What Are The Richest Counties In America

What Are The Richest Counties In America – Virginia is home to some of the wealthiest counties in the country (Loudoun, Virginia), but has the largest wealth gap between the richest and poorest counties.

We took a closer look at each state’s median income at the county level, looking at the nation’s poorest and richest counties, and the data is pretty startling.

What Are The Richest Counties In America

What Are The Richest Counties In America

Loudoun, VA has a median household income of $134,600, the poorest county in the state, while Buchanan, VA has a median household income of $31,800, over $100,000. West Virginia’s McDowell (poor) and Jefferson (rich) counties border these two Virginia counties.

The Wealthiest And Poorest County In Every U.s. State

The state also has the second wealthiest county (Howard County, Massachusetts) with the highest median household income.

But Massachusetts also has the fourth-largest gap between the state’s poorest and richest counties.

The states with the largest gap between the poorest and richest counties in the United States are Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee, all of which have a gap of nearly $80,000 or more in median household income.

Looking at this chart, you can see that the higher the state median household income and the highest county income, the greater the wealth inequality. While this is certainly true in Maryland, where the disparity is large, there are exceptions. For example, Kentucky has a low median state and high inequality. Then there’s Alaska, which has the highest income ($76,100) and the lowest inequality of the entire state (a difference of only about $49,700).

A Closer Look At Poverty Across The United States

Us. According to the Census Bureau’s (ACS) American Community Survey, the richest and poorest counties in the United States are:

Of course, some of the wealthiest counties in America are all in a single state. Virginia and California appear several times in the top 10 list. Kentucky has made the list of poorest counties several times.

Ask yourself. “What is the poorest county in our state?” And see how that compares to America’s wealthiest counties. An in-depth look at wealth inequality by state can reveal which communities are lagging behind on the road to progress and which local governments need to find new ways to help the state as a whole.

What Are The Richest Counties In America

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The Wealthiest Places In Each Of Pa.’s 67 Counties

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To be clear, this does not mean that the richest people in America live where they commute from D.C. In fact, parts of Connecticut, New York, and California are even wealthier than the wealthiest areas of the greater DC area. Instead, it tells us that counties of various sizes have the highest median income because those counties are surrounded by high-income (if not the wealthiest) households.

On the Virginia side, Falls Church City (#1 richest county in the country) borders Arlington (#7) and the eastern edge of Fairfax County (#5), borders Loudoun (#2) to the west. Head south from Loudoun via Prince William (#13) to Stafford (#9).

In Maryland, which surrounds Washington, clockwise from noon, Montgomery (12th), Howard (4th), Anne Arundel (24th), Calvert (23rd), St. Mary’s (#29) and Charles (#18). All these counties border each other and form a kind of reverse C (or Hebrew Fe) around the Earth.

Us Richest Counties [7984×4272]

Here are the word images on the actual image (note: some counties, like Falls Church City in number 1, are too small to see at this zoom level).

Overall, six of the 10 richest counties are in two states (9 of the top 20 counties), and even more impressively, 13 of the top 30 counties are in a continuous circle around the US capital.

Check out Census Explorer to see median household income and more for the state, county and neighborhood where you live.

What Are The Richest Counties In America

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