How To Get The Right Size Curtains

How To Get The Right Size Curtains – The right choice of curtains or drapes can instantly turn an average room into a fantastic one! They add impact, improve lighting and, if hung correctly, can make a window appear wider and give a room the illusion of height.

Keep in mind that you can choose the perfect fabric and pattern, the best color and the ideal style of rods, but if you don’t hang them properly, all that good taste has gone to waste.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

By changing the way the curtains are hung, you can easily freshen up the room. The key is to think bigger and longer.

The Right Way To Hang Curtains And Drapes.

Width: To make the window appear larger and let in more light, add 3 to 6 inches beyond the window frame on each side. Not only will you let more light into the room, but you will have attractive moldings and perfect windows.

To draw the eye up and give the room visual height, add 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Alternatively, you can measure half the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Drapes that just fall to the floor or float no more than half an inch above it create a crisp, classic look.

For a more casual and romantic touch, let the curtains float 2 to 3 inches above the floor, as Jo-Annid did when designing this Uptownes model home. Blackout Window Curtain 2 Panels, Spring Watercolor Leaves Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains, Privacy Protect Drapes For Bedroom Living Room Kitchen, 52x96inch, Green Plant

“In the Uptownes model home great room (below), we wanted to draw attention and not cover the windows because they are so beautiful. When you attach a rod to the ceiling and pull the curtains down to the floor, it adds height to the room.”

Aurora Fall Back To School BBQ BBQ Cardinal Point Christmas Community Decorating Decorating DIY Fall Family Activities Garden Gardens Gardening Tips Homes Halloween Holiday Home Home Decorating Home Tips Interior Design Kitchen Landscape Neighborhood New Home New Homes Outdoors Peace in Major Colors Color Picks Pumpkins Recipes Spring Stouffville Range Stouffville Summer Uptownes Whitchurch-Stouffville Winter The first step in choosing new shades is measuring. You can thus find out whether your windows are more suitable for our already manufactured blinds or whether our Made to Measure Express or Designed For You services are more suitable.

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to take quick and accurate measurements or use our virtual meeting service for help and advice from an assessor.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

Another option is to order a home inspection for processing windows that we will install for you, when one of our experts will come to your home and measure your windows.

Hanging Curtains All Wrong

We offer virtual and in-home sessions where you can speak to one of our assessors who will provide a combination of hands-on measurements, planning and technical advice

Browse over 2000 fabrics and to see how the colors will look in your home, simply request up to 5 free samples. Choose your products and Herbert Parkinson Partners (our exclusive textile factory in Lancashire) will make high quality blinds and shades to your measurements

Simply visit your nearest store or book an appointment at your home and we will design bespoke furniture for your home. Our designed-for-you blinds and roman shades are available in 4-10 weeks and you’ll have access to over 4000 fabrics from 20 brands with a huge selection of patterns and colours. If you need help, our experts are happy to help you with your project.

We have a wide selection of goods that you can buy by the yard online. You can request up to 5 free samples that will arrive within 5 days. In store, we have several brands for you to explore and thousands of fabrics to choose from.

How To Measure For Curtains: Easy Steps For A Perfect Finish

Defined by the header: this is the top of the hinge where it meets the fence or pole.

Our ready made curtains are only available in eyelet and pencil style, while our express made to order curtains are available in a variety of head styles:

Create wide, even pleats for a modern look. Suitable for use with curtains only. The eyelets have a standard diameter of 40 mm.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

For a wider selection of heads and filling options, simply visit your nearest store or book an appointment at your home and we’ll design you a custom design

How To Hang Curtains Like A Designer

Our ready-made curtains are available in a variety of linings, while our express made-to-order curtains are available in a variety of lining styles:

Our standard 100% cotton cover is exceptional value, with the quality and flow of a natural fabric. Available in two color variants.

Designed to block light for better sleep and protect fabrics from fading in the sun. Available in two color variants. Note that no blackout mat blocks 100% of light.

For a wider selection of covers, simply visit your nearest store or book an appointment at your home and we’ll tailor a design for you

Our Favorite Curtain Rods Organized By Size (+ Our Rules For Hanging Them)

Available as part of the Designed For You service, we offer a range of decorative details for your windows and matching products such as cushions to complement any space.

Available in a variety of head styles, we have a handpicked range of 30 bespoke sheer, sheer and net curtains

A curtain is a piece of fabric that covers the curtain rod and rail for a decorative finish.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

Scales are padded boards that can be flat or shaped to your choice. A screen is used to cover the rail and create a stunning window

Diy Custom Lined Curtains (it’s Easier Than You Think!)

Measure the full width of the rail or jamb (not including extensions) – don’t measure the window unless it’s wall to wall.

Before measuring the length, decide whether you want your curtains to hang over the window sill, below the window sill or all the way to the floor. We recommend:

Pencil hangers: Measure from the eye – the small metal ring at the bottom of each hanger ring. This will prevent the rod or rings from being covered by the curtain.

Curtains with eyelets: use a rod with at least 10 cm of rod overlap, so that the deep “S” wave can slide freely on the wall without restriction

How To Measure Curtains

If you’ve decided you like Designed For You shades and know what style and fabric you want, you can book a free in-home appointment with us so we can accurately measure you and give you a quote for in-home fitting.

If you spend £1,000 or more on furniture, you can spread the cost of the purchase interest-free (0% dealer APR, subject to condition and terms).

Step 1. For pencil pleated curtains, measure the total length of the rail or rod and divide by two to get the correct width for each curtain. If your curtains are partial or half, place them on the outer edge of the window.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

Step 2. Tie the three pulled cords at the front edge of the curtain. At the same time, pull the three cords on the outer edge of the curtain and fold the curtain in even folds to the desired width.

How To Measure Where To Put Tiebacks On A Curtain

Step 3 Tie the string and wrap the excess string around the supplied string. Do not cut off the excess cord as you may need to leave the pleats out to dry clean the curtains.

Step 1. For pencil pleated curtains, insert ribbon hooks into the top row of pockets to hang the curtain under a pole or rail. Insert hooks into the bottom row of head pockets to cover the rail.

Step 2. Insert the hook into each end of the strip and then across the curtain at about 8cm intervals to create even coverage.

Step 3 Make sure you have the same number of hooks on each hanger as there are gliders or rings on the pole or track. When counting the gliders on your track, remember to count the fixed end stop.

How To Pick The Perfect Curtains For Your Living Room

Step 1. They come in the correct width, with hooks already installed and set to the ordered height.

Step 2. Check the position of the hook. If the position of the hook needs to be adjusted, this can be done by moving the hook along the slide from one notch to another. To raise the hook, slide it down on the bottom of the slider until it is free, then reinsert the hook on the top of the slider and slide it down to the desired position.

Step 3 Check the hinge against the rail or rod – we’ve included extra swivel hooks that you slide into the end of each hinge to fit the rail or rod.

How To Get The Right Size Curtains

Step 2. Thread the eyelets over the chosen rod so that the awning fabric is facing the front, outer edge so that the reverse side is not visible. Lieson Sheer Bedroom Curtains Eyelet 84 Inch Long, Voile Curtain 2 Panels Set Transparent Solid Color Army Green Window Treatment Blackout Curtains 34

Step 3. An outer edge tab is placed between the bracket and the finish to anchor the curtain and prevent it from moving when the curtains are closed.

All Made To Measure Express and Designed For You curtains are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned unless faulty or as described.

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