How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter – Adding a new puppy to your home is a big commitment. It’s a commitment of time, money and emotion (I mean, who doesn’t love puppies!). Therefore, it is very important to spend some time in advance to prepare for this trip. Of course, you can just pick up a puppy from a neighbor’s basement or find one on the online market. But if you are serious about hunting and want a unique rescuer to be your hunting companion for the next 10-15 years, I recommend putting in more effort. If you don’t know where to start, this post will tell you how to find and choose a puppy from a litter.

The search for the perfect puppy begins long before you lay eyes on a cute puppy. In fact, I would recommend avoiding puppies until you find an acceptable litter.

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

When we buy puppies for customers, our search starts with the computer. We purchase all our puppies on the basis of litter, genetics and performance of approved mother and father. If you find a large litter, you already have many odds in your favor that every pup in that litter will serve you well.

Choosing A Puppy

Begin by examining the feet. You want to find junk that is worth your time, money and energy. He wants to even the odds in his favor and he does so by finding a large litter of puppies. Remember that you should not focus on a puppy right now. Instead, dig through the many litters that meet your requirements for the perfect hunting dog.

You will have to come up with your own list of questions, but here are a few things we look for when buying a puppy.

The first thing we look for is a pedigree that shows proven performance. We want to see if mom and/or dad (even both) have been involved in hunting or field trials. This can be seen from the pedigree titles. Here is a list of retriever titles that will mean qualified parents for hunting or field trials and demonstrate their abilities as a working dog.

Some titles you don’t want to see in a pedigree if you are looking for a hunting dog are CCH titles or other show dog titles. Show dogs are bred for appearance, not for hunting or competitive ability. In general, these dogs will not make great hunting dogs.

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It is also true that a dog does not need to compete in order to be a great hunting dog. However, I would be wary of buying a puppy based solely on the breeder’s words that it is a great hunting dog. I need a certificate to support any claims.

Often you will find a pedigree where the mother or father did not have the legal background, but the grandparents or great-grandparents did. When reading a pedigree book, it is important to understand that 50% of a dog’s genes come from the mother and 50% from the father. As you go back in time, these numbers drop sharply. So if possible, you want mom and dad to be witnesses.

Some people are very interested in how a dog looks. If appearance is important to you, you will have to decide what is most important, what kind of dog or how you hunt or compete. You can find a puppy with the look you want, who can also prove to be an amazing hunter, but keep in mind that looks and hunting ability don’t always go hand in hand.

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

For example, if you like the big, blocky look of a British Lab but want to hunt tall birds, the two may not be compatible. The dog may simply not have the energy to put in the hours of hunting required to hunt in the mountains. If you like a small lab but hunt a lot of geese, no matter how determined your dog is, you may have trouble keeping geese. You should consider your wants and needs before you decide to have a litter of puppies.

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If you are looking for a hunting retriever puppy, you will want to focus your search. You’re not looking for a Labrador litter that just happened. And you don’t want a mixed breed puppy. Mixed breeds are good for pets, but if your goals for a hunting dog are high, a mixed breed may or may not have the genes needed to retrieve them and/or the will or desire to hunt.

Instead, focus your search on sites like or homes that breed working dogs. They will not be cheap puppies. But if you spend money up front to buy a great puppy from a litter of proven parents, you won’t find a dog that won’t hunt. Again, you should try to stack the odds in your favor.

Once you find several litters with proven parents, direct your search to the breeder. Not all mammals are the same. Trust me! Some do a wonderful job with puppies, having clean and tidy dog ​​areas, and socializing the puppies from day one. And some don’t.

It may not seem important. I mean, puppies are only with a caretaker for 7-8 weeks, so what difference does it make?

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In our experience, a lot. Clean bedding and puppy areas help teach your puppy cleanliness. This can make a big difference when you bring a puppy home and try to break it in.

Puppies begin to explore the world on day one. They need to be exposed to new things and situations every day. This can be very important in teaching your puppy to cope with new situations, which is especially important with hunting dogs.

Take time to get to know the breeder. Ask them why they breed, what their goals are for the puppies, and what they do to prepare the puppies for their new homes. We talk more about how to find a good Labrador puppy.

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

Another piece of the puzzle we like to research before looking at puppies is history and health insurance.

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First, look at the parents’ health. Are there any genetic issues that can be passed on to puppies? Ask lots of questions. Know as much as possible about your parents. What tests are done to make sure the parents are healthy? Are the hips, face and elbows checked? DNA testing has been done to confirm that things like attempted failure (EIC) are not a problem.

Then ask for a copy of the pet’s health insurance. Most popular breeders make a 24-30 month old healthy puppy. This is important to protect you if a genetic condition develops during this time.

Once you have found a litter that meets all your requirements and seems to fit your needs, only then do you release your puppy. As you can see, choosing the right mattress is the most important part of the whole process. Once you do, you will stack the odds in your favor to get a great puppy. Even if you have the last option, you are still miles ahead of people who buy a puppy on a whim or don’t do their research.

Do not look at litters of puppies that do not meet the above criteria. Puppies are very cute and it’s hard to resist taking one home. So don’t put yourself in that situation.

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After the litter is closed and the deposit has been sent, all you have to do is wait until the puppies are old enough to go home. Around 7-8 weeks you will go to the breeder and see the puppies to choose from if you have the chance.

Some breeders post litter videos each week so you can watch the puppies grow and learn. This is a great service that helps you stay in touch with your litter and puppy.

If you are choosing one or more puppies, here are some things you can do to decide which puppy is best for you.

How To Pick A Puppy From Litter

When you come to adopt your puppy, take your time. Take some time to observe the puppies in the litter. Notice how the puppies are active or sleepy. It may not mean much. Remember, you don’t know if your sleeping puppy has been active a few minutes ago. But look at each puppy’s behavior. Does he seem surprised or embarrassed? Are you brave and interesting? Do any of them prefer humans to other puppies or vice versa?

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Personally, we are looking for a puppy that loves people, is confident and curious.

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