Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

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Founded in 2010, Sattva manufactures direct-to-consumer luxury mattresses under three brands: Sattva, Lom & Leaf and Zenhaven. Between these three brands, the company sells several mattress models, including the all-foam Loom and Leaf; Zenhaven Rubber; Airport, sunlight; and a mixture of sattva.

Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

The Sattva mattress, also known as the Sattva Classic, combines two coils, two layers of polyfoam and thin memory foam. Sattva comes in three firmness options namely Plus Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. These options are soft (3 on a 10-point firmness scale), medium firm (6) and firm (8), respectively.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2023

Sattva is available in two height options: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. While the 11.5-inch version falls into the average thickness range, the 14.5-inch option is higher profile, so it may require thicker sheets.

This review explains the sattva part in depth. We cover construction, performance, size, pricing, customer reviews and company policies. We point out how different versions of the mattress differ in performance and which one is better.

Watch the video below to see how the Sattva bed works in our lab.

While Sattva doesn’t exclude high activity like some hybrids on the market, it may be enough for more sleep seekers. The Satva comfort system uses thinner foam layers than most hybrid models. Instead, it uses additional water sources in the comfort system. These thin layers of foam with fiber filling absorb some of the movement, reducing the amount of movement experienced on the mattress surface. However, due to the mattress’s double layer springs, sleepers may experience some movement during the night when their partner changes positions or gets up. People who wake up easily may notice this more than other sleepers. Because of its softer feel, the Plus Soft version of Sattva has a little more movement than the Luxury Firm and Firm options.

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All versions of the Satva mattress have pressure relief features equal to or more significant than many hybrid models.

The Euro-top covers the surface of the mattress, while the pocket roll cover in the comfort system provides a deep contour. By spreading the sleeper’s weight over a wider area, this wrist brace relieves pressure points that often occur around the hips and shoulders.

Plus, the memory foam lumbar pad helps keep the sleeper’s hips from sinking too much. This extra support promotes better spinal alignment.

Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

While all Sattva Sansgam options have pressure relief capabilities, the amount of pressure relief a person gets from a mattress varies slightly depending on their weight and sleeping position. Individuals weighing less than 130 pounds can find maximum pressure relief in the Plus Soft version mattress, while sleepers over 230 pounds can find the best balance of shape and support from this version.

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Although hybrid mattresses make you sleep cooler, the sativa build helps you sleep cooler than most hybrid models.

The Satva Euro Roof uses polyfoam and fiber, which is more breathable than memory foam. The cotton blanket also allows for air circulation in the mattress.

Many hybrid models use comfort systems with thick layers of memory foam, and the memory foam traps heat. However, the Sattva Amaya system consists mainly of wallets. Air flows relatively freely between the springs, allowing heat to escape from the bed. The Sattva Support Cover also uses coils, making the mattress very breathable.

While all of the firm options can help promote a cool night’s sleep, the plush soft version has a more snug fit that may lead to some warmth.

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A Satwa mattress has a firm edge that allows almost anyone to sit or lie close to the edge without sinking too much. This edge reinforcement is even better compared to most hybrid models. A layer of foam is wrapped around two layers of sativa spring. This stiffer foam reduces edge sag as the sleeper gets closer to the edge. The extra stability of the edge can extend the look of the bed as the sleeper feels safe enough to lie close to the edge without fear of tipping over. A more stable edge also makes it easier to sit on the edge of the bed and by extension it makes it easier to get in and out of bed. While the plush soft version of Sattva allows people to sink deeper, the edges are not as secure as the luxury firm and firm versions of the mattress. Additionally, people who weigh more than 230 pounds are more likely to experience sunstroke than light sleepers.

Hybrid models are relatively responsive, but the use of Sattwa polyfoam and dual-layer springs make it extremely responsive compared to other hybrids.

The Sattva comfort system is mainly composed of polyfoam and pocket rolls. Although these materials conform to the sleeper’s body, they recover their shape faster than memory foam. This sometimes reduces the chance of falling asleep feeling “stuck in bed” with memory foam comfort layers.

Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

All of Sattva’s firmest options are relatively easy to move and reposition for most sleepers. However, most individuals may find firmer versions of the mattress easier to move because they provide less movement than the more expensive softer versions.

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Sattva’s combination of fit and traction provides more surface area than some hybrid mattresses on the market for a more sensual experience.

The Euro top is flexible enough to provide traction, which some couples find useful for sex. Two rows of coils give the mattress extra bounce. Sattva’s firm edge makes it easy for couples to use the entire surface of the bed, while its ease of movement allows couples to change positions without restriction.

The center of the coil may take some adjusting over time, but should be relatively quiet enough to provide a relatively discreet experience for most couples.

While any mattress has a “new mattress” smell, Sattva has the least odor. In addition, any odors that occur must be quickly eliminated.

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Many off-gassing odors come from coils. These foams often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from production. Although these odors are not considered harmful, some may find them unpleasant.

Sattva contains synthetic foam, but these foams sent to Sattva’s manufacturing partners are already sustainable. Additionally, because Sattva uses two significant coil layers, there is less foam than many hybrid models.

We don’t expect a sattva mattress to produce any odor. However, if it smells like sattva bed, it should go away quickly due to breathing.

Best Saatva Casper Mattress For Side Sleepers

Our testing allowed the polyfoam layers and the cabin’s core side sleepers to comfortably sink their shoulders and hips. Back sleepers hips are still supported, but soft foam cushioning gives these sleepers some form. Sattva’s double-layer spring rim has a layer of foam around the edges to reduce friction. In our tests, it provided above-average support for Sattva, especially compared to other hybrid models.

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The way you like to sleep and your weight will affect the best mattress for you, including your mattress. While everyone has a personal preference for what feels comfortable, people who sleep in the same position and are of the same weight share certain needs as a burden.

What they need: Side sleepers often need support and balance between the ears to sleep well. Their shoulders and hips should sleep to relieve pressure points and keep the spine properly aligned at night. If the bed has too many pillows and cushions or is pushed too far back, the spine can become out of alignment, leading to discomfort down the road.

How the Satva Fits In: When it comes to side sleepers under 130 pounds, we think the Satva Plush Soft Edition is up to the job. If the plush soft option is too soft, the middle-of-the-road luxury firm version works best for light side sleepers.

People weighing between 130 and 230 pounds may find the luxury firm version a better bet. It shares the soft polyfoam used in plush soft construction for stress relief while having a firm feel of its own. Plush soft and firm options may work well for side sleepers in this weight range, but a luxury firm option is neither soft nor firm.

Saatva Classic Mattress Review (2023)

Side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds are better off going for the Sattva Institute version. That being said, the luxury firm option is the best choice.

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