Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls – Looking for curtains for gray walls? Whether you have dark gray or light gray walls, these 17 curtain colors and styles will look great!

You know I love me a gray wall. We went from a dark, moody gray in our living room to a light, airy gray in our daughter’s nursery. In the last house we had a neutral gray color throughout the house, I think the gray walls will be the color solution for our home regardless of the house.

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

If you have gray walls, you may be wondering what color curtains go with them if they are light gray or dark gray. Today I’m giving away 17 beautiful curtains for gray walls so you’re in luck

Curtain Color Mistakes: What To Avoid And Why |

Each curtain idea below includes photo ideas to show you how the color would look on a gray wall! Instead of giving you color ideas, I’m going to offer some curtain options for those of you who want to add more character to your look.

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Every time I go to write a gray blog, I don’t know if I should write gray or gray. So I officially googled it and gray is American English and gray is British English spelling. Is logical

So before I jump into the curtain matching gray wall idea, I thought I’d throw in a quick note

Choosing Curtains For A Light Grey, Dark…

As for these curtains for gray walls (since our audience is primarily American), I’m going to refer to these ideas as curtains for gray walls instead of curtains for gray walls, but for all intents and purposes I’m referring to. to these ideas. the same thing. When I’m writing a gray wall, I’m like a gray wall

These curtains come in a beautiful dark gray color that matches the light gray wall color shown in the photo.

These affordable screens feature room-darkening technology that blocks out unwanted light, an energy-efficient design that reduces energy lost through your windows by up to 25%, and an energy-efficient design that reduces noise for a quieter, more immersive experience. undisturbed sleep.

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

Add a beautiful dimensional finish to your draped curtain panels with a Jacobean print.

Ukap Gray Pink Double Layer Blackout Window Curtain Thermal Insulated Window Drapes Grommet Room Darkening Curtain Gradient Color Curtain Valance For Kids Girl Bedroom 39

The rod pocket design feature allows for easy hanging so you can see your new curtains right away. Filter the right amount of sunlight into your space with stunning design

The tiles are available in blue, coral and neutral colors and in 3 different sizes, so you can choose the perfect look for your gray walled room.

Decorate your space with this gorgeous teacup floral curtain printed with your design.

With Spoonflower, each design is created by an independent background designer who receives a commission on each sale, and each order is printed and sewn for you.

Fashnice Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel Thermal Insulated Modern Bedroom Energy Efficient Curtains Luxury Solid Color Window Drapes Light Grey 52 X 102 Inch

I love that these curtains come in a variety of fabrics (canvas or linen) and 3 different lengths and can be hung using the rod pocket or back clip for a gathered or elegant look.

Who says you can’t have gray curtains with gray walls? I love the charcoal Sun Zero Nolan curtain panels which are perfect for any room in your home.

The easy-to-hang woven design offers a classic style that matches any room decor, blocks out light and noise, and helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter for a better night’s sleep.

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

The beautiful mustard yellow color of these curtains is perfect for this living room with gray walls. These linen look curtains are made of black fabric with a triple weave finish and do not contain a chemically treated lining.

Colors Of Curtains To Choose When Matching Greige Walls

They are eco-friendly, soft, thick and wrinkle-free with light-blocking function, blocking 85%-99% of daylight and UV rays, effectively darkening your room and bringing you a good night’s sleep on weekend mornings and holidays. .

Mustard yellow terracotta is very hot right now! I love the look of the terracotta curtains in this room. They bring modern sophistication to any living space.

The built-in metal clips are easy to hang and feature light-extinguishing technology that blocks most outside light, reduces outside noise by up to 30% and reduces energy by up to 40%.

You know how much I love vegetables! Whether it’s green paint, green accent walls, or a green kitchen, I’m all over it! These olive vegetables are no exception Lush Decor Prima Velvet Curtains Color Block Room Darkening Window Set For Living, Dining, Bedroom, 84 In L Panel Pair, Light Gray

An added touch of velvet texture gives them a luxurious feel. They are silky soft and oh so cute!

If you like the look of the velvet curtains you saw in the last option, you’ll love this one. This beautiful blue color combines with the gray color of the walls for a cool look, suitable for a more masculine or beach style room.

You won’t believe how soft this velvet curtain is! Combined with room dimming features, they offer the same energy efficiency and sound insulation as other display options.

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

An invisible leaf print on the tree’s swirling branches creates a natural look that is both timeless and attractive. West Lake Gray White Sheer Curtains 84 Inches Color Block Stripe Panels For Bedroom Living Room Rod Pocket Window Treatment Farmhouse Linen Look Semi Sheer Drapes 40”x84”2

Curtains let light in and it illuminates the room. I love the sage green color shown here with the light gray walls

I absolutely love these beige linen curtains in our modern boho living room. They go so well with the dark gray wall color which is very graphic charcoal. They have rod pockets and tabs on the back (we use them in our living room).

I love the texture of the linen and the light filter that lets in natural light but still provides the privacy we want.

The ruffles on the textured fabric for these curtains offer a fun, stylish and trendy edge. I love that they have so many color options if you want a different colored edge

Gorgeous Colors That Go With Gray

Let in natural light and slide the stitched rod over the pocket curtain rod.

As you can see, these are beautiful gray curtains from our daughter’s boho country garden, where the walls are painted in a beautiful beige gray. Fine cotton fabric gently filters light and increases privacy

This lightly textured shade gently filters sunlight and adds privacy. Pair these curtains with curtains or blinds on double rods for a stylish layered look.

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

Includes rod pocket that easily hangs on standard ¾” diameter curtain rods.

Living Room Color Schemes For A Cozy, Livable Space

Vintage Blue Textured Curtain Panels add dimension and style to any room in your home with a soft, textured semi-striped fabric that gently filters light and enhances privacy.

Perfect for the living room or bedroom, the simple tab design allows for installation on standard curtain rods up to 1½ in diameter.

As you can see from the product image, it is a beautiful mix of light gray wall color and light gray blue.

When it comes to white curtains, they are very luxurious and timeless.

What Color Curtains Go With Grey Walls?

They are versatile enough to complement any home decor style and can be used alone or in combination with other window treatments.

This unique solution to the popular ombre style will look great in your home. The horizontal lines show two continuous color gradients for a modern look. The simple design allows these curtains to fit into almost any style, including modern farmhouse, boho chic and contemporary homes.

These monitors have a three-inch pole pocket that is easy to install. Hang them in any room to hide them from the outside and let some light into your home. They look great in a gray painted room!

Living Room Curtain Color For Gray Walls

Add a decorative touch to your windows with Velvet Trim light-filtering curtains from Target’s Threshold Line.

Flawless Ways To Style A Gray Sofa

Crafted in neutral cream tones and embellished with decorative velvet trims for a luxurious style, these velvet decorative curtains are made from a lightweight filter material that lets in just the right amount of daylight.

The top backpack pocket is easy to hang on and off, and the 100% cotton construction and machine-washable design ensure long-lasting durability and hassle-free maintenance.

Hanging in the living room or bedroom, this colorful velvet curtain will add extra elegance to any space.

Add style and function to your gray room with these navy curtains. They’re the perfect touch to our son’s rustic nursery and are our first fixtures (in case you’re wondering, the walls are painted a beige-style gray in this room).

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls?

We loved them so much that we took them with us when we left

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