How To Know Which Color Suits You

How To Know Which Color Suits You – The old debate: gold and silver. You’ve probably heard about the “rules” for choosing metallic colors, but have you actually followed them? Matching your jewelry with your eyes, skin color and hair color has its advantages, but you don’t have to limit your makeup style to what the law says will be good for you.

Traditionally, the color is chosen according to your skin tone. Gold is best for warm skin, while silver is best for cool skin. There are many ways to tell if you have warm or cool skin. Check the muscles in your wrist. Green veins indicate warm skin, while blue veins indicate cool skin. So if your veins are green, gold suits you. If your muscles are blue, silver jewelry suits you.

How To Know Which Color Suits You

How To Know Which Color Suits You

There are many other tests you can use to determine your skin tone. If you are still not sure, you can have medium and fair skin with gold and silver. Personally, I have medium skin that is on the cool side, which is one of the reasons I usually wear jewelry, but will wear jewelry from time to time.

How To Determine What Color Looks Best On Your Skin Tone

Now that you have found your skin tone, try it! Try wearing a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry at different times. Try each on different clothes and different sets. Ask your friends for advice. If the skin test works, great! And if you are still in doubt, your answer to gold or silver will not be black and white.

There are many reasons why you may be exhibiting negative skin results. For one, gold is more expensive than silver. There are cheaper options for jewelry such as gold plating or gold vermeil. However, they will not stand the test of time like gold products. You put your jewelry at risk and get cheaper over time. If you want a polished look without breaking the bank, you can choose to go with jewelry regardless of your skin tone.

If you have a family heirloom of a certain color of jewelry, it would be best for you to match the rest of your jewelry collection with that item. If you share your grandmother’s gold necklace, but you have a cold face, you can choose to wear gold because there is an effect behind the neck.

If you have a family heirloom of some jewelry, you may want to add to your jewelry collection.

Check Which Lipstick Color Suits You As Per Your Face Shape!!

You can change your jewelry depending on the season. I have red skin, but when the weather is hot, my skin turns pale and my hair turns golden brown. I stick to silver in the winter, but I like to wear gold in the summer. There’s something about gold jewelry with a little sparkle that just says “edge shine.”

Metallurgy is no longer a big business. When done right, mixing gold and silver can be beautiful and at the same time solve the problem of choosing one over the other. You can try this in a subtle way: match the gold statement with the silver. Or, if you wear a platinum ring and/or a wedding ring on your left hand, a gold ring on your right hand would be a great way to pair the jewelry.

There are more options than gold and silver. Rose gold is another beauty that belongs to the sophisticated woman today. It looks good on everyone. It is also white gold. If you’re looking for a pop of color, gemstones are a popular choice. Diamonds can be a part of any piece regardless of the color of the jewelry and will change your whole look. And of course, the most beautiful of all – the pearl – will always be there.

How To Know Which Color Suits You

You have the final say on the metal you choose. A favorite first, even if it “breaks the law.” You are the one who wears it, so when choosing the metal, choose the one that best suits you and your personality. When choosing a classic product, you can not go wrong.

Blonde Hair Color Chart: The Shades Kissed By The Sun

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. What’s wrong with repetition? My husband may not understand, but there is a method to my deep-blue dreams. I found the right color for me – and ran with it. Also, I encourage you to do the same!

Anyone can wear color… but there is no equality. We’re not talking about your favorite color; We are talking about the color that loves you back. When you choose the right color for your skin type, eye color and hair – you will instantly change your best features and bring out your unique beauty. For example, the yellow and dusty colors that are so popular in the fall? I find them cute, but I can’t wear them. They make me look messy and washed out. Whereas, the main color is light blue and blue which complements my old skin.

This shouldn’t feel like a limitation, it’s about simplifying and improving your life. When you find a color (or colors) that you really like, wearing it is easy. You will spend a lot of time eating in front of the screen. You will know what to look for when shopping and can fill your wardrobe with a healthy plan. People who understand what colors suit them can create a fun capsule wardrobe.

The Most Underutilized Color In Menswear: Green & How To Wear It

The image above is a great example of the importance of understanding your colors. I love the brown and copper of this coat. However, they don’t play well with my appearance like gold tones or blue colors, like the “blue” in this peach dress. It’s a Camden pattern and dress. Not only is the egg very tasty, but the color is good. So let’s find out

The first step to finding your perfect color is finding your tone. Are you cool, warm or neutral? This does not depend on how dark your skin is. Whether you are very fair or have dark undertones, you can have cool, warm or neutral undertones. So, how do you know it? Here are some tests…

It’s far from perfect science, but your hair/eye color can help you identify the colors that make you shine.

How To Know Which Color Suits You

Warm – amber or blue brown eyes and black hair Cool – gray, blue or green eyes and hair that is very dark (blue – black or very dark brown) to white. Neutral – hazel eyes and hair have many colors. For example, average beauty often has blue with ash streaks or brown and warm purple.

Boc Image Consulting

Now we have an idea of ​​what color family you fit into, it’s time to put it to use. This is a color that usually looks good on warm, cool and neutral skin tones. But, still

Enter the color that suits you best, you should try the rainbow! Find a day when you have enough time and do research in your store.

Find out which colors are strong and which colors are good for you, and which ones you should avoid. Try them and learn your thoughts in detail – better, take a picture on your phone or ask a friend. This can help you enjoy the color effects. Does this color improve your personality, make you shine? Or do they look a bit bland and “blah”?

Can’t decide which color family you fit into? You can fall into two categories. For example, I consider myself average. I mostly enjoy the cool color family, but the ones for medium skin tones work just as well. Below you will find examples of some of the best hues for a neutral palette.

Hair Colour Try On

Unexpectedly, the color of warm skin is light and light. It’s worth it, right? Look for yellow, orange, honey, amber, or olive tones. Blue and warm colors, such as moss or fern, will be good for your eyes. Purple with red tones, such as magenta or orchid are also very good. In general, you will want to remove anything gold or metal.

Women on the cool side look best in blue, deep blue, sapphire, amethyst, lavender or emerald. Bright red and bright rose colors are also good for you. You can use gray, gray, navy and pristine white, but you can avoid orange or yellow.

You can estimate your best color by experimenting. What do I mean by that? Well, color theory is divided by a predetermined … and

How To Know Which Color Suits You

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