How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

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Quality frames, like the handmade frames we offer with our prints, not only enhance the image you choose, but also protect your artwork by protecting it for years to come. All our prints come with four options for frames, so you can find the perfect one, but sometimes it can be hard to choose. A step-by-step guide will help you choose the perfect frame.

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

Choosing the right frame color and finish can do wonders to highlight the picture inside, but it should also complement your interior style. When choosing a frame, you should take some time to consider the overall look of your space, how your new artwork will relate to surrounding objects and art, and decide what aesthetic you want to achieve.

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King and McGaw source all materials for their handcrafted frames from sustainably managed forests in North American states where the temperate climate allows for slow growth rates. It produces wood with a uniform color and grain that is perfect for picture framing. The wood is cut in the UK and each frame is finished by hand in their workshop before being carefully packed and shipped for you to enjoy.

The classic option matches almost everything in our collection. If you want to see the grain of the wood, the hand-painted ash frame has a nice artisan touch. Responsibly sourced solid ash frame with high gloss black stain and hand polished colored wax.

For a lighter touch that helps the frame itself blend in with darker colored walls, the responsibly sourced solid satin wood frame offers a minimalist look perfect for contemporary prints, photography and a neutral that color palette. A smooth white satin finish is applied by hand.

You can choose our Gold gilded frame for the perfect touch for old traditional houses. Perfect for vintage prints, this solid pine frame is hand-painted and features a slight grain for a vintage feel.

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For a warmer touch and a bit of Scandi chic, the natural oak frame is a classic and elegant choice that works well with bold patterns, bright modern prints and lends timeless appeal to modern fabrics . The wax finish is applied by hand, with a satin finish that emphasizes the character of the wood

Since some prints are designed to be displayed like this, the performance from disassembly looks better without lines, like our paintings.

For our other prints, King and McGaw choose acid-free mounting board with a white core, which means the beveled edge cut closest to the print stays dry and white; low-quality frames discolor quickly so you’ll see an unattractive yellow edge. They also bevel the edges of the board with a deeper gradient than many high street shops, making the board thicker and your chosen piece of art more special.

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

All framed prints that leave King and McGaw are quality checked by their talented team and the back of every framed print that leaves our business is hand signed.

Picture Frame Set, 3 Piece Customizable Gallery Multi Pack, 1 5×7, 1 4×10, 1 4×4, For Tabletop Or Wall Display

Hope this helps, but if you’re still stuck, check out our other guides or if you’re ready to make a choice, head straight to our bestsellers below. Framing isn’t just about hanging your pictures on the wall. There is a certain strategy to choose from

There are many factors that go into creating your perfect custom frame, and they can be overwhelming. When you come to Frame It Easy to order your frames, you’ll find a variety of frame styles, colors, and shapes. It’s good to have these options, but we understand that choosing them is more difficult.

To help you choose the right picture frame to complement your piece, we’ve put together some tips for when you’re overwhelmed by all of our framing options.

When looking for the perfect frame to complement your piece, the first thing you should consider is the frame material. Here at Frame It Easy, we offer a variety of wood and metal frames in a variety of colors, thicknesses and styles.

How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Art

Of course, the picture you have framed should definitely play a role in your choice between a wood or metal frame. Different styles and fabrics work well with different frame materials.

For example, modern pieces like abstract art or black-and-white photos complement the simplicity of a metal frame well. Instead of distracting from the image, the metal bezels enhance the display with a subtle clear finish.

Wooden frames are an alternative that offer a sturdier and more traditional look. Great for paintings, useful photos or art, wooden frames complement these pieces with warmth and elegant details.

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

The style you want of interior design can also influence your choice between wood or metal frames. Whether you’re after a bohemian or a minimalist style, you’re sure to find the right frame to complement your artwork space. Check out our 10 interior design styles and our favorite frames to accessorize with! Here you will learn about our best design styles and frames and give you some confidence in choosing the perfect frame style.

How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Artwork

For a more in-depth analysis, check out our Wood vs. Metal Picture Frames: Which One Should You Choose?

When choosing the color of your frame, whether you’re looking to highlight a feature in your artwork or trying to complement the interior design style, you can take a variety of approaches. Remember to go with your gut when customizing your frame, especially when choosing a color. After all, you will be the one to show it!

It’s always a good idea to choose a frame color that matches your artwork or photo, which will not only emphasize a particular color, but also give a sense of continuity across the screen.

The chosen fabric color can be as wide or as small as you like. For a fabric that is mostly one color, choosing a frame in the same shade will create a sense of stability. However, choosing a frame color that matches a slight shade of fabric will draw attention to that color in the art. This technique will make your photo really pop (because it won’t be the same color as the rest of the photo) in addition to drawing eyes into the frame.

Picture Frame Set, 2 Piece Customizable Gallery Multi Pack, 2 4×10, For Tabletop Or Wall Display

For a clean and simple piece, consider choosing a frame color that is the exact opposite of the photo color. This creates a very dramatic effect and draws all eyes to the framed screen.

This technique can work on any fabric, simple or messy. A frame with contrasting colors will add character to the space you’re displaying it in and make a very bold statement. If you use this technique, we suggest you use a metal-style frame – you’ll speak loudly with color, but not create a cluttered feel to the artwork.

If you don’t want to emphasize a particular color in your piece or make a bold statement with a pale colored frame, going with a neutral colored frame is a great way to complement any work.

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

White frames are clean, classic and timeless. They can really bring out all the colors in an image – which can be particularly dramatic for color reproduction. We offer four white frame styles (Hanover, Derby, Dayton and Ashford). Check out our post for more tips, ideas and inspiration for white photo frames!

How To Choose The Right Frame

On the other hand, black frames are also a classic neutral frame option that can complement almost any artwork or photo. Almost all of our frame styles are offered in black, and you’re sure to find one that speaks to you!

One of the last parts to consider when choosing the right frame for your photo is tapestry. Besides adding a decorative touch to your matte work, it also separates your art from the cover.

Adding a border gives your display a formal and clean look and really complements the photos in the frame. Large posters and art may not require bedding, but it depends on the fabric and look you want.

However, the overlay is especially useful for small images and objects. If your work is smaller than 5″ x 5″, you will definitely want a large mat to fit the fabric in the frame.

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Here at Frame It Easy, we have many options to explore, so feel free to get creative with your rug! We offer single and double mattress styles in addition to a variety of colors and textures that will really make an impact on your display. If you’re looking for more matboard information, check out our post on different matboard styles to help you out!

There are many aspects of a custom frame to consider to ensure it truly complements your art. We hope you feel confident enough

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