How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

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How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

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Eye Makeup Looks To Try Right Now

• The color of your cosmetics should be based on your skin tone and eye color.

• We talked to celebrity makeup artist Lori Hamlin to find out which colors work best with your skin tone.

Makeup comes in so many colors that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

We asked professional makeup artist Lori Hamlin (who works with celebrities like Connie Britton and Olivia Newton John) what eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes are best for your eye color and skin tone.

Should You Apply Concealer Or Foundation First?

The biggest rule to follow is to keep your lips and cheeks in the same tone, says Hamlin. So if your lipstick has blue undertones, your blush should be blue too.

Check out the chart below to see which makeup colors look best.

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How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

Deven Hopp is a seasoned writer and editor with over five years of experience in the beauty industry for sites like She is currently the Brand Director for Versed Skincare.

How To Remove Makeup: 7 Tips From Cosmetics Gurus

Gerrie Summers is a freelance travel and beauty writer with over 30 years of writing experience.

Finding the right makeup color is easier said than done, especially when you find the product

It’s the right shade but will lean towards orange or cast you. The key to solving this dilemma is determining your tone – warm, cool, and neutral skin tones that play an important role in determining what products work best for you. If you want to master your tone once and for all, you’ve come to the right place—read on for the ultimate undertone test, and eight products we’ve determined will work for anyone.

Undertones may seem complicated, but there are only three main types: cool (pink, red, or blue), warm (yellow or gold), and neutral (a mixture of warm and cool tones). All of these can be done regardless of where your skin tone falls on the dark to light scale, so you should check carefully to find the one that best describes you. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered – here are our top five tips to define your tone once and for all.

How To Apply Makeup In 13 Easy, Pro Steps

An easy way to determine your tone is to find the white fabric that suits you best: Warm tones usually look better in pure white, cool tones look pure white but off-white looks better, and neutrals look better. . People who don’t have keys can feel like they can achieve both. To try this, remove your makeup first to make sure you can see your true skin color, then pull your hair back into a ponytail or braid. In natural light, place one solid white and one off white on your face at once, noticing how each piece complements your skin and tone. If you’re having trouble making a decision, get a second opinion from a trusted friend.

The next step is to pull some earth tones, jewel tones, and neutrals, or think about what you like, because it can relate to your tone whether you realize it or not. If earth tones like yellow, orange, chartreuse, brown, ivory, and orange-red suit you, you probably have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you like the look of jewel tones, such as purple, blue, green, green, and a little red, as well as pink and black, you can have cool tones. If you find that no particular color palette stands out to you, your tone tends towards neutral.

The truth is, sunscreen is important no matter what your skin tone is, but you can learn a lot from thinking about it when you’re in the sun.

How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

Effects on skin: Many people with light skin and rarely tan have warm undertones, while if you are light and rarely tanned, you may have cool undertones. If you don’t feel strong, it could mean your tone leans towards neutral.

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Another way to find out your tone is to collect gold and silver jewelry and consider how each piece will match your skin tone. If you think you look best in gold accessories, you probably have a warm skin tone. If you like silver, you can have cool tones. If you think that gold and silver look good on you, then you probably have neutral colors.

Gold and silver jewelry tends to go in and out of fashion, so make sure you think about the pieces that work best for you. If you’re having trouble deciding, you might want to try other methods to figure out your tone.

If you look at the veins on your wrist in natural light, the color you see can say a lot about your tone. If it looks green, your tone may be warm, but if it’s blue or purple, your tone may be cool. If you can’t decide, and your veins look teal or somewhere in between, you might have a neutral tone.

Once you have determined your undertones, you will want to look at similar makeup colors that you find work best for you. We’ve changed some basics by product to make it easier.

How To Conceal Pimples The Right Way, According To Makeup Artists

While figuring out your undertone can tell you which makeup products to try, we understand that you’re still confused, or prefer a shade that suits most people. The good news is that the team is always on the lookout for such products, and if we find one with major versatility, we will not keep it a secret. Next, check out seven makeup looks that work with any tone.

Not only is this bright highlight organic and perfect for a variety of tones, it’s also a cult favorite among editors, readers, and even Meghan Markle. While the satin pearl finish pictured here is the most versatile, the product is also available in rose gold and a neutral pink option for those who prefer color.

Ruby Woo is one of Mac’s best lipstick shades, and for good reason—it’s the perfect blue-red matte that looks great whether your undertones are warm, cool, or neutral.

How To Know Which Makeup Is Right For You

When I asked the team what products they thought would work regardless of your skin tone, former VP Lindsey Metrus promptly recommended this favorite from Fenty Beauty. Nude can often be difficult, but unsurprisingly, Rihanna pulls it off with a gorgeous but subtly shimmery color.

Makeup Brush Guide: Everything About Makeup Brushes

Like Ruby Woo, when beauty lovers discuss the famous lipstick shade, this epic shade from Charlotte Tilbury is a favorite once again. Although this is a direct recommendation from former editorial director Faith Xu, our entire team agrees that this product helps achieve the ultimate goal: lips, but better.

Not too peachy, not too pink, and with just the right amount of shimmer, this might be one of the longest lasting colors (and makeup). No matter what your skin tone is, apple skin will look amazing.

Don’t you believe that a strong color will save every skin tone? See what happened when three of our editors tried this cream eyeshadow.

Honestly, we think anything from mom Pat McGrath’s eponymous label makeup has versatility. We love this highlighter and balm duo — all three shades look great on anyone who sees them, but former editor Maya Allen prefers the bronzer multitasking tool. 5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Using Toner Jan 30, 2023 Mistakes You May Be Making (And How to Fix Them) Jan 31, 2023

How To Determine Your Skin Tone For Makeup Foundation

Cosmetics generally refers to products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows and compact powders that most women use to enhance their natural beauty. When it comes to makeup, the most important thing is to find a look that suits you and makes you feel confident.

Each person’s skin color, facial features, and personal preferences are different, so there is no one answer to this question.

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