Best Type Of Mattress For Bad Back

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Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the UK, affecting one in six adults. This is compounded by our sedentary lifestyles and poor posture both at our desks and while sleeping. While no mattress is a magic solution, an unsupported mattress can make the problem worse. Finding the best mattress for back pain can be a difficult task.

Best Type Of Mattress For Bad Back

Best Type Of Mattress For Bad Back

“Inflammatory pain is usually worse in the morning because when we sleep, our heart rate slows down, blood circulation slows down, and any inflammation in the area builds up. Sleep status is important,” says Dave Gibson, osteopath, sleep coach, and. Founder of Sleep Place. “Sleep with your spine straight to prevent back pain.”

Best Mattresses In A Box Of 2023

For back sleepers and front sleepers, this means finding a firm mattress that prevents your spine from twisting into a U shape while you sleep. For side sleepers, Dave says, things can be a little more complicated because of the pressure points in your shoulders, hips, and head. Mattress manufacturers approach this in different ways. Among our reviews at the bottom of this article, you’ll find Dave’s advice on choosing the right mattress for back pain. But if you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at our top five:

“Lie on your side in bed and have your partner take a picture so you can see how your spine is aligned,” says Dave Gibson. “Your pillow should be at the right height and the mattress should have enough support so that your spine is aligned when you sleep. It can help to have a pillow between your knees. It also helps if the mattress is firm.” It might be worth reading our review of the best memory foam mattresses that are firmer than hybrids or pocket springs.

Although the right mattress makes the most difference, back pain mattresses are also available and less expensive. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed to relieve pain during sleep, and now there are even pillows for neck pain – as well as pillows to stop snoring if you (or your partner) suffer from it.

The award-winning hybrid foam and pocket spring mattress is worth considering if you suffer from back pain. It uses the brand’s specially designed “HRX Supreme™ Foam,” which stands for “High Resilience Extra Foam,” and that’s not just jargon—it’s extra durable and has different density zones to help align and support your spine. risk of standing up with a bad back). According to Gibson, this mattress is described as “medium firm,” but the brand offers additional layers of memory foam to soften or firm it if you need it.

Best Mattress For Back Pain (2023)

Five layers of optional high-tech memory foam and pocket springs combine to create a bouncy – yet perfectly supportive – feel, so it’s no wonder the Emma has won a wide range of consumer awards for comfort. Emma offers a 200-night trial and a ten-year warranty.

Firm, snappy and supportive – but not soft at all. If you find that a medium-firm mattress doesn’t provide enough support, try this extra-firm pocket sprung mattress for pressure-free support. It’s filled with zoned Miracoil springs specially designed to support spinal alignment, and they minimize movement so you don’t disturb your partner (or vice versa).

It is also much cheaper than the above mattresses. There is one downside, however: Silentnight only offers a 60-day trial, during which time you can exchange your mattress if you’re not happy with it, but you won’t get a refund.

Best Type Of Mattress For Bad Back

It’s no secret that the Recommended team are big fans of Simba, and the Sleep Tech brand is included in our tried-and-tested guides to the best pillows and blankets, as well as mattresses. This mattress is expensive, that’s for sure, but it’s the product of an almost obsessive attention to detail, and if you want a really great hybrid mattress, it’s a worthy investment.

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions?

The first layer is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating natural wool, so the Simba Hybrid Pro is a better choice than a traditional memory foam mattress for a warm sleep. Then there’s a layer of Simba’s open-cell memory foam, two layers of pocket springs, two more layers of foam, and a base. It’s a thick, luxurious mattress that offers unparalleled support without compromising on comfort. It comes with a one-year risk-free trial.

The Nectar mattress is billed as a mid-firm mattress, made with three layers of different types of memory foam, although it’s a bit firmer than the competition. This is important because the top temperature-regulating layer keeps you cool at night and provides a soft, cushioned feel, while the bottom, firmer layer is responsible for supporting your spine and reducing pressure on your hips and shoulders while you sleep. The bottom layer is a ‘zone’ based foam.

Because this mattress is slightly firmer than regular memory foam, motion transfer is very effectively minimized – so if you’re a light sleeper with a tossing and turning partner, you won’t have to worry. It comes with a one-year trial and lifetime warranty.

Another hybrid mattress worth considering is Eve’s Premium Hybrid. Like other mattress brands, Eve mattresses compress and roll into a single box, so you don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze the mattress through a door that’s too small. It is a thick, comfortable mattress made of five layers of memory foam combined with 1400 pocket springs.

How To Find The Best Mattress For Back Pain

A marshmallow-soft top layer of “floatfoam” provides the sinking sensation that memory foam is known for, followed by twice as firm cooling memory foam, followed by full-size pocket springs and more foam. It’s also referred to as a ‘medium firm’ mattress, but the extra top layer means it leans slightly on the soft side – perfect if you want a firm surface without sacrificing support to reduce back pain. It gets extra points for being removable and machine washable.

“When you look at all the research on mattresses and back pain, medium firmness comes out as what you need,” says osteopath Dave Gibson. “Firm, but not firm. But remember, there is no official firmness rating. What one manufacturer calls firm, another may call medium firm.”

Heavier people generally need firmer support, while lighter people can get away with softer mattresses. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner also affects your choice of mattress. You both want to be able to move around without disturbing each other or adopting unhealthy sleeping positions.

Best Type Of Mattress For Bad Back

To find the best mattress for you, Gibson recommends sleeping on a mattress in a store first. “While you can’t tell if it’s helping your back pain, you can tell if it’s too firm or too soft for your liking, so it might be worth doing as a first step.

The Best Mattress For Back And Hip Pain [updated 2023]

“But a good way to find a good orthopedic mattress is to see how long the manufacturer gives you a trial period. give it a try because studies have shown that it takes up to four weeks for people to get rid of back pain when they switch to a new mattress.

Memory foam or hybrid mattresses have foam that molds to your body as you sleep, so you’ll have a softer, more cocoon-like feel. “Memory foam mattresses today have two or three layers of foam,” says Gibson. “The top has open-cell foam that’s more breathable. It’s a huge improvement over the old memory foams that kept your body heat in.”

Traditional pocket sprung mattresses can offer better weight distribution and feel a little firmer (although there are subcategories of firmness). Hybrid mattresses combine a layer (or layers) of memory foam with pocket springs.

Gibson is skeptical of claims of being “contoured” with different support areas for the shoulders and hips, among other factors, because it depends on the weight of the sleeper. She also believes the best thing you can do to improve your sleep is to flip or flip your mattress: “You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it feels.”

The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Finally, his biggest tip is the simplest: get a bigger bed. “If you’re sleeping in a double bed, each of you only has room for the baby in your bed. Someone with back pain needs to be able to move around. What you need is a super king. Most of the sleep research you see shows that the bigger the mattress, the better you sleep. .”

Mattress companies aren’t offering “free” tests: they’re selling you

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