How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

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Afton Williams is a makeup artist who has worked with the biggest names in TV, film and music and shares her makeup skills.

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

Maya Allen is a beauty writer with over five years of experience in hair, makeup, skin, and nails. She is currently the beauty editor for InStyle magazine.

How To Find The Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick

To be clear: you can use any shade of lipstick you like. But with that being said, the number of lipstick options can be overwhelming. So if you’re looking for a tried-and-true new daily shade to complement your skin tone, look no further. Inside, makeup artists explain exactly how to choose lipstick based on skin type.

How to spot cool undertones: You look great if your skin has pink, red, or blue undertones.

You can tell you have a good voice if the veins in your arms look blue, if silver jewelry fills your skin, or if your skin tends to burn before you tan.

Blue or purple lipstick, though that would be just as amazing). For example, when choosing a red lip, look more towards blue reds (think cherry red) than other oranges. If your lips are bare, you can enhance the beauty of your lips with pink, nude or choose a dark beige for a more natural look. When in doubt, lip balms can change your lip color and blend with different looks (and will help, too).

Cheap & Chic! Best Drugstore Nude Lipsticks (for Medium Skin Tones)

If your lips are extremely dry but you want intense color, use a preventative lip treatment to prevent chapping: Try Anokha Lip Butter ($35), which contains a blend of waxes and essential oils that act as a mild moisturizer. for any lip color.

How to know your warmth: You are very warm if your skin has yellow, gold or olive undertones.

By your warm tone, you can tell if the veins in your hands look green (and blue), if gold jewelry fills your skin, or if you tend to be flexible.

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

The best lipsticks for hot activities are the warm-toned lipsticks. Think bright oranges, brick reds, and terracotta blues. go naked? A good rule of thumb is to match your skin tone to the shade of your lipstick. For example, if you have fair skin, strip, if you have deep skin, strip.

How To Find Your Perfect Nude Lipstick 2023: Undertone Vein Testing

Best Lipstick Shades: Reds and oranges look great on warm skin. If you’re feeling bold, bronze and gold are best for you.

How to tell you’re neutral: You’re not neutral if you have a mix of pink and yellow under your skin.

Neutrals look good in gold and gold. Fortunately, a wide variety of colors complement each other in this role. Try pink shades for fair skin, pink shades for medium skin, and light shades for deep skin.

Gray lipsticks give the false impression of washing your face, but the key is to choose a cool shade (like Melt Cosmetics’ Space Cake Lipstick)—they’re versatile and can even whiten teeth.

The Perfect Lip Color For Date Night

If you’re still searching for the perfect lip shade for your skin, remember that your makeup will match the shade you choose: cool designs look best with bold lipsticks, warm ones with warm undertones, and neutrals go both ways.

It is important to note that acne and pimples are two very different things. Skin tone refers to the depth of your skin (light, medium, dark, deep) and can vary by season (better in cooler months, deeper in summer). Then there is the exercise that reveals the essence of your skin. This means that the common misconception that thin skin can’t heat or deep skin can’t cool is just that: a misconception.

Personal care: You should choose a lip color with which you feel comfortable. If a coral hue inspires confidence but doesn’t fit the ‘rules’, go ahead and ditch it. Basically, nude lipsticks are synonymous with dark, ombre, and pea shades, but there’s a fine line between nudes. lips and the cold, which -although recent- we want to keep in perspective.

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

When it comes to color matching, the general terms “warm,” “cool,” and “neutral” are also thrown around when you see nude lipstick.

Perfect Lip Gloss Hues For The New You

The nerve test is a form of color perception and “a quick answer to defining your undertones and undertones,” says esthetician Sandy Marogy, who adds that it’s the key to neutral makeup.

A vein test checks the color of the veins in the hands, which is related to the three skin tones just mentioned.

Code8 Global Beauty makeup artist Sasha Ghodstinat tells me: “Blue veins mean cool tones, green means warm. If you can’t tell if you’re somewhere in between, you’re neutral and your role is warm and welcoming. “

But a good tone does not mean that we equip it with another warm tone, but rather that we paint those natural colors.

Color The World Lipsticks

“If you have blue veins (which is why you’re cold), go for a purple or blue lipstick. Green veins need yellow undertones, so it adds warmth and complements the skin.”

It’s important to note that while our responsibility is all about getting the right lipstick color, our skin tone is all about undertone, as Ella & Jo Cosmetics founder Charlene Flanagan points out:

“The depth of the lipstick color should relate to your skin tone; light skin, so naked, dark skin, dark skin. “

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

“Warm-skinned people with green, hazel, or brown eyes can choose warm shades like peach, while people with cool skin tones and blue or gray eyes can try pink colors,” says Ella Flanagan. “Olive skin tones work well with beige, black, or sweet or reddish fruits. For deeper skin, try dark caramel and sweet cocoa.”

How To Choose A Lipstick Based On Your Skin Tone, According To Makeup Artists

How do we know if we have found the right color match? “A bare vanity gives you back your stuff and your whole face,” says Ghodstinat. “The eyes are bigger, the hair color is more visible, the skin is visible. Nude lipstick, which is compared to its extension, cleanses us, shapes the face and changes the color of the eyes. “

Marogy confirmed that she is naked and that her beauty will show her off. “A person’s teeth can turn yellow or gray. The color will look like it just sits on the lips, as opposed to a natural lip color that will enhance a person’s shine.”

Or try the jewelry test. This means placing silver or gold jewelry near your veins to see what complements your skin tone. “Silver represents hard work, gold represents warm tones,” says Ghodstinat.

Another tip to find the perfect lipstick is to check the pigment of your lips. Some may have very pigmented or dry lips, which diminishes the tone of your lips and makes it difficult to achieve a good nude lipstick. By combating this, you will ensure that your lips are full as well.

Loreal Age Perfect Satin Lipstick, You Choose

“Naturally, the pH level and temperature of your blood will heat up your melanin, so you’ll be warmer in the summer, even if you’re in a cooler role, which is why seasonal makeup is so important,” says Ghodstinat. .

Muscle testing isn’t just helpful in finding the perfect lipstick, foundation, and concealer, she says, but it’s a “rule of thumb” that we can apply to our clothing, jewelry, and hair color.

Blush can really change the way you think about nude lipstick, it really did for me. After visiting Code8 Beauty (a brand with a dedicated lipstick lab), I found out that I have blue veins and a cool, neutral complexion, but my natural lip pigment is a deep red. After years of loving soft peach hues and well-done pink lip liner, I realized my perfect makeup wasn’t all that great.

How To Find The Perfect Lip Color

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Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Lip Color Bare Your Soul, Club Brat, Cinnamon, Wine

It’s frustrating when you find a gorgeous nude berry shade on someone else’s lips, only to find out (after purchase) that the same color doesn’t look as good on your lips.

Choosing a lipstick can be difficult, especially if you choose colors that may not match your skin tone. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can wear almost any lipstick color available as long as you choose from the right palette.

You can choose a palette based on your natural skin tone. They are easy to find and we will show you how. We’ll also make recommendations for cruelty-free and vegan treats for every skin type.

Midtones are the natural colors under you

Find The Perfect Lip Liner For Your Hot Lips 2 Shade!

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