How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes

How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes – For years I felt like I had nothing to wear. Every time I buy, I go home and think to myself: “This is it. This is the piece of clothing that completes and unites my wardrobe and shows that I know my personal style.

But the truth is, no shirt, no shorts, or skirts solve my problem—and that’s because my closet is all over the place. Of course, I love diversity and we all do. But there was a lot of variety, from my lime green sweater to my lace maxi skirt to my distressed denim jackets. Finding my personal style took a lot of trial and error—mostly mistakes—and years of figuring out what I really wanted. Now that I’m on the other side, I can say with confidence: I have a closet full of clothes that I really like.

How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes

How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes

Hear us out: While a day of shopping is always fun, it’s not always productive when it comes to your style. There are crowds and long lines for changing rooms, and sometimes the chaos can make you wear things you don’t want.

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Clothing Take a day and commit to not hitting your credit card, but a free day to better understand what you want. Make a list of what makes you feel the best, then go home, think about it, and strategize what pieces you want to add to your wardrobe.

A must-have tool for finding your personal style? Pinterest networks. When I started using the app for style inspiration, I thought to myself: I’m just fixing the look I like. And above all, I seem to be taking aim at them everywhere. But after looking deeper, I might take a step back and say, “Well, I like this look because it’s all neutral tones,” or “Well, maybe I don’t like this look, I just like what Gigi is wearing Having different photos of clothes that speak to me in one place allows me to see the bigger picture and analyze the similarities between looks.

You can also create a saved Instagram folder to add whenever you see an OOTD on your feed. So if you’re confused about what to wear, you can open one of your saved outfits and try it on yourself to see how you feel about it.

When finding your own style, it’s important to remind yourself that clothing and fashion are fun. You have the ability to play and try new things. If you try something you don’t like, don’t sweat it; just one step to get what you want.

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With this, you can start small. For example, if you want to stick with neutral colors, try adding a pair of black and white printed pants. Or if you prefer big, baggy ensembles, style with a pair of skinny biker shorts.

When I finally started to nail down the aesthetic I wanted to strive for, I felt like filling a few boxes and immediately discarding anything that didn’t fit that aesthetic. But remember: slow and steady wins the race.

Over the course of several months, buy strategic parts. Invest in quality pieces that you’ll actually wear for years to come, regardless of trends that come and go. As your style evolves, it’s also important to review the pieces you have in your arsenal. For example, have you stopped wearing those hot pink pants because they don’t fit or you just don’t like hot pink anymore? Either way, you get valuable information.

How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes

When you’re reassessing your style, look to people whose fashion you admire. Take the time to sit down and scroll through Instagram and think of outfits you can copy with pieces you already own. You may find inspiration for an outfit you never thought you would have and even discover that you have your favorite pieces – you just didn’t fit them in the right way.

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The easiest way to feel like you have nothing to wear? Your chameleon is full of pieces that don’t fit, aren’t in season, or you don’t want. If you get rid of a piece you don’t wear because you don’t like it or it’s stained, there’s no point in putting it back in your closet. in a year, always clean.

If you have the space, a wardrobe can be your best friend in finding your personal style. Keep it full of new pieces or items you already own that you’ll soon forget to wear. Then they won’t be the only top on your mind, but you can plan how to wear each piece by hanging the rest of the clothes around it so that it’s ready to wear when the occasion comes.

In the dream world, everything we buy automatically fits our body like a glove, but unfortunately, often it doesn’t. If you have a piece you love, but the fit prevents you from wearing it, take it to a tailor to have it changed for something you don’t like. Chances are you’ll love it even more when it’s right. This is also important for new parts. I just found a skirt that I like, but the small is too small and the medium is too small. Instead of trying to fit a round pin into a square hole, I sized it up a smidgen, and now it’s a made-for-me piece that I wear on the ob a few times a week – totally worth it

Created by New York-based fashion stylist Allison Bornstein, the three-word approach took the media by storm last year. The three-word method is simple: define your personal style with three adjectives. Maybe your style is cool, loud, and comfortable, or maybe it’s colorful, classic, and bold. The three-word method will help you understand:

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Once you’ve got your three words down, ask yourself if the new pieces you’re buying match them. Of course, they don’t always have to match to a T (if one of your words is colorful, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with another neutral), but it will help guide you through the pieces. you want to wear

Trust us, we get it: When a crazy good sale comes along or you see a piece that speaks to you, it can be hard to wait to click add to cart. But to organize your dream wardrobe, working on a list of things you want is more beneficial than spending unnecessarily.

Think about your closet and the gaps in it, and if you find something that you think really works for you, add it to the list you keep on your phone. Sit with it for a while and think about how you can decorate it with pieces you already own. Then, when you go to the store, choose something from your wish list that you’ve been dreaming about, rather than something that you don’t think about.

How To Choose Your Style Of Clothes

Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox, including Trader Joe’s items you won’t want to miss! If you’re a regular INTO MIND reader, you’ll know that I talk about color palettes a lot! That’s because I think it’s one of the most effective tools for building a wardrobe that a) expresses your unique personal style and b) is 100% versatile and easy to mix and match. A quick (and fun) shortcut for form and function.

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Now, in my first article about color palettes, I mainly wrote about the shape aspect: how to create a color palette step by step based on your color preferences. In today’s post I want to give you some tips and more examples of color palettes: how to make them practical, wearable and useful in your process.

This post is in two parts: Part I is about the three types of color palettes that should be practical and how to customize your current palette to be more versatile. In Part II, I’ll show you 36 complete sample color palettes from neutrals to pops of color.

The first step in creating a good color palette is always knowing your color style: Which colors do you like naturally and which ones do you want to incorporate into your style concept? Let’s assume you’ve already done this step (read this , this , or this article if you need help) and leave a range of colors that all represent your personal style. How do you decide which colors to use as your main, neutral, and accent colors, and which ones to leave out?

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