The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card – You asked for it and we got it. Here is a county-approved list of the best free credit cards. There are many options, depending on whether you usually spend most of your money on restaurants, home cooking, travel, utilities, sports, online shopping, home remodeling, furniture and decor, entertainment, shopping on Amazon, your business. or other categories. In this list, we prioritized non-repayable credit cards with no annual fees.

A cashback credit card is a credit card benefit where you get a small percentage of the money you pay back on your credit card.

The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

Cash back credit cards work by giving you a fraction of every eligible purchase. Compared to credit cards that offer points or miles as rewards, cash-back credit cards are generally easier to use and understand.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards Of July 2023

For example, if a credit card offers 2 percent cash back on every purchase, you get 2 cents cash back for every dollar spent. This award can be given to you in the form of a statement of credit, a check mailed to you, or deposited directly into your bank account.

Sometimes credit card companies also offer a higher refund percentage for a particular category, such as products. If you spend most of your money in one category, it may be worth looking for a cashback credit card that offers a higher percentage of rewards for that category.

We spent hours of research to determine the best card for each use case. We’ve reviewed payback rates, annual fees, signature bonuses, and other pros and cons for each major spending area and spending limits. Our goal was to show the best-in-class card in each category, and nowhere else is a list like it.

There is a certain amount you have to spend to get the welcome bonus. For example, some are $1000 for the first 3 months. However, we have decided not to detail the payment terms so that this list is not too difficult to read.

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Wells Fargo Active Cash Card (here): Our top recommendation for the best fixed cash back card is Wells Fargo Active Cash. With 2% cash back on all purchases, no annual fees, and an introductory offer of $200, we recommend buying something outside of the recommended categories, such as the categories described below, where you can earn higher returns. value is more than 2%. Citi Double Cash Card (here): Go too. Note that our recommendation in this niche has historically been the Citi card, which offers the same 2% purchase as the Wells card above, no annual fee, and – up to two weeks ago – limited $200 bonus signatures. . Citi’s new offering effectively combines the two.

(1) Wells’ 0% initial APR applies to balances and purchases, while Citi’s APR offer applies to balance transfers only; The interest-free period of the purchase is of great importance if you are expecting large expenses that you cannot repay immediately;

(2) While the Wells card offers a standard $200 sign-up bonus, the Citi card only offers this bonus during rare special promotions; This makes it easier because by the time you read this, the Citi card may have canceled the $200 sign-in bonus.

The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Card (here): Our solid recommendation for the best low-cost credit card for foodies is Chase Freedom Unlimited. 3% cash back on meal, a generous 1.5% payout rate on all other expenses, no annual fees, $300 upfront and valuable added benefits, no card reviews, and that’s if you’re gourmet with normal spending patterns.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards Of June 2023

Why don’t most other cards have additional attractive or comparable benefits, set the amount of spend you can earn to 3%, like $500 per month, or have high annual fees. The main additional benefits of this card are 3% cash back at pharmacies and 5% cash back on travel when you book a Chase location.

Also, you can now earn an extra 1.5% on all purchases you make during the first year using the link above (and here). It’s unclear how long this promotion will last, but it gives you 4.5% cashback on groceries, 4.5% on pharmacy spend, 6.5% on travel through Chase, and 3% on everything else.

Note that Freedom Unlimited is better than Freedom Flex in our rating because it has the same advanced features – 3% cash back at restaurants and pharmacies – and 1.5% on everything else. However, if you’re a very active card user and don’t mind following changes in categories, Chase Freedom Flex will give you 5% cashback on bonus categories that change quarterly, such as grocery stores, streaming services. et cetera.

Citi Private Credit Card (here): If you spend less than $830 per month on groceries, we recommend the Citi Private Credit Card. With no annual fee and $200 introductory bonus, you’ll automatically earn 5% back up to $500 per month from your highest eligible spend category each month. Eligible categories include grocery stores, restaurants, gas, transportation, drug stores, home improvement stores, gyms and fitness centers, streaming services, and entertainment. Citi will automatically apply this 5% rate to your highest rate at the end of the month.

Pnc Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card Review: Is It Any Good?

However, the main disadvantage of this card is that this income is limited to $6,000 per year divided by $500 per month. For this reason…

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Card (here): If you’re spending more than $830 a month on groceries, we recommend SavorOne. You’ll get 3% cash back on food, food, streaming and entertainment, no annual fees and a $200 sign-up bonus. While it doesn’t earn as much directly from the groceries as the Citi Special Cash above, you’ll get extra cash back if your monthly purchases exceed $830.

$500 per month is the Lesson Card’s 5% payout limit, meaning you only earn 1% on product sales within that limit; The aforementioned $830 per month; $834 is correct. Additionally, you can find the same 3% food gain as with Chase Freedom Unlimited, but everything else – 1.0% versus 1%. 1.5% However, this is still the best card for those who have a big investment in their kitchen.

The Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

Bank of America Personal Cash Rewards Card (here): BofA Personal Cash Rewards is our top recommendation for online shopping. The best part about this card is that you get great rewards on online purchases with 3% cashback at restaurants, gas stations, travel, drugstores or home decor depending on your preference. 2% cashback at grocery and wholesale clubs, no annual fees and $200 sign up bonus .

Best Credit Cards In July 2023

What’s the worst part about this card? Your income is limited. You must select a category to earn a 3% upfront only on the first $2.5k purchases in the 3% and 2% categories every quarter, and the total annual limit is $10,000. But the good news is that $10,000 worth of online shopping is enough for most people.

As it’s one of the few cards that offer this, we recommend getting 3% cash back in one installment, which means online shopping for most people, and just use your digital retail treatment card to avoid going. over the three-month limit.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card (here): Second best. If you already have bank with Amex and want more access there, this card is better than the BofA High Cash Rewards above. This is explained by the lower limit of high income. But it is also good, as it can be compared in other ways.

You get the same 3% cashback on online purchases, annual fee and signup bonus, but your 3% income limit is less than $6,000 per year. It’s still a good card, and the 3% cashback rate also goes for groceries and gas.

Cash Back Or Points? Exploring Your Rewards Credit Card Options

Note that while Chase Freedom Unlimited gives you 3% cash back on groceries and groceries no matter how much you spend, this card is only valid for the first $6,000 spent in that category each year. What makes this card stand out is the 3% rate it offers on online purchases, but as stated, the annual limit you earn on 3% is lower than the adjusted cash rewards above. : $6,000 versus $10,000. .

Citi Custom Cash Card (here): For heavy riders, we recommend Citi Custom Cash, which is our recommendation above for grocery shopping under $830 per month. We only recommend

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