How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face – The main rule when choosing sunglasses that will look attractive is to choose frames that contrast with the geometry of your face shape. Angled frames suit a round face better, while round frames suit an angular face better.

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How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

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How To Find The Right Sunglass For Your Face Shape » The Style That Binds Us

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Nightmare Round, oval, heart-shaped, angular – all face shapes are unique to us, so naturally each face suits one sun better than another.

Maybe, like me, you’re guilty of buying sunglasses at the airport, going through customs and being tricked into trying on every pair you get, only to panic or give up altogether and wish I had thought before the trip.

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Fortunately, keeping a few tips in mind will help you find the right match and avoid last-minute stress. Whether you’re obsessed with sunglasses like me and always tempted by a new pair, or you’re looking for a pair that will last forever all year round.

Ran Ban Sizing

Seven different face shapes appear most often – oval, round, heart, diamond, triangle, square and rectangle – but fear not, this is by no means a strict or definitive list. Like clothing sizes and body shapes, you can be a combination or somewhere in between.

Otherwise, look at these basic numbers and use your own judgment. Notice the contours of your face and where they may be curved or more angular.

Oval faces: they are longer than they are wide, so measurement [1] will be smaller than measurement [2]. Your facial lines are more likely to be slightly curved, with your forehead and chin slightly narrower and your cheekbones more prominent.

Diamond faces: are similar in size to oval face shapes, but have more pronounced angles, so the cheekbones and chin will be more pronounced like an angular diamond.

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses

Round faces: They are more circular, so measurement [1] and measurement [2] will be relatively similar. The corners of your face will be soft and curved.

Heart faces: Wider in the forehead than the jawline, so measurement [3] will be larger than measurement [4]. Like a heart, your chin may end in a small point and your face will have a mixture of curved and straight lines.

Square face: you have more angular lines, so look for a wider jaw. All measurements should be fairly similar.

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Rectangular face: there are also angular lines, but as ovals they will be longer than they are wide, so the mass [1] will be less than the mass [2]. Again, you’ll likely have a stronger jawline and forehead and a longer face.

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Triangular faces: have angular lines, but are more pronounced at the jaw line and narrower at the forehead, so measurement [4] will be wider than measurement [3].

Contrast is the most important thing to consider when choosing sunglasses (or not!). Do you want to accentuate your features for a dramatic look or create balance for a more classic look?

Next, it’s time to determine what colors you want for the frames and lenses. Do you want your sunglasses to match your outfit or be a truly heroic item? Classic shades of tortoise and black sunglasses are never far from a chic, minimalist wardrobe and go with everything. However, if you’re going on a summer holiday, you might be tempted to go for bolder shades: think brightly colored frames or neon lenses.

There’s been a lot of talk in the office about whether expensive sunglasses are worth the investment. Whether you’re known for breaking them or magically keeping them intact.

How To Find The Perfect Sunglasses To Fit Your Face

Sure, sunglasses are a practical item (we can’t forget they’re designed to protect our eyes!), but let’s be honest, they’re also a style symbol. But you don’t need a designer logo or spend hundreds of dollars on a pair that looks expensive.

There are some great sunglass brands popping up that have lots of fun options but won’t cost a fortune. My targets are Le Specs, Izipizi and Quay – the latter of which you may have seen on Love Islanders wearing their new collaboration.

One thing that makes me cry lyrically is polarized lenses. They’re not great to wear in the UK, but that’s no big deal if you’re hitting the slopes or a sunny beach. From where? The way they are laminated eliminates excess glare entering your eyes, so you can see instead of light bouncing off the super-shiny surfaces around you and distorting your vision!

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Oval faces will suit most sunglass styles, depending on whether you’re going for refinement or statement. If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, choose rectangular or geometric sunglasses. Or if you want a more delicate and delicate look, choose round or aviator styles that will complement the curved lines of your face.

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Top tip: Look for frames that are as wide across the eyes as the widest part of your face. From rectangular to aviator, slightly oversized styles will balance your face. Instead of showing too much of your temples, which will accidentally make your face look wider than it is. Avoid narrow frames as this will make your face look much longer than it is.

Similar to oval faces, diamonds also complement many sunglasses and are best with styles that are slightly oversized. But look for XL umbrellas with slightly curved edges or a soft cat-eye shape to offset the sharper angles of the diamond shape.

Finding the right sunglasses for round faces that complement soft curves, full cheeks and chins. If you want to add definition, turn to rectangular or asymmetrical sunglasses that will add contour and make your face look longer.

Top tip: Try a cat or D-frame to emphasize your cheekbones, as the curved shape will draw attention to your eyes.

How To Choose Sunglasses

For a heart-shaped face, find sunglasses that will complement the soft, straight lines of the face shape and bring balance to the chin and width of the brow area. Cat eyes, D frames and aviator styles are really suitable for this as they will make the chin look softer and draw attention away from the forehead.

Top tip: Try a winged frame: it’s slightly wider than the forehead, rounded and has a heavy base at the bottom. This will create a little more width to balance a narrower chin and draw attention to your eyes.

If you want to balance out the angular lines, look for round sunglasses and aviators or butterfly styles and cat eyes with curved edges. If they are slightly wider than your face, they will add a slight contrast to your cheeks, forehead and jawline, which are usually of similar width. Or, for the opposite look and the edgier choice (literally!), choose square shapes that will complement your defined frame.

How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Similar to square faces, you have the choice on rectangular faces to soften your angular features with curved sunglass shapes or accentuate them more with geometric styles.

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Top tip: Balance your longer face shape with sunglasses with a defined brow line instead of narrow frames.

D-shaped frames and cat-eye styles are great for triangle-shaped faces, as the shape (wider at the top and thinner at the bottom) is a variation of your narrower face shape (jaw line of defined and narrower forehead).

Important tip: play with straight and curved lines, depending on how amazing you want your sunglasses to be. The more angular the sunglasses, the bolder the statement!

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