How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House – Summer is in full swing and it’s full of family vacations, road trips, afternoons outdoors, and collecting sand that won’t leave the bottom of the car. It’s the busiest time of year in the painting world – the perfect time to repaint your exterior. But when it comes to outdoor color options, things can get serious. There have been some radical changes in exterior design this year, and we hope they make your choices free.

At the beginning of each year, colorists combine their resources to create a color scheme for the coming year. The forecast includes all of the 3-6 colors that the company predicts will be used by painting contractors and homeowners that year. Most corporate forecasts have two parts: one internal and one external.

How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

The most prominent theme in this year’s color forecast is the transition from neutral colors to vibrant colors. Homeowners used to stick to colors like blue, taupe, and white, but now they’re starting to get bolder with more classic colors. These ideas are clearly reflected in the color predictions and writings of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, two of the world’s greatest paint manufacturers.

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

One important thing to remember when choosing your outdoor colors: you are creating a timeless statement. With this in mind, you’ll want to go with a color scheme that’s classy, ​​will last for years, and matches your personality and tastes.

The color choices that are popular this year are great for the Pacific Northwest. With our daily weather, it is important that we choose colors that will not fade or look faded in our greenery. With these two things in mind, gray colors and dark tones are the best choices.

Earthy, rich varieties are also a good choice – they blend well with the Western Washington environment, age well, and produce a classy and unique look. Sherwin Williams’ Unity palette also includes bold, bright colors that create bold accents against muted tones.

Soft, earthy pastels came back into fashion, and proved to be earthy and durable. The pale appearance of these tones is a good choice for outdoors, as they already have a hidden pigment, so any fading from the sun can be very subtle. Pastel colors go beyond the stereotypical in simple but beautiful colors that bring an air of fun.

Home Exterior Paint Color Palette Benjamin Moore Pale Gray

In general, when choosing an outdoor model, it is very important to choose a model that will stand the test of time and continue to be loved for many years.

At the beginning of the 1800s, when house painting had to be done with little regard for color and design, there were two types of paint: white for houses and red for barns. Now, in addition to the thousands of pre-painted options offered by paint manufacturers, the latest paint store can create a color scheme for any color that a homeowner can give them!

What’s interesting is that even though the exterior appearance is decreasing every season, the exterior appearance hasn’t changed much over the years. For as long as most people working in the home and construction industry can remember, the exterior design has been very simple: a black body color that provides good coverage on the edges, white polishing, and maybe a door or a shutter tone if you want. . Thick. But in recent years, courage has caught on and people have started to look differently.

How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

Over the last five years, people have become more interested in using their trim as a real accent rather than a white one. In general, people prefer neutral beige or white because their body colors go well with fun, bold colors. In some areas, they made a permanent decision to have the body and cut in the same color in their home! Instead of following tradition, people began to accept decorative paintings as an opportunity to express their personality.

Everything You Need To Know About Painting Your Home’s Exterior

What we have seen in recent years is the concept of non-physical forms. Instead of the white, blue or beige colors that have become so popular in the past few years, people are leaning towards alternatives such as reds, greens and dark greys. Still considered to be classic but unconventional, body colors are perfect for those who are looking to create a carefree, mature look that comes with selling a bright color.

When choosing exterior paint colors, don’t forget their gables. Although gables may seem like more of a hindrance than a blessing due to proper maintenance to make them look good, there are many options you can do with gables. The most popular method is to use a clear stain, which adds a natural wooden element to the unusual exterior of the house. The most popular option is to go with a solid stain—which lasts 2-4 years longer than a transparent one—and completely change the color of the gables. A solid stain is like a paint-like color, while the light texture is completely visible or close to it. Solid colors allow you to play with different colors: cover it in the same color as the sides, make it a little lighter than the body color, or choose a completely different look with dark accents.

Detail doors are an easy and popular way to add detail to an exterior design project. Plain doors pair beautifully with a solid color, while an accent door adds a splash of color and personality that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Side-to-side door styles are an endless choice and give the homeowner more freedom in making decisions than tilting and cutting. The color of the door is something to consider carefully and freely. Red doors are timeless, yellow doors are very popular this year, and the little blue doors we’ve been seeing are amazing!

Even consider a light body color and a dark door color. It still allows the door to be clear, but not bright, as opposed to the black color. Such contrasts can add a lot of attention to the colors of your home.

Tips On Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Homes

Whatever colors you choose, remember that your choice is for your home and should match it. Regardless of the colors and patterns, let your colors always reflect what you want. Here at Amsberry’s Painting, we are committed to providing the best service to meet our customers’ needs. It’s not too late to paint your home this summer – order a free estimate now!

Ellen is an office assistant and resident blogger at Amsberry’s Painting. She loves reading, writing, drawing and the Pacific Northwest. It is often found with a cup of tea. Does your home need new exterior paint? Over time, exterior paint wears off, fades or cracks due to various weather conditions. Even if your home’s exterior paint is still looking good, it may be time for a change!

How do you choose the right exterior paint colors for your home? With so many beautiful colors to choose from, finding the right match can be difficult. Would you go with clean and simple?

How To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

But bold and bold purple? The options are endless, so it’s important to think carefully before painting your home. If you want to be sure that you have chosen the right exterior color for your home, continue reading below.

Exterior Home Color

If your home has old architecture and features, painting the exterior in a bright color is a good idea. Combining old architecture with bright, modern colors will help every little thing stand out. It also makes things look more focused, because the original exterior colors are not bright and bold.

If you don’t want to be a thrill seeker, you might want to consider looking at original paint colors. Take the paint and see what’s inside the last few coats. You can take the sample to your paint professional and mix the same.

When you’re a little confused, look outside your home. What colors do you see? There are many different types that nature has to offer.

Is your home surrounded by oceans and beaches? Do you have trees in your street that are bigger than anything else? Use a variety of natural resources to help you choose your outdoor space

How To Choose The Right Paint Color For The Exterior Of A Home

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