How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room – Curtains are essential in the living room to block light and create privacy. How to choose the best curtains for your space.

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How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

An element that serves both practical and stylistic purposes, living room curtains are an important spiritual touch that can dramatically change the experience you have in a room. Curtains are a great way to add color, create privacy, and continue a color palette or theme throughout the space. This is especially true in your living room, which for many is a place to gather with loved ones and unwind at the end of the day. H.versailtex Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Panels Room Darkening Blackout Drapes For Living Room Back Tab/rod Pocket Bedroom Draperies, 52 X 84 Inch, Ivory/cream, 2 Panels

To help you choose the best curtains for your living room, we’ve consulted experts for advice on factors such as design, different types of curtains and decorating ideas.

At Living Cozy, we curate our content with interior design and home decor experts. In this guide you will find advice for yourself:

When choosing curtains for living room windows, the first thing to consider is the location and needs of your windows. For example, “If your windows look out, adding an intimate layer of your chosen fabric does two things,” says Angela Boswell, “You add intimacy and add light to your room through the color white.”

However, if your home is secluded, it may be necessary to filter wardrobe light at certain times of the day. “I have only or half a skin, if that,” said Boswell. “But if you’re in an older house with draft-prone windows, I recommend using a heavier texture like silk or canvas … or black striped window curtains.”

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Also, look at what you use in the living room. Are you specifically using the space for hosting? If so, curtain panels that create a little mood might be what you’re looking for. Have a spot for a weekend retreat to catch up on reading? White screens that filter in the light can be answered. Is the room south facing and always full of light? In that case, blackout curtains are good.

If you’re stuck deciding what your room needs, Abby Evans suggests looking at the natural light in the room and deciding what you need for the overall feel. Then choose a screen that matches your lighting preferences.

“If you want to add a cozy, sad element, lean toward a heavier material like silk or satin,” says Evans. “For a free, organic feel, I wear linen, linen or sheer.”

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

As with any unique feature of your home, windows come in many different shapes and sizes. This means it’s important to consider the width and length of your windows when shopping for curtains.

Farmhouse Curtains For Living Room To Accent Your Windows

By doing this, this is your place for personal writing choices to shine. Some prefer screens that feed the floor, others smaller, practical screens that won’t disturb children and pets. It’s all about personal preference!

According to Angela Boswell, it’s helpful to think about your furniture when measuring the length of the drop, so “If your windows are behind a sofa or other large piece of furniture, try film-length curtains, which are curtain panels between two and four feet longer than the window.”

Boswell advises considering your needs when choosing a type of bedroom curtain. “If your curtains are used primarily as window decoration, the ability to open and close them is less important,” says Boswell. “But if they’re going to be opened and closed every day, choose a top style (bar, pocket, grommet or pinch plate) that’s easy to use.”

Stacey Garcia considers the width of the curtain rod when choosing curtains for the family room. “You want to extend the width of the screen to either side of the window,” says Garcia. “This allows more light to enter through the window when the curtains are pulled back.”

How To Choose Curtains For The Living Room

When shopping for other home decor, the type of fabric you choose has a big impact on the energy the curtains bring to your space.

“When choosing a more formal fabric, a heavier-looking fabric can give a space a more formal look,” says Beck Bergman, “a sheer fabric is perfect in a more elegant space.”

Stacey Garcia agrees, “Thicker fabrics provide more privacy, but they feel a little more formal.”

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

Consider the style of your room when choosing your living room curtains, because curtains want to complement the already established style of the room, not the eye.

Living Room Curtain Ideas That’ll Instantly Transform Your Space

If your living room style is traditional, consider a heavier and darker fabric for your curtains. On the other hand, if your bedroom is bright and modern, consider matching sheer curtains or linens to match the already established aesthetic.

“Once the style of the room is defined, the layout of the room, then you start thinking about what kind of fabric, then how to hang it,” says Beck Bergman.

When it comes to story length, there are many different (and often conflicting) principles. However, it is important to remember that there is no right answer.

“One of my pet peeves is that when curtains don’t go all the way to the floor, it rarely looks good,” says Beck Bergman. “For windows, you can go over the top of the window and down to the floor…I like when the curtains stop a little above the floor surface.” Jinchan Velvet Blackout Curtains For Living Room, Thermal Insulated Luxury Drapes For Bedroom 96 Inch Long, Room Darkening Window Treatments Rod Pocket 1 Panel, Gold Brown

Abby Evans always tells her clients to “go as high as they can go before trimming and then just lower” their curtains.

“Observe the natural light in the room and decide what you want for the ultimate feeling. If you want to feel cosy, touch sadness, gravitate toward a heavier material like silk or satin. For an open, organic feel, linen or cotton or sudden movement, Abbey Evans.

Just like the color or fabric you choose for the curtains, the length of the curtains is a personal choice. The screen lengths below will give you a good idea of ​​what you can choose for your screens;

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

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A technique used by many designers is matching fabric and wall colors to create a continuous color palette that makes a room appear larger. “It blends in and makes the space look bigger,” says Angela Boswell. “Hanging curtain rods close to the ceiling can also give the illusion.”

For an easy way to add color and pattern to your bedroom, use lots of curtains to add a little pattern or pop of color. “Fabric is always a great way to add some life to your space,” says Stacey Garcia. “If you want the window to be a man’s bedroom, don’t be afraid to choose a bold shape and color.”

If your goal is to make your window treatments stand out, Garcia recommends using color and object placement to draw your eye to the window. “Be sure to choose fabrics, shapes and finishes,” says Garcia.

Joe Human uses curtains to create contrast throughout the room. Recommends different hardware and finishes, rods, bands or rings to match or coordinate with other elements in the room to create a continuous look.

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“I try to achieve a curtain-style look,” Humanus says, “for example, a pleat is a more simple modern look, but the curtains have more fabric, while the tops look more detailed.”

When choosing leather for the home, Beck Bergman likes that less is more. She suggests “using maps for the wow factor and displays that compliment it, not the other way around.”

The exception, Bergman says, is when using Roman blinds. “They use less space and therefore allow for more material madness” without damaging anything else in the room.

How To Buy Curtains For Living Room

Although the designs seem to come with “rules”, remember to have fun and embrace your sense of style. Abby Evans suggests embracing your style by bringing in a bold color or pattern, or painting a pattern on your favorite pillow to tie the space together.

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We added black leather to give the room a cozy, light feel, and we added color with the rich color of the wood floors and walls,” explains Evans.

Adding style elements you love will create a “wow” factor that will make you and your guests want to use it every time!

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