appears as 52-17-136, where the first number indicates the 52mm lens width, the middle number the 17mm bridge width and the last number the 136mm temple arm length. Some frames have a number on the front that indicates the height of the lens.

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

Lens Width – This is the horizontal width of the lens in the frame, measured in millimeters. It covers the front end on both sides of the frame. The width of the lens is usually 40mm to 60mm.

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Bridge Width – The size of the bridge is the distance between the two lenses (the space under the bridge of the nose). The distance is measured in millimeters and usually ranges from 14 mm to 24 mm.

Temple Arm – This is the length of the temple, from one end to the other (even if the temple is curved). The length of the temple is usually between 120 mm and 150 mm.

Lens Height – This is the vertical height of the eye frame, measured in millimeters. In the case of growth lenses or bifocal lenses, the height should be at least 30 mm.

If the size is not written on the frame, you can go for DIY measurements. You will need a tape measure to accurately measure the frame size.

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Frame Width – You should measure the glass horizontally. Consider the entire face of the frame when measuring.

Bridge measurement – This is measured from one edge of the lens to the other, at the top of the bridge.

Temple Arm – You should pay attention to the entire temple arm, from where the arm connects to the end of the ear with the lens. Measure it in millimeters.

How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

Lens height – The lens is measured vertically at the height point. Measurements are taken from the top to the bottom of the lens aperture in the frame.

How To Measure Face For Your Eyeglasses Frames?

Everyone is a different shape and size, so the fit will vary. For a better look, choose the appropriate frame size.

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How To Choose Frame Size For Glasses

Most of the above measurements are drawn on the inside of the glass as well. Usually, it is inside the temple (arm). The format in most cases looks like this: 38-19-190. The first number represents the size of the lens

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