How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses – It usually begins in the late 30s and early 40s with difficulty reading. But over time, the situation worsens. Don’t worry, this is due to a simple process called presbyopia.

The strength of the best reading glasses for you is undoubtedly the reading glasses prescription your doctor gave you.

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

However, you may find yourself unable to afford glasses. But you still need something to help you.

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This article discusses the use of over-the-counter reading glasses. Generally speaking, “cheat glasses” for sale are also known as reading glasses. or pharmacy reading glasses They can be obtained without a prescription. But you need to find out what “power” or “strength” you need for yourself. So how do you determine the strength of reading glasses you need?

Get your latest prescription and read this article carefully to find out. Here we go!

Eyeglass prescriptions can be very difficult to interpret if you are not familiar with how they are written. Here I will explain it in as much detail as possible. But for more information on this, you can read the article I wrote about how to read prescriptions from glasses

This is usually listed somewhere in your prescription, whether it’s a prescription for glasses, rangefinders, or both. Prescription prescriptions (bifocal/progressive) are listed in the notes section of your prescription. Or lens options are listed in the checklist.

Find Your Reading Glasses Power Or Strength Test Chart

This is how your prescription is usually written. If your eye doctor feels you need reading glasses rather than distance vision

Alternatively, if your eye doctor determines that you need separate glasses for television and reading. You may have a similar recipe.

If you indicate that your glasses are prescription glasses, you can go on topic. Calculating the spherical shape of your glasses.

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

But if your prescription is written for both rangefinders and glasses, or for progressive glasses, that is. If you have a number in the “add” section, calculate the reading prescription.

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What we do here is use the information in your prescription to determine the strength of your reading prescription.

It’s common to mistake the number in the Add column for the strength of your reading glasses. But for most people, this is not really the case. for many it wasn’t even close. And makes your vision worse!

Determining the correct power of reading glasses. For each eye, you must add the “Add” number and the “SPHERE” number together.

Note: Be very careful with characters! ‘SPHERE’ numbers are preceded by a + or – sign. When adding two numbers, the “Add” numbers are always preceded by a + sign. Make sure you are comfortable adding positive and negative numbers if needed.

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The “CYLINDER”, “AXLE” and “PRISM” columns of your prescription can contain any numbers. If any numbers appear here, those numbers will not change and will remain part of your recipe. Let’s look at another example. Let’s say this is your prescription number.

We got these numbers by adding the “Addition” number to the “SPHERE” number for each eye, keeping the “CYLINDER” and “AXIS” the same. The calculation proceeds as follows:

If you still have questions about this section, ask me in the comments section of this article.

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

Now we know the value of reading. We have to deal with the numbers “CYLINDER” and “AXIS”. These numbers represent prescription astigmatism correction.

How Do You Know What Strength Reading Glasses Are Right For You?

Over-the-counter reading glasses do not correct astigmatism. That’s why we want to reduce reading prescriptions to a single number. it is called

You can read the article I wrote under “The Spherical Equivalent of Your Recipe”.

If you do not see any numbers in the “CYLINDER” and “AXIS” columns of the prescription, you have completed this step and moved on to the next section called “Accounting for Eye Differences”.

Likewise, if you see -0.25 in the “CYLINDER” column for one eye, you don’t need to do any calculations. So, if both eyes are “in the cylinder” -0.25, continue to count the difference between the eyes.

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However, if the number in the “CYLINDER” column is -0.50 or higher, do the calculations in the calculations.

NOTE: “CYLINDER” number is always negative. (with rare exceptions), so pay attention to the signs. If you are not familiar with the equation, after the next step you will get the same number.

Step 1: Look at the number “CYLINDER”. Does it end with a “0” or a “5”? If it ends with “0”, go to step 3. If it ends with a “5”, go to step 3. 2. Step 2: |CYLINDER| subtracting 0.25 from (the absolute value of “CYLINDER”) at this stage means ignoring the minus sign in front of the number “CYLINDER” and subtracting 0.25 from it. You must end with a number ending in “0”, for example -2.75 → -2.50, -6.25 → 6.00, etc. Step 3: Divide the number “CYLINDER” by 2. Step 4: Add the number obtained in step 3 to the Number. ‘SPHERA’

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

NOTE: The numbers “CYLINDER” and “AXIS” are part of your recipe for a reason. The higher the “CYLINDER” number, the more important it is to your vision. If the “CYLINDER” number is -1.00 or higher. Non-prescription reading glasses provide significantly worse vision than prescription reading glasses.

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The number you calculated is negative. You won’t find reading glasses over the counter that will help you. Prescription reading glasses are only manufactured and sold with a “positive” effect. If your prescription is “negative,” your only option is to get prescription reading glasses from your optician.

At this point, you should have 1 number for each eye, which represents the optimal power for your reading glasses.

If the two numbers are the same, you’re in luck and you can move on to adjusting the power of your reading glasses to your working distance.

But if the numbers were different, a compromise had to be made, unfortunately. You’ll often see it when you buy reading glasses over the counter. The numbers in the right and left eyes are always the same.

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If the difference between your right and left eye counts is only 0.25, choosing one or the other won’t make much of a difference.

If the difference between right and left vision is 0.75 or more, non-prescription reading glasses may not be the best choice for you. When trying to do this, start with the number for your Dominant eye. And try every step between that number and your non-dominant eye count. and look for the one that provides the best visual comfort.

The power of reading glasses determines how far or near you can see.

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

If the current is too low, you’ll want to hold things further away to see them clearly.

How To Choose The Right Strength For Your Reading Glasses

If the current is too high, hold it closer than usual before cleaning it.

Unless otherwise specified in the recipe, as a standard. If this is your ideal distance, your doctor will prescribe reading glasses to increase your vision to 16 inches/40 cm. you did it No other configuration is required.

However, if you feel that 16 inches/40 cm is too close (as is the case with most computer users) or too far (which is often the case with those with short arms.) you can adjust the power again. you will need to configure.

The strength of reading glasses that are right for you depends on where you want to see clearly (for example, reading in bed or reading in bed). working on the computer, etc.), then measuring the distance. Then look at the table below.

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Start by finding the number you got so far in the top row labeled “If @ 40cm ADD:” then scroll down that column until you find the row with the distance you need. (shown on the left).

Of course, not everything needs to be based on the theoretical calculations discussed in this article. This should give you a good starting point. The next step is to go to your favorite over-the-counter reading glasses retailer and try them on.

Let’s start with the numbers you have finished after reading this article. If you feel you need to improve your distance vision, reduce your power

How To Choose The Right Strength Reading Glasses

If any part of this article is not explained

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